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  1. I've picked up a banged up original Ultima with the intention of getting it back on the road but it is missing a few bits. Most seem to be available on the rere. Tyres, radio plate, roll cage are the main things but it is missing some gears and the shafts they sit on. Does anyone know if the gears off the re-release wil fit the old version? They look very different but if they fit the old mounting plate positions it might work? I'm planning on keeping the original diff if possible? Cheers
  2. Got the manual sorted now, had to download a page at a time but got there in the end; this is it if anyone needs it http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuel_page/24/lazer-zx-kyosho.html
  3. Thanks for all the info! It sounds like a bit of an over-engineered drive system but I guess they had their reasons for designing it that way... I will be stripping them both down for a clean and rebuild but as they came complete I thought I might as well see what I have to work with. The only things I can see that is showing signs of needing sorting visually apart from the lack of bodyshells (2 on order along with stickers now) are the driveshafts and steering links which are all a bit rusty so the cars should come out really well.After looking at your blog I'm not looking forward to cutting the shells, I hate doing that at the best of times and these seem worse than most! I'm pretty sure I used PS16 on my Sand Scorcher shell, it's amazing how it can look so different on another car. Did you manage to find a manual to download? I've found one but it only lets you save and print one page at a time which is a bit annoying.
  4. I love the one on the left with the chrome wheels! What blue did you use on that? I've had a closer look at mine now and they are actually in better condition than I thought. Just very dirty but not scuffed or broken. I've had them both running, one has a lot of slip before it gets up to speed and the ther is instant. I've tightened up the nut on the slipper which was very loose but hasn't changed it. Any hints on what else it might be? I haven't taken them apart yet..
  5. Thank you, it's good to hear a vote for the ZX. I'd hate to do it with the wrong bodyshell.
  6. I finally found a post about it. Seems like it has no brake or reverse as it's an aircraft esc really. Here's what I found if anyone is interested: You have 3 screws N / H / C N= Neutral H= High Speed C= Curve like Expo on the radio. Step 1: Set the neutral. Step 2: With the little box put on the motor wire, and set the high speed , 90% in max forward the light is off. Step 3: Set the curve like you want: turn the screw on left Slow Curve, Turn the screw on right High Curve. Not much use to me as so I'll be getting a replacement.
  7. Wow small world! They're a bit of a project but could will be nice. Just need to make sure I do them up as they should be.
  8. I picked up a pair of these yesterday. One has no bodyshell and one has one that looks like an Optima Mid SWB body and it isn't a Mid. Looking at the chassis alone I'm pretty sure its a Lazer ZX but before I buy the wrong body and repro stickers can anyone confirm? Cheers!
  9. Does anyone know anything about this ESC? It works forwards but no reverse. I'm not sure how to set it up or what the 3 recessed dials are for. If anyone has a manual that would be awesome. Does this even have reverse as an option? Thanks in advance.
  10. I do have a brushless combo in it at the moment and I'm not loving the idea of drivetrain death! Although I'm never going to race it I think maybe I'll research these clutch upgrades to save killing it. It's going great at the moment though!
  11. It was as you said, the spur gear was slipping. The rubbing had shred a bit of the surface of some of the layers behind it away but after a clean up, re-grease and tighten it seems to be good again. I'm not sure ill be able to find those parts anywhere! Do you know if there's an alternative to all those parts behind and in front of the spur gear? Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi, its a swb not sure about the diff type. I haven't opened it up yet. There aren't any smells but there is a squeaky noise as it pulls away. I'll take it apart and get back to you. Thanks for replying.
  13. My Optima Mid seems to build up speed slowly and struggle on grass although top speed is very quick. If I hold it still and accelerate gently the the motor and pinion are turning the gear but the belt is not moving. It feels like a slipping clutch on a car. Does anyone know what can cause this and how if at all it could be adjusted or if not what may have gone wrong?
  14. My next project arrived today after being adrift in Hermes land for a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get started on cleaning it up and seeing what I've got to work with. Many parts will be needed so if anyone has a prop shaft, wing mount, tyres, bodyshell or anything else that might help let me know!
  15. Are there any spray paints other than the Tamiya PS range that are any good for painting the inside of a clear shell? I specifically need metallic brown but could maybe lay solid brown over a pearl coat? Does that work? Either way I can't find polycarbonate brown spray anywhere - anyone got any ideas please?
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