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  1. Hello all, So, I finally got my Lunchie running with a GoolRC motor and ESC, but I’m having trouble with the stutter. It does eventually go, but the delay between forward and reverse is taking the fun out of driving it. Video below... Any advice? Jay
  2. Thanks, dude. Stock is bad across the board, but managed to order these; Sku Price Qty Subtotal Futaba S3003 Standard Servo
  3. Hey guys, I’ve just got a King Yellow for my birthday. I’m going to upgrade the bearings and shocks, but do you guys have any recommendations on servos? I have a spare motor, ESC and receiver. I do need a transmitter, too. thank you! Jay
  4. Hello all, I hope you’re all well. So, I was gifted a King Yellow for my birthday, and I’m a little scared. I had a long build of the Lunchie, which is still giving me a little grief. Any, I need a fair bit of kit to start the KL (servo, receiver, transmitter, ESC, etc). Do you guys have any recommendations? Jay
  5. Hey Keith, I’m ready when you are. Jay
  6. Done. Motor mounted. It looks worryingly close to the shock.
  7. Ah! Leave this with me!
  8. Cool. It looks like I’ll need a longer shaft?
  9. Thanks, Keith! What time are you up till? It’s taken my half and hour just to remove the ******* grub screw from the old motor. Jay
  10. Hey guys, My TBLE-02 and Gool Motor and ESC have arrived! However, the Gool’s ESC connections don’t marry up with the battery. Can we use the TBLE-02? also, can someone help me with set-up, so I don’t fry something again? I’ll fit the motor in the meantime. Jay
  11. Hey Guys, Any tips on how to correct the camber on my LB? Jay
  12. Thankfully, I’ve got two spare packs of bearings :-) This looks like a super complicated build, so it should keep off the streets for a few nights! J
  13. Guys, Whilst I’m waiting, I’ve ordered the King Yellow (I need something to build). Any tips on this model? Keep safe, guys. Jay
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