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  1. Hello, The rear diff was indeed in the wrong way. Thank you all for your help ! My TT02 is ready to race !
  2. Lol indeed, the cable is not connected fully on the engine ... thank you for the answer ! So obvious ! But...Now the front wheels do not turn in the same direction as the rear wheels
  3. Hello, I have a problem with my TT02R just bought for my kid: I bought : a tamiya tt02R chassis with TX Futaba T3PV radio + RX RS304SB receiver, Savox servo and combo TBLE-02S esc and 17.5T brushless rush motor I have the servo that works well, but when I accelerate or reverse, there is the vario LED that works, but the motor shakes or does nothing. Any idea ? https://youtu.be/52q0mFNM05A
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