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  1. Hello, Nice buggy the Golden Arrow! I have twice of them, the first 100% original, and another with nikko evo electronics. In my country, it was not a "Radioshack" version that was available, but the "Tandy" version. I'm interested to know when you can find the shock absorbers.
  2. TC version ? You're right, I didn't necessarily think about the weight. In this case, the TA07 or TB05 are probably the best choices in this class, depending on prefering belt or shaft.
  3. Hello, I have a question for the tamiya specialists In my local tamiyacup, there is a class with only these authorized chassis : "All versions of TA, TB, TT, TL, FF and XV" (With motor 17.5T or 16T Carson). I love the XV01 chassis, and I would like to run in this class. In your opinion, can the XV-01 chassis (eg with Lancia Delta) really follow the others on clean carpet or asphalt tracks ? Or is it a sweet dream? If so, what is the best chassis for racing among them? (Not TT02 for sure)
  4. Hello, The rear diff was indeed in the wrong way. Thank you all for your help ! My TT02 is ready to race !
  5. Lol indeed, the cable is not connected fully on the engine ... thank you for the answer ! So obvious ! But...Now the front wheels do not turn in the same direction as the rear wheels
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my TT02R just bought for my kid: I bought : a tamiya tt02R chassis with TX Futaba T3PV radio + RX RS304SB receiver, Savox servo and combo TBLE-02S esc and 17.5T brushless rush motor I have the servo that works well, but when I accelerate or reverse, there is the vario LED that works, but the motor shakes or does nothing. Any idea ? https://youtu.be/52q0mFNM05A
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