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  1. and as i pointed out earlier.. there is a "big" difference in vintage 80's front arms and re-re... but also on the front bumper holder frog part ... as new tool 2007 and in same spur it makes sense... but not really typical japanese quality... i first was going to blame my friend for measuring wrong for metal bracket... it was not until i tried it o my old genuine 80's part that it was clear as sunshine that "tamiya fuc*ed up" :).. on all re re parts (i have checked 5 ) the holes are not in centre as in old original one... here u see the comparison . ita like 1.5mm of in new parts.. also that tool datum stamp was not in the 80's anyway learned to easy see difference with old genuine 80's parts and re re on ORV
  2. meanwhile trying to restore lancia 037 (2 of them).. one i have bumper and holder and etc.. but second i didnt have.. so after giving up on findingg them for sale.. i decided to ask my friend to make a drawing and start up cnc machine (industrial production machine) and laser cutting.. so made a copy in acetal/pom for bumper holder and the bracket in SS as original bracket is steel with CR6 coating on (long forbidden) ss was the choice... made 7 set... 1 for me and 2 for a Tamiya friend and 4 are on ebay...
  3. some more pictures from the first mk1 .... polished up the old receiver box .. but other than new bearings excluding outside on front wheels as the brass bearing is part of the charm i think no other parts are changed... is with its original acoms mk1 receiver and all . body is not re-painted.. it like my friend did it when he bought the kit new i like the patina plus had old school lights etc installed
  4. searching a rear damper for a super champ or fighting buggy kr stefan
  5. as title. searching the 2 upper arms mk1 for srb.... i have extra lower arm mk1 as part swap if someone needs kr stefan
  6. hello... this project went on ice for a while searching partd and etc.... but finally some light in tunnel.. parts on their way..... meanwhilr i also started a 1979 srb restoration... i think i will post here some pictures and change the title .(is it possible to change title?)
  7. think im not going to push my luck more as im not in garage today.. i clamped it to our housing heating element and bent on oposite metal rod.... some kind of use what u have vice
  8. anyone have any great ideas how to bend a srb bumper back... i troed frind google and here.. but could not find really anything.... guess not the easiest to find another one.....
  9. just found this thread..... then i might change my mind and not sell my brat body.... i knew my friend had the brat on srb chassi and thought he made the cut out "by fun".... but that it was meant for a super champ... i had no idea and have a super champ
  10. Dear all So i have 2 ranger bodies and a brat body ( 80's) and im trying to pair and organize my storage what to restore or sell AND i have quiet some tyres ( the original ones) and all have been mixed up.. i see there is some offset difference in some of the wheels. How to recognize what belongs to the rangers and brat and rough rider i will take a picture and post soon
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