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  1. up for sale tamiya 58039 i decided not to collect the wheelers comes with 2 extra new set rear tyres and 1 set front. a new set wheels and bearings and a reproduction bumper holder. 340e
  2. for sale 400 euros (not gbp) gearbox all new. has the correct non diff etc. sanwa radio and servos. new re re decals. small damage on front on body. note body has not been painted. pm me for more info shipping to uk 17eurod insured and tracking. Belgium 7 euros rwt of world upon request
  3. i know this is along shoot... but dearching a 58001 to make my 58002 not look so sad and lonely.... if u have anything in any condition PM me cheers
  4. dear.. a body up for sale.. note the rear window is a replica... front id the genuine rare one.... painted in custom pearl.. selling it as it is not my cup of tea... but to good made to repaint. grill is a re re one 120gb + ship
  5. 58040.. chassi is restored new gear ( old new stock lancia) extra rear wheel an tyre included and stickers and original chassi sanwa transmitter 420euros or offers
  6. hello all So as my hobby went abit out of hand.... i scaling down to 1 per each model.. meaning the ones i have double of will go and parts. i will update it as often as i can. im interested also to swap for cars i dont have. im highly interested in first 10. (still searching everyday for a 58001). But all 70 first models or some never hardbodies (no lexan cars except a kyosho usa-1 is in interest) below list what i have PM me for pictures and condition . cars" -beetle Srb mk1 complete -superchamp complete with transmitter robbe -lancia 037 58040 (missing front bumper) with transmitter sanwa -beetle srb 2016 NIB -kyosho rocky 4wd (with box) with transmitter futuba attack - 58019 fw07 f1 (missing radiodeck) otherwise vgc -58008 countach -Mud blaster parts: - set of ascona tyres and wheels - "custom" ford ranger body with clear front windshield . - celica lb body (needs repair, but has genuine sticker kit) - f2 speed controller - lexan brat body with stickers and posts -lexan 1/12 body porsche 935
  7. Hello.. i will have a look on the groups.... and yes i will drop u a pm later this eve.as also happy to chat over the first 70 models. just came from a old frie d an bought 2 cars again..... (that i already had).... so im not making my life easy..... good that my wife is not home at the moment 🤣 kr Stefan
  8. dear.. so as my hobby went out of hand a bit in the last months... my wife kindly have said.. not more than one of same car 🤣 and we all should know... Happy wife Happy Life🤣 so my question is there a good selling site other than here. like FB group(im a memeber of vintage tamiya rc already) as im also after to swap some cars maybe for somerhing i dont have... i only concentraye on the first ~70kits and hard bodies only ebay is therefore not a option as also swap. maybe its a stupid question. but always worth a try to see other peoples experience
  9. would been very interested if it had the original mirrors
  10. Hello i have this that i dont need.. 2 complete bodies.. one has been started but is not finished second one is complete unstarted but missing stickers this is 1/12 scale gt-01 bodies all mirros and allis there. also the rest of sticker kit from started body is included (not in picture)
  11. i quite like the 1/12... when i was young i raced kyosho 1/8.... but starting to like the 1/12.. would not go back to 1/8... busy trying to add a 934 hard body on a gt-01 chassi
  12. hello.. have a porsche 908 vintage body with box and manual and complete. it has been started but but finished. is complete and the decals are unopened and in great condition 150 plus shipping...
  13. 100 e plus shipping... 5 e shipping belgium andto uk 17e. ferrari body is new. porsche is good. countach need repaur i front. remote missing battery cover. box manuald and some spare available.
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