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  1. Hi bozatron, they are the Duratrax Bandito.
  2. I've got the Black Edition with the CVA shocks and have added the Hard springs from the DT02 hop up set and sits okay.
  3. Wooders28, thanks am see a lot of love for schumacher tyres, so have ordered some to try. Also bought some drywall mesh tape to stick inside to try and strengthen them. Running on a mixture of concrete and grass, current tyres are just some cheap unbranded from China as my others needed changing, think i got my moneys worth though...
  4. Thanks T3Garett, will give the Schumacher tyres a try, hopefully will be a major improvement.
  5. Thanks ThunderDragonCY, not kit tyres and have foam inserts, however the tyres balloon so much they break the glue bond and come off the rim. Will have a look at the tyres you mentioned, just didn't want to waste more money buying tyres not up to the job.
  6. Can anybody recommend some decent 4WD buggy tyres for use on grass ?. Have a severe ballooning issue at the moment making it impossible to drive in a straight line. Running a 4300kv motor on a 2S Lipo.
  7. Looks good Silver-can, yes RC Damper was the same company I brought them from. Not run the car yet as still waiting for the new ESC, after the Crazepony went up in flames this week, hence time for the rebuild...
  8. Thanks, yes I have also got one of them, that I obtained from a kind member on here 👍🏻.
  9. Thanks I kind of agree with you and have still got all the original parts including the body and some Tamiya replacement parts for the broken bits so far..., that I can put back on the car, once I've finished playing with it. So always have the option to return it to it's original spec. Just really don't want to damage the original body further, as this car does seem to like sitting on its roof or may be just my driving style 😆. For me this hobby is about driving the car and having fun with it, rather than just sticking it on a shelf to gather dust. I guess we all look to get different things out of it and am expecting some flack from the purists and shelf queens 😀.
  10. I searched high and low to find some getting very rare, managed to find one place on Ebay doing them.
  11. Well after parts becoming brittle and breaking and the ESC going up in flames this week, it was time to rebuild the Baja King with the parts that had recently arrived. I know this chassis doesn't have a lot of love and breaks easily, but was my first Tamiya so feel a bond and need, to keep it running. So here it is after a few improvements, only waiting on the new hobbywing ESC now to get it back running.
  12. Well, after yesterday's fire, it was time to start the rebuild on the TL01B Chassis, as most of the parts have finally turned up. Quite happy with how it is looking so far.
  13. It was a Crazepony but look identical to the goolrc, so wouldn't be surprised if they don't come out of the same factory in China.
  14. Put out the fire on my TL01B Baja King when the Esc went up in flames. Has seriously put me off cheap Chinese ESCs, could have been a lot worse if the Lipo had gone up as well!.
  15. Finished building my Racing Fighter, forgot how long it takes to cut out all the stickers...
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