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  1. I remember it being quick back when it was running. I've stripped the whole thing down, cleaned and rebuilt it. The engine was stuck solid so that's now completely stripped down and waiting on a couple of parts. I'm determined to get this thing resurrected lol
  2. Would defo be the boomerang for me. Loved it back in the 80's. There seems to be a lot of love for the clods whereas I really didn't like mine when I got it in 1990 I think it was.
  3. My brother dropped off his old hpi savage for me to try and fix for him as he is completely handless with these kind of things. It's in quite a sorry state after sitting in his garage for the last decade or so. Got my work cut out I think 😬
  4. Had my vorza out running on 6s. Man that thing is wild!!
  5. Thanks for the link 👍🏻 I've already got a few of my batteries changed to deans.
  6. Got these on my boomerang and neo scorcher 👌🏻
  7. I don't see that option in the app. Is that done from a laptop?
  8. I only started using imgur since joining this forum so not that handy with it yet. I tried posting a pic from it a few days ago but it would only show the link to that pic whereas other peoples pics show in their thread. Am I missing something simple here?
  9. Fitted my carbon damper stays to the neo scorcher. Stripped down the boomerang and fully ball raced it then stuck a receiver in it and took it a spin around the garden. Back on the shelf safe and sound 😊
  10. No probs. Thanks again for the replies. Andy.
  11. Thanks for the reply. It just so happens that I have a couple of 3s lipos here for my vorza. The thought did occur to me but I'm not clued up on all that stuff. So 3s would work straight off the bat without blowing it up? 😂
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