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  1. Hi, thank you very much for all your input. Would anybody by any chance have Tamiya 84199 Avante 2011 titanium screw set for sale please? Many thanks Justin
  2. I have the following parts coming for the Egress re release: Yeah Racing front alloy knuckles Yeah Racing rear alloy hubs Yeah Racing Carbon CVD’s front and rear Super Stock TZ (what pinion should I be running? Steel 19t?) 2.2 wheels and tyres (do I need a Tamiya pin type hex adaptor) Can anybody recommend any other hop ups? I understand the Egress drives better with a centre ball diff instead of the torque splitter. Where can I get one of these and what is the part number please? Many thanks Justin
  3. @kid168 I know the Hi Cap shocks are very good already. I was just wondering if the Gmade shocks I have spare would be an improvement or not. Many thanks
  4. Hi, This is my first post. Like many others on here, I’ve revisited my childhood in acquiring a Hornet and Hotshot during the lockdown. I have an Egress on the way and was just wondering if any members would have any of these hop ups they’d be willing to sell: 53031 - Avante posi joints front 53032 - Avante posi joints rear 53053 - mini Hi Cap damper springs 53054 - short Hi Cap damper springs 50346 - Avante body set 53045 - Avante undercowl Would any of the TRF dampers fit the Egress and would they be an improvement? I also have some Gmade aeration shocks and was wondering if they would be worth putting on instead of the Hi Caps. All suggestions are welcome many thanks Justin
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