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  1. No replies. Ok I'll take one for the team. Will post back when I receive them.
  2. I just installed the sway bar for my XV-01. Rather annoyingly I now realise I need the stabilizer rod stoppers (Really Tamiya you couldn't just include this?). This part seems to be out of stock everywhere or shipping is way too expensive. Has anyone used stabilizer rod stoppers from another brand? Like this MST one for example? I'm wondering if it will work. https://www.mrcplaza.com.au/products/mst-alum-stabilizer-rod-stopper-purple
  3. I popped 2 o rings behind the foam insert in the cup, greased it up and that did the trick perfectly. I was able to readjust the end points for full steering movement too. Thank you!
  4. Took my XV-01 out on it's maiden voyage today and ran into an issue with the front right dog bone. At full steering lock the right the dog bone pops out. Steering to the left is ok. From the pics it's as if the dog bone is too short. I've adjusted the end points on my controller and reduced the amount of steering. I could reduce it further but it would change the turn radius too much. Update: At steering lock EITHER left or right, the right dog bone is popping out. Sorry about the orientation. Here's a pic of the steering at full left from the left side And here's a pic of the right side steering at full right. You can see the dogbone no is fully outside the cup
  5. Thanks for the tips everyone. I got it in. Repeated rotations in the hole and used some grease on the tip.
  6. Hi All, just started building my XV-01 long damper and I'm running into a couple of problems. I'm finding some screw are super tight to screw in, its as if the screw is either too long or the hole isn't deep enough. I've double checked the screws and i'm using the correct ones I'm also using JIS screwdriver. There's just no way these screws are going in all the way. I'm tempted to get a drill to shave out the hole a little. The screws im having problems with are the rear gear housing. Anyone have any ideas?
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