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  1. Placed my first order with MCI July 15 for a 2wd Slash project. The main decal had a rice size space that was completely devoid of paint. Emailed (no response), called (no answer) and even tried chat on his web site (only to be directed to call), all to no avail. Only after I filed a Paypal claim did he respond... super lame in my opinion. Shipping was a bit expensive too. Paid $5 (within Canada) for shipping to see it arrive in a regular folder with 2 stamps on it (approx $2). And when it did arrive the decal sheet was creased due to it being stuffed into my mailbox. I've shipped rare, original decals (BMX) all over the world and never sent out a package w/o a caution on how not to handle (e.g., Do Not Bend). Finally, late last week I received my replacement decal, 6 plus weeks after the initial order. Needless to say, won't be doing business with Nathaniel again for my upcoming Winter project.
  2. axel68

    first 4WD first run

    I used the belt.
  3. axel68

    first 4WD first run

    So have you made a decision on either the Javelin or an Optima? If not....Just Do it!
  4. axel68

    first 4WD first run

    Thank you! The chainlinks are super sticky on asphalt. I'll be trying them out next on some hard packed dirt and I'll report back then
  5. I like it. The white lettering on the wheels was a good choice. Maybe an AC/DC logo somewhere
  6. I'd give it a whirl on short grass for at least a full battery pack
  7. Couldn't tell you what to do with them, but from the little that I do know about Tamiya, the Porsche 959 kit could possibly be one of the most desirable kits ever in the RC world. Good score! Where in Canada? I'm in Calgary
  8. I thought I'd share one of the jewels I built a few years back. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Thank you both for your responses.
  10. Today I received a WW2 kit where the owner started building it but did not get very far (only gearbox was built...sort of). Anyway, the decals and the manual suggests that it was printed in 1999, and inside the manual it shows the installation of a modern style speed controller. However, the kit I received includes a new mechanical speed controller. I'm confused. The MCS has paperwork that states it is for the WR-02 chassis. Would the MCS have been acquired by the owner separately, and not originally included in the kit?
  11. Was lucky enough to win this auction a couple of weeks back. Just delivered The previous owner started it, but barely. Apparently it's all here.
  12. this thread needs more BMX
  13. I get it I just started to disassembled my MB the other evening and everything seems to be in decent shape. I too will be upgrading the electronics, and stripping and re-painting the body. Mine too is a long term project. Be sure to post some pictures of your MB.
  14. axel68

    first 4WD first run

    In case anyone is curious, it is a brushed setup. Kyosho 550 Class G-Series 14T motor Hobby Wing Quickrun 1060 ESC powered by 2S lipo AKA Chainlink tires (saving the Super Sand tires from the asphalt back alley) Built her up in 2017 then I was in a car accident (real car ;-).... project sat finished but with no electronics until now. Need to get myself another 4WD!
  15. 2016 Re-re. What a blast!!
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