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  1. Tamiyabase has it listed as TS15, same color as the Bruiser.
  2. I didn't run it at all last winter (in NH), powdered snow is ideal and all we got was gobs of the heavy wet stuff. Here's a couple vids of the lights and tools.
  3. Wow, some serious collections here. This is my entire fleet, non Tamiya included. The Brat is a WIP
  4. My F150 XLT tribute is about done I think. Came out pretty good, my detailing skills aren't the best in the world. 3D printed parts include the center servo mount and RX tray (seen in my previous post), front push bar and lights, grill, rear brace stiffeners, and the roll bar. Has a Tamiya Sport Tuned 540, full bearings, and Dubro steering links. Front shock tower and roll bar lights came from AE, front shocks are Tamiya shorts. Figured here would be better than a new thread, easier for others to find and get ideas. I'm debating reprinting the front push bar in white, so maybe not 100% done.
  5. You started the discussion, if you didn't want comments you probably shouldn't have brought it up.
  6. I'm not seeing the problem A GT5 with 6 ch receiver is $69, seems like the logical choice.
  7. If the cost of receivers is the determining factor in getting a new RC, maybe time to switch radio systems? Or at least get a lower end one for general use.
  8. $100 for a 2ch RX, are they gold plated?
  9. Scale Builders Guild has a live build scheduled for 7:30pm tonight.
  10. Here's a few pics of my WIP ORV Ranger, anyone else working on one? Other WIP project is a CC01 Brat
  11. I just built a green Grasshopper, can confirm this is true.
  12. The Green Grasshopper that has been on back order since February finally arrived today.
  13. They have the best prices I've seen in a while for these, almost makes me want to get another to do a Mountaineer clone.
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