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  1. May grab one of those, I think a steering servo is the last thing I need to buy for my build.
  2. Saw that in your Ranger re-re thread, looks good, I may do that, rather than the box art TS15. I'm just waiting for warm weather so I can paint outside.
  3. What about the Ampro Blackfoot rollbar? https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-tamiya-blackfoot-ford-f150-roll-bar-129145
  4. https://www.shapeways.com/product/9QK2KYQBS/027001-00-f-150-ranger-grill?optionId=60455141&li=shops I bought the stl and printed it myself, been trying to find the link, I have it somewhere. [EDIT] Here's his stl shop https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Ampro_Engineering
  5. Don't rely on my eyes but x4 looks like a match, x3 looks darker.
  6. TS15, same color as the Bruiser.
  7. From icann Created: 2023-02-25 05:58:11 UTC Any money provided to that site will be lost and you'll get nothing, it's a scam.
  8. I don't think there's a definite answer on that, someone on here mentioned a website said it was low profile, Tower Hobbies website says it's a standard servo.
  9. I got a couple Grasshopper II parts trees off of the bay for $7 Supposedly it's easy to adapt the GH II front arms to the OG to have some better shock options, we shall see.
  10. I'll slap you if you DON'T get one!
  11. Which leads us back to the question, why is the green so much cheaper than the white. I'd have rather had the white one but couldn't justify the extra $35, I could buy a can of white spray paint and still come out ahead! Heck, I could buy a new white shell off of eBay and still be ahead.
  12. I'm a tad confused. YT vids show the box has a "Candy green edition" sticker on it and the shell is in fact pre-painted green?
  13. I have a green GH on order, shipping is scheduled for May. Only difference I could see was it's green instead of white, comes with motor and ESC.
  14. I tried to message netsmithUK as mentioned in the sticky but I get the response that he can't accept messages? Has the process changed?
  15. Of course there's merit, all us old fogies used stick radios back in the day, would we steer you wrong?
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