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  1. Finished my Kong today! Airbrushed with a mix of Createx Pearl white and Vallejo Esmeralda green.
  2. All paint with faskolor and auto air colors. I’ve also a Roland cutter but this time I’ve cut all the lettering into the liquid mask. Too much layers of colors.
  3. After a year in the garage I’ve painted my X-maxxx body inspired to hot wheels baja.
  4. Hi, I received my new konghead and waiting the bearings and the motor esc combo!
  5. Best regards for the topic, very well done. may you tell me the codes written at the end of the manual for front longer dogbones and for front and rear suspensions arms? I want buy them for extending my Konghead. thanks.
  6. Hi J@mes, may I ask you some information about your Konghead project?


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    2. Stexxx77


      Are you using optimal suspension parts (longer arms or others)?
      I read about a tl-01b mod. May you explain it in detail?

      I’ve bought a Kong like you.


    3. J@mes


      Hi @Stexxx77 

      I used 0005688 x4 TL-01B C parts and 9805551 x3 DF03 dog bones. 

      Congratulations on getting an awesome kit!



    4. Stexxx77


      Arrived today B) thanks


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