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  1. I'm in the U.S. and my recent order took about 3-4 weeks. Never ordered from them pre-covid.
  2. "then push the shaft up through the shock through the hole using a toothpick and the shaft w/piston will come out the top" That's the part that's stuck. I will try a toothpick or something similar. I tried using a small screwdriver but I was afraid to damage it. Maybe I need to use more force and hope for the best I will post a pic if I strike out again
  3. I have original Kyosho Optima Mid (Gold) shocks that I would like to rebuild. I am not able to remove the shock shaft. It is stuck and I don't want to force it. I have built shocks before and it seems fairly straight forward to reverse the process. I am sure I am making a noob mistake but I can't figure it out. Any recommendations?
  4. I picked up some long axles - Tamiya USA actually had them in stock. For some reason my kit did not come with them. I didn't want to overpay on Ebay or wait a month ordering from Asia. Hopefully that's the last of it. Ordering parts piecemail starts adding up I guess it's the nature of the hobby.
  5. Thanks for sharing the link. Your build came out great. I don't want to put more money into it, but if I can't get it the way I want it I may pick up more wheels.
  6. Great thanks! I appreciate the suggestions. This looks like a much better solution. The wheel extenders I see online don't get very many positive reviews.
  7. Not 100% sure. The stock wheel is 26mm and the wheel that comes with the Porsche RSR 1/10 kit is 32mm https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-4wd-shaft-drive-road-tt/rc-porsche-911-carrera-rsr/ So I guess 6mm
  8. Excuse my ignorance on this topic but I have been having a hard time finding rear wheels for 1/10 Porsche RSR. I am converting an existing TT02 kit and will be using stock size wheels 26mm. Does anyone use wheel extenders? Do they work? Can you recommend a size? I've done some research but can't find a simple answer or pics online.
  9. Nice problem to have - like others said make the decision based on the Chassis. You can always get a body of your choice later.
  10. The first set came out ok - looks like I missed some spots but it's the glare from the pic. This is three coats.
  11. For my project instead of buying a new set of black wheels I am going to paint what I have. I'm going to paint the chrome matte black and leave the plastic stock black. If I don't like it I will paint over the matte and use standard or gloss black. I picked up a Porsche Carrera RSR body and I'm going to attempt to follow the same paint scheme as Magnus Walkers 78 911 SC https://stanceworks.com/2014/05/magnus-walker-78schr/
  12. I have some Tamiya 54854 Two-Piece 5-Spoke wheels that I want to paint the chrome black. I came across some random online forums that have many suggestions. i.e. put them in the dishwasher and it will remove the chrome, sand them, brillo pad, clean and paint directly over the chrome, etc... I was wondering if anyone has successfully painted chrome rims on a rc car they run. I expect scratches and dings but I want to avoid chipping/peeling if possible.
  13. My next project - waiting for wheels to arrive. I will swap between Subaru Rally and Porsche RSR
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