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  1. Rere Subaru Brat lexan body on a basic TT02 chassis with the short wheelbase 251 mm. The Brat is one of my favorite Tamiya cars. Also got plans to have a Brat body on a CCO1 chassis.
  2. Finally built a Grasshopper.
  3. Another pic of my SF Giants themed beetle, took advantage of the black and orange and added an SF decal. Need to find black can Sport Tuned motor.
  4. Got my hands on an original partly built Blitzer Beetle - one of my first Tamiya cars was the Monster Beetle and I recently built the Sand Scorcher and now I have the Blitzer Beetle. Now, I want another Monster Beetle so I have all three at one time. Love the stance of the Blitzer Beetle and it's perfect for what I do and that's just running on the streets or parking lots.
  5. Always thought the original Wild Willy was really cool and always wanted one. Came across as Wild Willy 2 and was good enough. Fun build and love all the little details that a hardbody can provide. Need to keep practicing painting drivers.
  6. Lunchbox Black Edition built for a friend and after doing the little details, I sent him pictures and decided to forgo the Vanessa decals. I think it was a good choice as it looks pretty cool. Now I want one in black too but have the regular Lunchbox waiting to be built.
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