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  1. Hi, I have been into buggy’s (rocky, optima, javelin etc) for years and years ive never really been interested in these kind of cars but just looked at your pictures it’s fantastic, it’s modelling mixed with the building of the mechanics of RC, love it think I just found my next kind of project but not sure where to start car looks amazing all the best
  2. I have just used a raider for parts in a rocky build I can’t be bothered advertising parts etc but if you need parts let me know, they aren’t excellent condition but good to get car running all the best
  3. Oh I have javelin as well, again they are all transferable, very similar cars....
  4. Hi, are you bidding on the black and gold optima pro....15 hours 9m left (at 00:31) 😁 it looks a good car. I have 2 optima and 2 optima turbo shell and everything else are transferable between these cars. Good luck
  5. Hi, I have 2 rocky 4wd and a turbo rocky, turbo optima, optima, javelin and I’ve had numerous Tamiya cars. in my opinion the rocky 4wd is the best if it’s in good condition you could get above £200 and even more enjoy it, great cars....
  6. Rocky Maniac

    Chain drive

    Hi, im trying to find the part number for rocky 4wd RK8 deck plate. it’s the last part I need to finish my rocky build. I will then have turbo rocky and 2 rocky 4wd. all the best
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