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  1. Took it out last night to a quiet back road to give it some full throttle, fantastic fun and it also did well on the bumpy layby, but also notice the bodyshell was starting to catch the back wheel on one side, just assumed it had become wonky due to a few rolls...turns out one of the spring retainers from the strut had gone bye bye, so until i get some cash its now been shelved, there any good aftermarket shocks that are good replacements for the stock shocks ?.
  2. Cheers for the advice, will deffinatly be doing this on the weekend.
  3. Ye, loving it, a few questions though, it feels like it needs a bit more 'weight', does adding alloy parts make a difference to this? Should i go the wheel weight route, or is it the stock suspension thats too rigid? . Even when im taking it slow it tends to bounce alot instead of riding over even light detrious, just want to try to nail down the handling a bit so its less 'springy' if possible.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/ecBW9zj Took my new built CC-01 on a bash in the local wood ,my amarok is stock with the exception of a brushless 13.5T motor and water proof esc, didn't lock the diffs and honestly this climbed some serious obsticles ,better infact than me (slippery), yes it goes like a stabbed rat and there are some cogging issues at launch but overall im well pleased with it. So i know im breaking the taboo with the motor ,but i consider it more "extreme offroad" than crawler and on tarmac it practically skims the ground, grinning like a loon at 6:30am in an abandonded swimming baths car park ,what could possibly go wrong!!.
  5. Wow ,ive had the car about 3 months and only now that you have pointed it out can i see all the altered branding ,hahhaa ,now thats gonna bug me so much cheers !!
  6. So i bought this from ebay to get me back into the hobby, £90, ball raced, torque tuned motor and all the radio gear ,popped on some alloy dampers and gave it a good bashing till the nsr wheel fell off ,but im interested to know if the wheels are the right size, the rims have a 2" diameter and they just look....small and i believe the car is a bit of a frankenstein since i cant find a TL01 with the MK4 focus shell, anywho this is my first post here so "hello there" and thanks for having me.
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