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  1. Hello. I started to restore my Audi Quattro. I want to get some advise for the body paint. I am not planning to change the color so can i paint it with the same color without removing the old paint. Or i need to remove the paint ? What is the original paint code of Audi Quattro.
  2. Hello. I dont know if the tyres are original or not. But rims are original. After the posts i think i will leave them as they are. After the restoration finished maybe i can buy a New set of tyres and rims. On the other hand i like to leave the vintage cars as they are because they show the lifes with them.
  3. Thank you @Tamiya Fan 1 Thank you @Willy iine I think i will only do retocuh with flat black and just leave it as it is. But i want to paint the rims to the Gold because their paint is gone. What color should i use?
  4. Thank you @KEV THE REV I dont want it shine. Just Remove the faults on the paint.
  5. Hello. I have a vintage monster beetle. I plan to make some retuch on the paint but not a full repaint. Can i use autowax on that paint to make it some shine. What do you suggest?
  6. Thank you @KEV THE REV If you could hep me i want to ask you 2 questions. 1- Car is with the seller in an other city and the parts are mixed with many other vintage tamiya parts. This photo is the one after we select the parts. Can you help me which parts are missing and critical we still keep selecting them. 2- Ladder chain is missing. How can i find it?
  7. Thank you @KEV THE REV Is it a worthy buggy. I know tamiya rc cars but never heard of samurai.
  8. Hello, I want to get some ideas is it worth to restore that Samurai. What is the value of that car?
  9. Hello everybody. Here is my 1995 original CC-01 Isuzu Mu. It is in good condition compared to its age but i wanted to do some modifications with keeping the original view. Firstly i ordered new aluminium streeing set and knuckle arms. I want to paint the bumpers again and maybe i can paint the grill to black. Do you offer repaint. And what are you other suggestions. Any ideas are welcome.
  10. Hello everybody. I making collection of Tamiya Cars. I already have; Original Wild Willy, Vintage Hornet, HotShot, Sand Scrocher, Suzuki Swift Super 1600, Thumbling Bull. And i want to buy a new Tamiya for my collection. Which one should i buy. Super Champ Buggy Champ BigWig
  11. Here is my vintage Hornet. It is in box with included manuals from 1987. I replaced the old MSC with an original Tamiya ESC. I also replaced the old motor with a newer original Tamiya motor. The controller also still running... I also ordered a new Hornet body. I will change it too...
  12. Thans for answers. There is also a second option for 3D printing these parts. Maybe i can work for that in a free time. Ör ant friends have the drawing of these parts? Also an offer to the admins of the site a 3D parts sharing topic can be very useful.
  13. Hello. What ara the differences between WR02 and WR02G. Is is possible to run Wild Willy on WR02G chassis. Thanks for answers...
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