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  1. Hi yes still available if you’re interested
  2. Partially built Jagermeister NSU TT Almost finished the build but don’t seem to have time for it, body is cut and window masks in but not painted Will come boxed with all decals and will include Bearing set Hpi 15t motor plus original silver can Quikrun 1060 esc Servo PS7, PS12 & PS29 paint Price above £110 ONO + £13 postage
  3. Yeah quite pricey, not too bad for the Louvre itself but I bet postage will be a lot
  4. Hi all just in the middle of a Blitzer beetle build, I really was looking to see if I can get an alternative bumper for it instead of the stock but cannot find anything anywhere, any ideas ? also I’ve seen some builds with a rear Louvre over the back window but also cannot find where to buy one or get one made thanks everyone, pics to go up once finished
  5. Hi, where is the front bumper from ? Custom made ?
  6. Where did you buy the rear window Louvre ? Can you please send me a link ?
  7. Great rc’s to start you off on, so much fun this is my shelf queen shell, I have a beater for running normally
  8. Hi can anyone recommend a good easy to fit wheelie bar for the Blitzer Beetle ? whats everyone running ?
  9. I ordered one yesterday from MWMWarbirds model shop in Kent - still showing stock at £140
  10. Hi what did you use as a weight in the front that works and is a good size ?
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