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  1. I'm using the re-re Hotshot silver alloy shaft and steel drive cups on my Bigwig, it looks nice and works well. I tried the slightly longer TT-02 blue alloy one as well (with the Hotshot drive cups), but the light anodised blue somewhat clashes with the yellow and dark blue plastics (in my opinion) so I stuck with the Hotshot one. The other thing is if your running an 8.4V Nimh battery (which you should in a Bigwig) the stiffer chunkier alloy prop shafts make it a bit tight getting the battery in and out, especially with the TT-02 one.
  2. I mixed it up using the Proline airbrush colours, I think it was 1 drop of orange to 50 drops of yellow. The glossy lexan makes the yellows look slightly different, but I think they're very close. Yellow paint is generally quite tricky as well because you need a lot of thin coats to get good even colour coverage. Tamiya probably do a rattle can yellow that is similar. I hope it turns out well, you'll have to show us when you get it done.
  3. Go for it, the more yellow Bigwigs the better! I agree the yellow moon craft might not stand out very well on the white wing like I have done, it might look better agaisnt blue, black or maybe even orange or red to match the stripes on the side stickers. Although having said that the white wing does go well with the white wheels.
  4. Well I think the Bigwig looks great in yellow, then again I may be slightly biased. This is mine. (Thanks for the shout out @DaveBuildsRC).
  5. I replaced the oil in them (they weren't full) and they seemed a bit better, I think I was hoping they'd wear in. If they don't I'll definitely try having another look at them to see if that's the issue.
  6. Thanks, that reminds me I've found a good wing for the Blazing Frog (from J C Racing Products), since I last showed it off. The wing needed cutting down a bit too look more like the original, but I think it works quite well. I still have a few more alterations to make, lights CRP arms, etc. but it's getting there.
  7. I guess another question would be why on Earth can't you get m3 stainless steel, titanium, etc. tapping screws with hex fittings? Surely someone makes them?
  8. I hate the + head hardware (yes I've got the right JIS bit), but always prefer to replace with Hex head where possible. I don't really like the self tapping screws, I feel they are probably just used because they give secure and reliable results when hastily screwed into plastic. I find that if the m3 screws thread themselves ok (ie. not too tight), then I just work them back and forth a few times to cut the thread and relieve stress in the material. If they seem really tight to thread, then I'll tap the hole with a tapered tap so the screws can kinda finish cutting the thread giving a nice snug fit, the thing to avoid is using the full sized tap for tapping a threaded hole (with a bottom), in metal this is fine as it has no real flex, where as in plastic the tapered tap gives a smaller than m3 hole, allowing the hole/threads to flex and shape slightly as the screw goes in, to give a nice fit. If you use the full sized tap in plastic the hole/threads will still flex but end up giving you a slightly loose fitting screw, (which is bad). I've got an 2011 Avante to do soon and it's such a shame it comes with the JIS screws (same applies to the Egress I presume), has anyone installed the Titanium screw kit into an Avante, and/or knows whether they include replacement self tappers or just machine screws for all the hardware? I'm a bit more apprehensive about swapping the self tappers on the Avante, because parts are obviously more expensive/rare compared to Frogs, Hoppers and the Hotshot family, if there ever were a problem with the machine screw hardware. I've done a rere Kyosho Optima and there were a few self tappers on that kit, but as they had nice hex fitting heads I didn't feel as much of a need to replace them as I will with the Avante + fitting ones. Having said all that I am by no means an expert and would love to hear what the highly experienced RC builders do.
  9. I've not quite finished my Novafox but it's very close, so much so that I've had it out for a good spin about and started scratching it, etc. So I thought I better takes some pics of it before all the tyre writing comes off. It's got the following bits; UGT Tuned Motor, Tamiya TEU-302BK ESC, (with black motor cables, spade terminal connectors, XT60 battery connector), Savox SC-1257TG (Black Edition), Tamiya 17T Steel Pinion, Carbon Fibre rear upright, Parma front bumper, CRP front brace, Aluminium and Titanium Screws throughout, Lunsford Ti screws for the shock mounting and Lunsford steering turnbuckles, Tamiya Low Friction Balls + Connectors, heatshrink tightened servo saver, white "Wild One" wheels, Stainless Steel body clips, Tamiya gold wheel nuts and ball bearings. I'd still like to add some Titanium hinge pins, Aluminium rear wheel adaptors and front LED headlights, but otherwise it's done. It's fairly lightweight, responsive and being high geared, rather quick!
  10. I painted a spare driver figure if anyone's interested. The head has been glued and m3 tapped, he has a glossy helmet and "wet look" eyes, annoyingly there are a few specs of dust that got into the gloss on the helmet, so it's not perfect but might make a nice addition to someones Hornet/Grasshopper, etc. UK based (can ship overseas but shipping would probably be too expensive). I'll leave this open to offers for a little while. Edit: Now sold, please delete.
  11. I have a brand new set of the DF-03 Aluminium Dampers for sale, I was going to put these on my Bigwig, but when I've seen them in the flesh I don't really like the way the bright blue goes with the dark blue plastics on the Bigwig so I'm going to stick with the yellow CVAs. £80 free UK delivery. Edit: No longer available, please delete.
  12. Wow, I love that colour scheme @Ferruz totally eye popping colours!
  13. Me and the other half finished her Grasshopper, (I only did the stickers). It's VW Indigo Blue Metallic, with green MCI decals.
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