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  1. I didn't, I just put the receiver right next to the servo.
  2. In the kit. I spent a while painting him with a metallic red helmet and shading on the overalls. I also added a piece of plastic for the visor.
  3. I more or less finished a Tomahawk, it's got almost every upgrade on it (the ones it doesn't have I'm just waiting to come back into stock (HG Shocks)), and I still have the tyres to paint. It's running Le Mans 240S ESC and 19.5T motor, Power HD R12 Servo and a Futaba antenna less receiver R314SB-E. (Not a Tamiya, sorry.)
  4. Looks good to me, I like that the drivers overalls matches the wing.
  5. I think that probably depends on the paintjob, you would likely pay more for a stunning custom paint scheme. I think box art is probably more fitting when it's a real scale car that you're replicating, but for made up buggies with made up colour schemes then anything goes really. @Ferruz That Hornet in particular, is wicked!
  6. I understand some people like the look of box art buggies for various reasons and the colour schemes generally look good as they've had some thought put in to them. However, when someone posts their completed buggy, if I've seen one before and it's box art, I might look at it for up to 3 seconds, if it's not box art then I'll look at it for up to 3 minutes and if it's really cool I'll save the images on my PC for inspiration.
  7. I widened mine there and it sort of clicks under a groove in the blue shock tower, the body does seem to fit very tight on the front body pin.
  8. Nice! The lights are a very cool addition.
  9. I'm using the re-re Hotshot silver alloy shaft and steel drive cups on my Bigwig, it looks nice and works well. I tried the slightly longer TT-02 blue alloy one as well (with the Hotshot drive cups), but the light anodised blue somewhat clashes with the yellow and dark blue plastics (in my opinion) so I stuck with the Hotshot one. The other thing is if your running an 8.4V Nimh battery (which you should in a Bigwig) the stiffer chunkier alloy prop shafts make it a bit tight getting the battery in and out, especially with the TT-02 one.
  10. I mixed it up using the Proline airbrush colours, I think it was 1 drop of orange to 50 drops of yellow. The glossy lexan makes the yellows look slightly different, but I think they're very close. Yellow paint is generally quite tricky as well because you need a lot of thin coats to get good even colour coverage. Tamiya probably do a rattle can yellow that is similar. I hope it turns out well, you'll have to show us when you get it done.
  11. Go for it, the more yellow Bigwigs the better! I agree the yellow moon craft might not stand out very well on the white wing like I have done, it might look better agaisnt blue, black or maybe even orange or red to match the stripes on the side stickers. Although having said that the white wing does go well with the white wheels.
  12. Well I think the Bigwig looks great in yellow, then again I may be slightly biased. This is mine. (Thanks for the shout out @DaveBuildsRC).
  13. I replaced the oil in them (they weren't full) and they seemed a bit better, I think I was hoping they'd wear in. If they don't I'll definitely try having another look at them to see if that's the issue.
  14. Thanks, that reminds me I've found a good wing for the Blazing Frog (from J C Racing Products), since I last showed it off. The wing needed cutting down a bit too look more like the original, but I think it works quite well. I still have a few more alterations to make, lights CRP arms, etc. but it's getting there.
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