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  1. Neat! Some of these seem a little too keen to wheelie - you have to push the lunch box a bit to get it to do it. I've done all the cheap mods on my lunch box and it drives a treat now - just get a bit fed up with the steering. I actually really like the bouncy friction shocks - it feels right on those.
  2. I'm really looking forward to building this. I was basically looking for something fun to build that can handle proper off road driving over the winter. As you say @Grumpy pants these are pretty high spec compared to the lunch box - especially with your hop ups. I think I only like daft bouncy tamiyas! Monster beetle next....
  3. Hello. I'd like to buy thanks. What is the best way to arrange payment and delivery?
  4. It was totally worth getting the gundam marker. She's taken a beating already but finally looks finished. Just need to do a bit of tidying on the grill paint. Made a half-ar#ed attempt to paint the 'all traction utility' tyre letters white, but may get some stickers at some point. Anyone know if they are worth it - or do they peel off fairly quick?
  5. @shenlonco could you give a bit more detail on the cheap engine upgrade for lunchbox. The tamiya sport tuned is a bit pricey. I'm in the UK. Thanks
  6. It does look very cool - that will give me something to do in this crummy weather! Might stop me from buying a monster beetle for a month at least.....
  7. Thats a really nice job - now I want to do that! Did you use a gundam pen? If so, could you recommend a brand/supplier in the UK?
  8. What are the main changes to the grill - besides the lunch-box sticker? Is it mainly the black detailing?
  9. Just received the excellent RC Katalog - well worth buying if you want to see some perfect versions of the RC models. I notice that their Lunch Box has very fine black lines around the doors, bonnet and indicators. Does anyone know a neat way to do this - including the door frame where the orange zigzag overlaps? I'm assuming some kind of acrylic fineliner and cutting the sticker at those points?
  10. Excellent - thanks. I had a little play today with some acrylics and sand on my son's (already crazily painted by him) Playmobil truck. It's not great, but I think I'm getting somewhere. Too much metallic! I need something tough, as this is a basher. That rust kit looks great.
  11. I've had a look through those and there are some nice ideas. I guess what I'm looking for is an easy way to patch small scuffed areas and make it look like a scale repair or rust. Most methods require air brushes and/or painting the whole shell with a primer and stripping back to it. Any suggestions or links would be much appreciated.
  12. It's a nice simple mod to do yourself... and free! Also, it keeps the bouncy character of the suspension quite well. I'd have at least a few goes without any fix - just to see it as nature intended
  13. Look on page 2 - I took a few photos
  14. You don't necessarily need it..... But those little springs don't last long, or do much while they are in place. I understand you don't fancy an extra financial outlay right now, I was in the same position a couple of weeks ago. If you don't mind drilling a couple of tiny holes, you can use fishing line to do the same thing. See recent post in the Re-release forum (scroll to the end). Some people just leave it altogether and let it clonk around
  15. I was wondering if anyone has tried to do realistic-looking rough repairs on their paintwork? My lunch box shell is starting to get scuffed and I thought it would be fun to patch it up as I go - give it a lived in look. I'd be interested to see if anyone has tried something like this. Obviously we could strip it back and respray, but I like the idea of living with the damage. A bit like the way they repair broken pottery with gold... But slightly more rubbish. Haha. I know there are ways to achieve a patina effect from the start, but can it be done in small patches?
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