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  1. Ah. Just seen you stump scorcher @JennyMo. Very impressive - but don't think I'm ready for that level of customising!
  2. Thanks Jenny - really good ideas there. I've always wanted to paint a sand scorcher body. I wonder if that might be a possibility to fit easily?
  3. Has anyone ever tried popping a sand scorcher shell on one? I was thinking of trying it on the WR02 CB. Would be great if it was as simple as drilling the holes and dropping on to the supports.
  4. I really like the Jimny - but seems to be hard to find. Does anyone know if the standard wr02 shells will fit the wr02cb chassis? I'm looking at this https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-51495-110-rc-suzuki-jimny-wheelie-sj30-body-set-p-90056403.html
  5. I've been really enjoying driving this thing. I was just wondering if there were any alternative bodies that would fit the chassis without much modification. Obviously there is the hornet and avante (possibly not as it's 4x4?) - but thought it would be fun to have one of the more realistic tamiya shells on it.
  6. Thanks @Grumpy pants it was an enjoyable build and it is exactly what I'm after. I'm not interested in racing etc. Just want something to mess around at the park with my 4 year old. He thinks it's great too. I'm already feeling the itch of wanting to build another, with a bit more painting needed. Going to settle for a plastic model kit for now. Incidentally. Does anyone know why these come with a steering wheel that isn't used? Can you attach it somehow? I may just glue to the hands.
  7. Filthy. What a great fun little car. Ideal for driving around the local BMX mud track. It happily hops over tree roots and through piles of leaves. I really would recommend to anyone who likes driving on rougher ground.
  8. For me... These are WAY more fun if you firm up the suspension (spacer 7) and increase the ground clearance (closest attachment). Despite what I've heard, they are still difficult to roll - especially compared to the lunchbox. It bounces around and goes over every obstacle, and through long grass. Steering is still precise and it sticks well on the corners. It will wheelie but only.on starting - so you keep steering control. I can really recommend if you want a fun little basher. It's basically a monster truck with buggy styling.
  9. There she is. I'll call her Jiminy Cricket. @Grumpy pants I agree about the green hop ups - I wasn't sure at first. I think I may have gone over the top with lowering and softening the shocks - there's almost no chance of rolling it or pulling a wheelie, unless you have a very dry, sticky surface. It actually drives like a buggy - very good steering and sticks to the ground. You can do some decent donuts and slides. Think I'll raise it a bit and see if I can align the front wheels better. A faster motor is tempting too.
  10. Very nearly there. The last bits were all quite straightforward - just wheels and wiring. Really nice quality wheels and tyres on these - lots of parts with multiple screws - so they feel really solid. There seems to be a lot of toe out just with the weight of the car - may have to adjust that. I'll get a nice photo of it complete tomorrow, if the sun manages to sneak out. Looking forward to a drive.
  11. The MN99 is a great little car - he loves it. A surprisingly capable crawler for the money and it looks good. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJO2aO5pBF0/?igshid=1185gcvm9mszn
  12. Great to know - that's all I want. Might actually finish it over Christmas. Also as a commodore 64 fan - enjoying your username. Favourite game - Turrican 2.
  13. That's the basic chassis together. Again, very compact and solid compared to the lunch box one. Really looking forward to seeing it run.
  14. Made my first set of oil-filled shocks. Another very satisfying bit of Tamiya engineering. Very easy to put together - worth taking a bit of time to get the air bubbles out. I've gone without the spacers to hopefully reduce tendency to wheelie.
  15. Front and rear axles attached. Spot the daft green hop up. Interested to see how these change the finished appearance - as I'm a bit of a box art snob. I've set both axles at their lowest clearance setting. Keen to avoid too much wheelie and tipping over.
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