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  1. Excellent - thanks. I had a little play today with some acrylics and sand on my son's (already crazily painted by him) Playmobil truck. It's not great, but I think I'm getting somewhere. Too much metallic! I need something tough, as this is a basher. That rust kit looks great.
  2. I've had a look through those and there are some nice ideas. I guess what I'm looking for is an easy way to patch small scuffed areas and make it look like a scale repair or rust. Most methods require air brushes and/or painting the whole shell with a primer and stripping back to it. Any suggestions or links would be much appreciated.
  3. It's a nice simple mod to do yourself... and free! Also, it keeps the bouncy character of the suspension quite well. I'd have at least a few goes without any fix - just to see it as nature intended
  4. Look on page 2 - I took a few photos
  5. You don't necessarily need it..... But those little springs don't last long, or do much while they are in place. I understand you don't fancy an extra financial outlay right now, I was in the same position a couple of weeks ago. If you don't mind drilling a couple of tiny holes, you can use fishing line to do the same thing. See recent post in the Re-release forum (scroll to the end). Some people just leave it altogether and let it clonk around
  6. I was wondering if anyone has tried to do realistic-looking rough repairs on their paintwork? My lunch box shell is starting to get scuffed and I thought it would be fun to patch it up as I go - give it a lived in look. I'd be interested to see if anyone has tried something like this. Obviously we could strip it back and respray, but I like the idea of living with the damage. A bit like the way they repair broken pottery with gold... But slightly more rubbish. Haha. I know there are ways to achieve a patina effect from the start, but can it be done in small patches?
  7. Found it! Great. Now i have to find a monster beetle kit.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184346083896 I ended up buying a tamiya motorbike kit just to pass the time in-between. Not the same as an RC though
  8. Thanks - yes I've been looking at this. Not planning on upgrading the motor - but it still seems to be an issue. Is anyone making these braces at the moment?
  9. Very nice - seems like a good little chassis that. Is that a sand scorcher next to it?
  10. They all look a little bit too keen to wheelie and a bit light. I quite like the satisfying weight of the lunch box and the other older models. But I can see the handling looks way better on these. Is that the Fury Road truck? Nice!
  11. You've all got me looking at the GF01 chassis now....... ****, hobbies are expensive. Is it just the land cruiser and the dump truck at the moment?
  12. Good advice in here! This is the starter electrical kit I bought - cheapest full setup I could find, and it's absolutely fine for the lunch box. The battery lasts at least 15mins and takes a couple of hours to charge. Servo has enough grunt, and the controller isn't bad at all. They send whatever they can source at a reasonable price. I bought the kit from Frome models - was the cheapest I could find in the UK. But all out of stock. You'll definitely want another model after this one, if you enjoy the build. That's the chance to customize and spend a bit more.
  13. I was in exactly the same position as you about 2 months ago - it had to be the lunch box for me. You can see my build here. I wouldn't overthink it - just get the lunch box and build it stock - you can always mod it later. The motor is fine, shocks are bouncy and the plastic bearings work ok. It's great fun as it is - but very good advice from everyone above if you want to improve it. I managed to get the kit with esc for £99 - and the transmitter, reciever, battery, servo and charger for 55 all in. If you have no paints and brushes, that will set you back a minimum of £20 - assuming you go for tamiya paints. It's fun to build and drive - and looks great. I didn't want to spend a fortune on the first kit - but it's definitely got hooked now.
  14. Beauty . Runs much better now, no clunking, softer landing and a bit more traction at the front. The front wheels sit right now too. It's still bonkers.... but a bit more refined. I actually left the tubing on the shocks adrift in the end, as it was stopping the shocks sliding back in to place (too tight). This way they sit at the top and just act as dampers. Seems to work just as well. Thanks again @shenlonco I definitely recommend this easy, free mod.
  15. I'm looking to start painting one of these soon - I couldn't find a full guide to the painting on this forum - does anyone know if there is one?
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