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  1. In relation to this topic, any tips on how to stop these screws from falling out? I've lost two already :|
  2. indeed. Anyways, here it is with the motor attached properly ;)
  3. Oh geeeezz. Ok. I’m crawling back under my rock now. i lined up the cover to the wrong holes. Apologies for the wasted bits.
  4. Thanks both. that’s the thing, the motor doesn’t have any threaded mount holes which is strange. I have reached out to Tamiya as it doesn’t look right at all.
  5. Hi all, A newb here. Been meaning to join for sometime, but now seems to be a perfect time. I’m currently in the process of building out the new Tamiya Frog and having issues with attaching the stock motor with the BB1 30mm screws. The screws go through the gear box and into the two holes in the motor. The holes don’t seem to have a thread and the screws just won’t take and hence the motor is loose. Pretty sure I’ve followed the instructions correctly. Has any other Frog builder had/seen this issue? Would appreciate any advice or tips to fix this. Thanks, Patrick.
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