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  1. It's gutting. Especially when you've looked after your stuff.
  2. Don't get me started on my Star Wars stuff. Had loads of figures and all of the Marvel comics. "Oh I binned all that years ago!!!" Ahhhhh!!!!
  3. Thanks a lot for the link. I just checked but they won't post to UK ☹️
  4. Thank you. No I haven't got any pictures from the racing days. It was pre digital and pre mobile phone cameras. I used to have some pics of my race cars but they vanished some years ago I'm afraid. I don't even know what happened to my cars, don't recall selling them but they are nowhere around and were not at my parents when we cleared their house after they passed away. Used to race at Chiltern Model Car Club.
  5. Upgrade parts are getting rare and I had the same problem. RC Mart have supplied quite a few but it takes an age from China for delivery. I really want some carbon or alloy shock towers but I've only found them on aliexpress and they don't post to the UK.
  6. Thank you. No it's airbrushed by me.
  7. Hi Thanks for adding me. I've recently got back into the hobby after a long absence. Got a couple of buggies but only one is a Tamiya. A Dark Impact with a few upgrades. My first car like most peoples was a Tamiya, a 1/12 Toyota Celica GrB, then I bought a Thundershot and got into racing. Then I'm afraid I slipped away from the Tamiya family to Schumacher and Associated. Stopped racing in the late 90's and that was it, until the beginning of this year when I purchased the Dark Impact. I'm hooked again.
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