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  1. After a couple of runs I decided to add an extra rear wing as the car was very tail happy. Definitely an improvement in handling. My ESC decided to die from overheating after a 59mph run on 2S. So I've swapped the motor and esc for Hobbywing Max 10 combo with a 5400kv motor. I also managed to fit a fan to hopefully get a little cooling on the ESC and motor.
  2. With Contact foams for my planned speed runs.
  3. With Sweep TC slicks for the running her. Gonna keep the stock wheels and tyres for the shelf.
  4. Finished. Hope you like her. Typical that the rain is torrential, hopefully get to give her a 1st run soon.
  5. Thank you The main body was masked with liquid mask, didn't take many in progress pics. The grey is Aclad2 chrome sprayed after doing the shadows with black. I'd already painted the logos with Chrome and backed in black in the pic, but you can see the mask still in the centre of the Tamiya stars.
  6. Body assembled, just waiting for the paint to dry on the drivers helmet.
  7. Thank you Yeah it's all paint, I've got a vinyl cutter so it's easy for me to make stencils for painting logos.
  8. Bodyshell assembly time. A very tricky bodyshell to cut out and paint.
  9. Build finished, now onto the bodyshell.
  10. Great job Much as I love my DF-03 I can't believe how much money I've thrown at it.
  11. 54986 TC-01 Carbon battery holders with custom vinyl Tamiya logos.
  12. Yeah the black coated TRF Special Damper Set 42102 54960 aluminium Damper extenders. TATC-001 Yeah racing Carbon chassis stiffening set.
  13. Jazz rider 9008168 Aluminum Front Upright Knuckle Arms 42377 double cardan joint shafts 54955 TC-01 Aluminum rocker arms
  14. The Alloy diff is actually about 1.5 grams lighter. Gonna be putting a hot motor in this so wanted more strength over the stock plastic diff gears.
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