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  1. For whatever reason all but one of my pre-orders from Tower arrived this month, roughly a week apart. Been getting progressively more questionable looks from the wife as they roll in. Still have a Black Grasshopper II on backorder, and that should have me set for the rest of the year for kits!
  2. So I have a question for those of you who are more in the know than I am. In the youtube video, at around 1:25 the car is midair and off-kilter, and the front wheels turn to re-align the car. Could that mean the car is equipped with a gyro? Or is that just the skill of the driver? https://youtu.be/LuMv1WvvqOQ?t=86
  3. I was gonna post about this! Yesterday they had even more models on sale, but it looks like some of them (Tb04 LaFerrari) sold out already. I managed to get one of those, the MF01X Benz and the Super Astute, which is on sale as well. Not sure if the price on the Super Astute was good or not, but I've learned from reading this forum that if you want it, buy it before its gone. Thought about the F104 Ver II chassis kit too, but it looks like the F104 Pro II F1 kit #58652 is a better buy with a body and more hop ups for almost the same price (street). Appreciate that the Benz has a pre-painted body, since finding paint is really difficult right now.
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