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  1. Kyosho Inferno MP10 30th Anniversary Limited Edition is coming!!
  2. It's official, Kyosho is re-releasing it's legendary Optima Mid. There's also possibly a Turbo one coming out too. This is pretty amazing. The pics are gorgeous (by Fluery). The Optima Mid was a force to be reckoned with across the globe in the 1980s. Like other Kyosho re-releases, they have upgraded the Optima Mid for today’s power systems. Here are more highlights- * Expected to start shipping at the end of Q1 2022 * Updated aluminum chassis with countersunk holes * New easy access belt tensioner * Uses modern 48 pitch spur gear from Kyosho’s RB series * A-arms have been updated with sway bar mounts * FRP shock towers * Hex hardware * Gold threaded body shocks * One piece wheels
  3. I have raced for a long time 1/10 buggy starting with the ultima in 87 as a kid (lapped all the frogs and hornets but not rc10s). I raced in the early 90s. Early 2k's. 2015-16. And recently 2019 using a modern Kyosho Rb6 and Associated RC10B74 before the pandemic. Having own the DB-01,there's no way a DB-01 or 501x modded buggy could take on 2021 modern competition (Associated/Kyosho/Xray/Yokomo) against competitive racers with similar skills. At the carpet raceway here in Texas, there's a vintage class with many early 90s models. The lap times are pretty wide against the lap times against modern competition. We're talking about 3-5 lap differences just for qualifiers. So tuning a 90s buggy can only do so much against todays competition. Offroad, modern buggies have much more efficient drive trains in the past 5 years. DB-01 drive train is already obsolete and both Tamiyas have terrible screw setups not to mention the sloppy sleering. Even the steering on todays buggies are tighter and more accurate in the past 10 years. Have you seen a Yokomo YZ Cal 3 or Xray XB2 run a modern track? These cars put some series lap times with skilled drivers. And if you race on the weekend, all cars break something. The problem with Tamiyas its so hard to get parts. There's so much to do just to get these Tamiyas competitive while these modern buggys can race after its built.
  4. The thing about the top force buggy is you're going to have to replace those shocks and upgrade to ball bearings if you're going to have any success on a track. It's also a 2005 design. I'd get myself a used competitive buggy and just start from there. You're going to end up paying some money with a new kit and upgrades just to get around an offload track. You'll also need to upgrade those tires too. Same issue with the DF01. If it had to be a tamiya, the DB01 is probably the better car among the tamiya group. But that's not saying much. You have to upgrade a lot just to make it survive even a triple jump using the stock shocks alone.
  5. Are you looking to bash a round a local track and have fun or you actually looking to competitively local race? If the later, I highly don't recommend a tamiya. They're not built for competition. You're looking at Losi, Yokomo, and Associated in the 4wd class to race or check with your local race scene to see what they're racing.
  6. I know I used to watch the old Tamiya commercials back in my local hobby store back in the day. Kyosho today does commercials with the re releases legendary line. Does Tamiya make any commercials anymore? I used like the old tamiya subaru brat and toyota rally car commercials.
  7. I just built the Turbo Scorpion and I really liked what Kyosho did. Great buggy.
  8. lol. dude they're great cars. I have both the 80s and re re. You won't be disappointed. Opening the packaging is an 80s trip to memory lane.
  9. It's a niche group of pan car racers with kyosho roots. Many fans in that era remember when kyosho started winning national races with a new design like the FRP chassis back in the day. It was a game changer in 1/12 - 1/8 racing back in the 80s. Like the Optima and Ultima, the Fantom was champion as well and there are fans that would by this. I raced 1/12 carpet before and it's easily one of the most difficult types of racing for me.
  10. Pretty killer video showing a modded Ultima Re-Release inspired by champion Joel Johnson's buggy. Joel even gives it a test run. Those gold shocks are iconic.
  11. It all depends on the type of racing and track. If it's not a serious racing scene, kinda of bring your car place, the TA07 should be fine. But if you're in local tournament with people that can setup up their cars and are competitive, the tamiya would end up getting lapped by the BD10, T4, or mi7. It would take a lot of hop ops for the TA07 to keep up. The weight alone is an issue for the TA07 plus all the plastic. It's been 3 years since I did competitive on-road racing but even a cheap sakura 3acing pro kit is better suited out of the box. It's all up to you and what you want to do. Someone mentioned getting a used xray. That's what I'd do if you want to race competitively.
  12. Hey bashing around a tamiya can be fun. Having fun is the most important part. But if you're actually racing in a tournament with good racers out there (even local), it won't look so good driving a tamiya in terms of racing. There's a reason why you see Associated, Xray, TLR, and Kyosho out winning championships . You see racers learn from other racers. And you won't find anyone doing real racing using a tamiya because there really isn't any racers doing it to model after. Plus you're going against people that have racing kits that are built for the modern track. That's not what Tamiya is about. I've raced locally and regionally for years. Even when I was a kid, I was lapping tamiya frogs, foxes, and hornets with my Ultima. And I was being lapped by rc10's (I wasn't as good as the rc10 adults). But try it out. Nothing wrong with seeing what happens. What Tamiya were you looking at racing? There are some local races that have a novice open class. That might be the race you want to get in.
  13. This is true. I think Kyosho does a good job of winning races and heart.
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