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  1. I am ordering myself a new Deltapbdy; want to make this one really bad
  2. Hi, good to hear they arrived! I still need to take some pics. These are my inspiration-links: http://www.andwerndesign.com/projekte/32_Peugeot_LMP/projekt.html https://wtf1.com/post/this-peugeot-lmp1-concept-is-all-kinds-of-sexy/ https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/gtsport/user/discover/latest/carLivery/livery/1141529/1/7422517130456728065 Advice on painting: be patient it took me two bodies to get it right. I assembled the whole thing first, with all the rear-wings attached, then I used thin masking-tape to create the lines I wanted. Did the black parts first. Choose the lines carefully; some parts are more difficult to mask off...
  3. Hi! Sent them out last Tuesday. Haven't had the time yet to make pictures of my own. Did you receive a conformation that your order was processed?
  4. I am still waiting on my new envelopes; they are more rigid. Expected them today, wil send you your stickers asap!
  5. I will show you my TS050; I've finished it last week
  6. Yes, I know, I have used this as an inspiration for the Playstation. For the normal, flat panels it works fine. For the curved panels: digitally wrapping around a car is easier than the real-world
  7. Yes it is asymmetrical,. I've never found the right side of the car online, I just interpreted it. As it is not a real car, you can't go wrong
  8. I will get the shell myself, really like the livery! If you know of other people that would want this livery, let me know. It's quite a lot of work tbh
  9. Still, it should work Will check mobile again. It came through now, thanks! Will send them out asap.
  10. That's a great one! I've started on that one; sold the body before I could finish it. I think I will get a new body myself. The scheme is quite difficult, but amazing! Will keep you posted.
  11. Could you try again please? I changed some setting, my test-order did come through. Thank you for your patience!
  12. I will check! And understand you don't want to do a BACS
  13. There are sooo many logo's; what are you looking for?
  14. That is quite a lot of work I would also need to have the body, otherwise I will never get the dimensions right. Maybe I will give it a go. What's your budget.
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