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  1. Thanks for your advice (and the links to German websites ;)) Most the spoilers are not in stock. The Schumacher really looks awesome. So I have to go for the China spoiler I think. I also emailed Tamico.de and let you know if they have any suitable product on stock. Michael
  2. Hi, today I destroyed my third NeoScorcher rear spoiler in one year. Do you have any recommendation for a more durable rear spoiler from an other brand? Maybe something like this would fit? https://tamico.de/Team-Corally-Wing-Composite-Black-1-pc?curr=EUR Thanks, Michael
  3. No, I have bearings from the beginning. I ordered a new 70t spur gear and I still have my 17t pinion wheel. So I switch back die 17/70T like Jonaton suggested and see if that solves the problem.
  4. Hi, last year I've already wondered why the motor looses the power cables. I expected because of crashes. But today I lost both without a crash. I have the feeling that the motor gets so got, that the solder gets weak. Maybe I exaggerated the gearing and/or motor. I can not touch it longer than 1-2 sec. I have a 19T brushed motor with 19/68T gearing. Is that too much? Would a fan help or do I have to change the gearing? If yes, to what? Thanks, Michael & son
  5. Ok.... cool... Yeah Racing offer steel track rods... YR-TT02-012... Maybe also alloy servo mounts will help... Thx
  6. The servo is pretty new. 2 months maybe. I didn't knew that there is a spring in it. Or do you mean the plastic ring in it? Do you think that replacing the whole steering by aluminium parts would help?
  7. Hi, I wonder why my Neo Scorcher does not center the steering. https://vimeo.com/446593749 Servo is Carson 500502025 Servo CS-13 MG (12kg, 0.13 sec, metal gears). Should be strong enough. Maybe you can see it in the video, the servo mount is moving slightly when steering. Stock plastic steering is super wonky. Also the wheels are wonky. I tightened all screws quite strong but that doesn't help.
  8. Ok, I hope last question before I buy... Is a 17t brushless motor significantly faster than a 17t brushed motor. Or is it the same, because the rpm are quite the same. I watched some videos an it seems that they are euqal. What would be the benefits of the brushless version? And would the brushed 17t be significantly faster as the stock torque tuned motor? The brushless version would cost me about 100€ in Germany. That as much as the whole TT02B costed. The brushed version would be 40€.
  9. If I would go for brushless, would that be a good motor? http://www.dash-rc.com/index.php/fixed-timing-540-sensored-brushless-motor/da-742175-dash-540-sensored-brushless-motor-17-5t-fixed-timing And what ESC do I need: 10BL30, 10BL60 or 10BL120? Thanks
  10. Hmmm... ok. I think I will stay brushed, because this is the car of my 6 year old son. A little bit faster is good, but he does not need a racing machine. Then I would replace the ESC with a 1060. And as a new motor a would go for the Firebolt 15T Motor (540er). I already have metal bearings and would leave the gearing and diffs stock. Is that a good combination?
  11. Thanks for the ESC suggestions. I think I will upgrade the Neo Scrocher to brushless somewhen. So I'm wondering if there is a ESC that can handle brushed and brushless motors. Is this a good idea to go brushless with stock chassis and diffs? Or will the brushless motor damage the whole car. To be honest I was alittle disappointed about the speed of the car. I have also a stock Traxxas Mini E Revo and it is far faster with brushed motor.
  12. I use a Turnigy 5000 mAh 20C 2s Lipo and Stock Torque motor RS-540. I think it's far bigger than your dimensions. Receiver from FS-GT3C (FS-GR3E). I that really the reason. Are the ESC such a crap?
  13. Hi, our first Neo Scorcher doesn't work anymore. It seems that the ESC is already broken after about 5 battries. I turn the car on and everything lokks normal. When I accerlerate the motor turn about 5 seconds. Then it stops and the ESC is getting very hot and then the ESC even starts to smoke. Unfortunately I glued the housing of the ESC, because it fell off all the time. So if I want to open it I would habe to break it. Any ideas what's wromg with the ESC? Thanks, Michael
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