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  1. Okay guys... I know I can rely on you for some support here. I need some help on which spur gear and pinion to use. So, my lunchbox seems to run so so well, no problems there. However, I also have DF03 and DF03ra, and it's with these two that I need the help... Both are second hand, and I've stripped them down to the last screw for a thorough clean and refurb... Came across a few issues, which I've enjoyed trying to resolve, such as the previous owner adding 2 thrust bearings to one diff joint, which obviously when tightened compacted and crushed the d5 t part, nightmare to try and dig this out! So, the plan is for me and my two sons (8 and 4) to go bashing on grass, tarmac car parks and flat dirt roads... Ill use the LB, 8 year old will be in control of the df03 and the 4 year old the df03ra. So we don't need anything super fast, just fun, and controllable! I only want to use the equipment and components I currently have... Nothing new, and get the best set up. The df03 can be the better of the two, to be fair, my eldest lad is probably nearly as capable as I am! Both cars have standard stock wheels and tyres. This is what I have: 1 x stock silver can, 1 x sport tuned black can. Spur gears 3 x 82T, 2 x 78T, 1 x 75T. Pinion 26, 25, 29, 32. Slipper clutch x 2. Hobbywing 1060 esc, tamiya 105bk esc. Alturn AAS-700std servo, tamiya tsu-03 servo. Running 7.2 3000 NiMH Hope you can help with the best set up using what I currently have, it's all really confused me to be honest. Thanks in advance guys... Hope you all have a good weekend.
  2. Okay, so I just searched for the tamiya blue set, and came across this set... Looks pretty cool and haven't come across it before, is this the one you have? 49267. https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-49267-trf-tool-set-blue-color-p-3566.html
  3. So... What's in your tool box? I'm sure we all have different equipment and tools. What's your couldn't live without? What's on your wish list? I have simple Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, along with the tamiya tool and Allen keys.... But I'm planning on getting some jis screwdrivers and hex drivers... And suggestions? I also have needle nose pliers, a hammer, bradle, drywall tape, silicone glue, scissors, hobby knife, masking tape, toothbrushes, paintbrush, sharpie. Interested to hear what you have.
  4. @Juggular @Carmine A I appreciate you. I know this info will help many others too. 🙏
  5. I've often had this thought too after seeing so many ace looking builds. What I'd actually like to source, is the sticker sheet templates for the various models... So that I can change the details and get them printed knowing that they'd fit exactly as intended. I guess this would work for you also esmuz? Any ideas tamiya club family???
  6. Hey guys. Currently doing a df-03 refurb... Could do with some help. Which oil do you use in your dampers, they're aluminum, I'll be mainly bashing, local field? What grease are you using on the front and rear ball diffs? Brands? What grease are you using elsewhere? Need to replace a few components too, sheared the ball head king pin, now part of it is stuck... And ideas on how to remove it, I'm thinking of drilling it out. There's a small part, d5 on the part tree, when I was removing is to get to the spring in the diff, the part disintegrated, I think it may have been over tightened. Also, the ball thrust bearing is being super difficult to get out, one of them came out super easy, but it was disgusting, see the pic below. Also need to replace the diff sponges, they're all either rock hard up like powder! Not sure whether to get the sponge bag, or just get the kit gear bag. Anyone use alternatives? The diff was so crunchy! Really enjoying doing a refurb, stripped the DI right back... Doesn't look like too many standard screws were used by the previous guy when he was adding the hop ups.
  7. So I’ve been running my lunchbox for a few months now, and love it, tried it on so many different terrains... my favourite terrain has got to be when down the park going from a hard well cut grass to a hard dusty dirt under the trees, love to see it powering into a slide, nearly drifting, and the dirt cloud billowing from the wheels. The shell has take some damage, a few scrapes here and there (glad I bought two shells), and at the screw point where the grill meets the body cracking after a high speed collision... repaired, and can’t really see the difference. it is a lot quicker than I’d first expected, and I love slamming on the breaks when on tarmac to make her do a 180 before wheeling off in the opposite direction. i often take her down the local play area with my kids, I only really trust my 8 year old with her in the back garden, and the play area adjoins a football field, so loads of space and less likely to crash. However, my 3 year old boy did some however manage to crash it into someone’s legs beforehand I managed to get to the radio. Otherwise, all good and no crashes, my 6 and 10 year old girls can’t quite get used to the controls, but practice practice practice, and they are showing signs of improvement. The lunchie is a kid magnet though, they all love it, I get random older kids just sitting next to me, or younger kids just chasing after her... I let them get close and wheelie away, the shock and laughs are brilliant! i was thinking of maybe upgrading the motor, shocks etc, but in all honesty, Its not needed imo, and I’m happy with the set up... currently looking at other chassis / models that will give me more speed and better cornering and handling, I bought the lunchie for fun silliness, and it gives me that, so trying to get it faster etc is t really needed. Shes got the standard tin can motor, tble-02 esc, 25kg servo and 3000 nimh battery for the electrics, controlled via a flysky gt3c Radio (and associated receiver), the battery charger is a SkyRc s65. As mods go, not many, I added the ampro trans brace and also a few mm of rubber to the top of the dampers, ooh, and edit, I also added the full bearings kit... I am going to replace the body mounts soon. oh, and I guess one of the biggest tips I can give, which I wish I’d have done the other day, I take the Tamiya tool out with you, it’s a must... the full wheel came loose and popped off the other day, and I could only hand tighten it... so always carry a little tool kit with you!!!
  8. I came across this video on YouTube, had to share, pretty cool. Sone of his other videos show the process too. I know some people have tried for the ratty rusty look, this guy has nailed it. Defo makes me wanna give hydrodipping a go.
  9. Hong Kong... well thats it then... you are part of the current political unrest!
  10. going to try out this 25kg servo. also, the Ampro Engineering trans brace for the LB has arrived from Shapeways via @NulnOilTycoon ... cheers buddy... good team work!
  11. The charging cable is only £1.98 from Wheelspin, but their retail shop is closed... I sent them a message, and they won’t even just leave it outside their door as they aren’t allowing any collections, so as to protect their staff, seems a little silly that they can’t just leave it on their doorstep. anyway, does anyone know of any RC shops that are open in the Midlands UK? im after a XT-60 to Tamiya charging cable, SCH-SK-600023-12. I could order it online... but... I really don’t like paying postage costs... I guess I’m just so used to free postage via Amazon!! Any help anyone? Wish I could just pop into Wheelspin... it’s only 10 mins drive away! Maybe someone here knows someone that works there that can sort out my little problem?!?!
  12. I’ve gone and bought the wrong charging cable! Anyone got a link to the one I need? Battery has a Tamiya connector.
  13. Flysky GT3C... bought off eBay, £39.99... arrived fantastically quick!
  14. its coming along nicely... decided to go with a copper. and also sprayed amd painted the rims. transmitter is now ordered... arriving friday.
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