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  1. Hong Kong... well thats it then... you are part of the current political unrest!
  2. going to try out this 25kg servo. also, the Ampro Engineering trans brace for the LB has arrived from Shapeways via @NulnOilTycoon ... cheers buddy... good team work!
  3. The charging cable is only £1.98 from Wheelspin, but their retail shop is closed... I sent them a message, and they won’t even just leave it outside their door as they aren’t allowing any collections, so as to protect their staff, seems a little silly that they can’t just leave it on their doorstep. anyway, does anyone know of any RC shops that are open in the Midlands UK? im after a XT-60 to Tamiya charging cable, SCH-SK-600023-12. I could order it online... but... I really don’t like paying postage costs... I guess I’m just so used to free postage via Amazon!! Any help anyone? Wish I could just pop into Wheelspin... it’s only 10 mins drive away! Maybe someone here knows someone that works there that can sort out my little problem?!?!
  4. I’ve gone and bought the wrong charging cable! Anyone got a link to the one I need? Battery has a Tamiya connector.
  5. Flysky GT3C... bought off eBay, £39.99... arrived fantastically quick!
  6. its coming along nicely... decided to go with a copper. and also sprayed amd painted the rims. transmitter is now ordered... arriving friday.
  7. Cheers @jellon appreciated. I had been looking at getting the thingiverse one printed in the uk... quite cheap, but that link you sent seems to suggest that it’s not a great one, and the ampro brace is better designed. Also, saw your reference to shoo goo... haven’t watched the vid, but, I’m guessing it’s Sugru, which is easily available in the UK, as that’s pronounced similar to shoo goo! I’ve used it a few times in different applications, very good product... I actually have some I keep in my tool box.
  8. That’s true. I guess for me, we’re talking initial outlay, as I’m starting from scratch, I’m buying quite a lot in a short space of time at the moment.... and just getting a feel how all of this and the community works. But you are right... it’s such a simple but effective mod... the £17 is probably worth it... but if I can get it for less whilst helping other TCers too, all the better. I will end up getting this for sure!!!
  9. So... I want to buy the transmission brace for my LB, it’s £7.14 on Shapeways, which is fine... however, the shipping is nearly £10... so the total cost isn’t just a bit too much. i had a thought... maybe there are others near where I live in the UK (midlands) who also want to buy ampro product but are put off by the shipping cost, and we could make a group purchase to save on shipping costs... I’d rather a short car journey to pick up parts rather than pay the high shipping costs. would anyone be interested in doing something like this??
  10. THe motor wires do seem strangely short to be honest, so sitting the esc on the shelf is probably wise. @KEV THE REV love those platforms... really neat... cables look nice and tidy too. @DeadMeat1966 I’ve had a look on shapeways, and can see the brace I’d like to get... trouble is, the shipping is more than the item. I might see if there’s a marketplace thread on here... maybe if a few people that live near me are also wanting parts from shapeways we can buy together and share the cost of the shipping... I’d rather a short car journey than paying £10 in shipping costs!
  11. So the build has started! Does anyone else do this with the bags? Ive bought a metallic silver and copper spray paints... not sure whether I’m going to layer the paints, or to get the masking tape out. This will be on the white body. The black body hasn’t arrived yet! Also the servo and charger are on back order, big risk I guess not testing the electrics. Not having the servo is causing the build to slow down obviously. oh... and have bought a radio system yet... I keep looking at the fly sky gt3c, but it doesn’t seem to be readily available in the uk. Are there equivalent alternatives anyone would recommend? Hoping to have at least one more car in the fleet come the end of the year!
  12. Couple of questions now my LB has arrived... where is the best place to locate the esc... I’ve seen it on the shelf as per manual, and also just down from that shelf in the bucket? Oh, and the orientation? how much grease should I be using? I’ve built the gear box now, so probably should have asked this question earlier... I have a feeling I may not have used enough. Anyone got simple recommendations for the 5th shock and the brace between the wheelie bar and the gear box? well, I guess that’s all now in the current build.... it’s my first... really enjoying it... I can see my fleet growing!!
  13. Thanks for the help everyone. I’ve ordered an LB with a stock ESC. Still need to source the radio system, but ordered all other bits that people have mentioned, bearings, axle bracket etc. Ordered a spare body too... mainly so I can get the kids to paint one and use that, so they feel as if it’s theres too. Some bits are out of stock for a month or so... I assume this won’t make a world of difference during the actual build though... I hope! Ive seen that some put a sort of brace on the wheelie bar to stop it potentially cracking he gearing system... anyone where I can source one? I live quite close to Wheelspin Models... so I guess that’ll be my source for parts when the shops are properly open. Anyone have any experience with them?
  14. Well I’d say future would be brushless... so maybe I should be looking for a brushless motor and esc for the lunchbox then? But is it really worth it... maybe I can swap the motor into another vehicle in the future too. So I definitely need to look at a better charger then. Can I run Lipo in a lunchbox though?
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