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  1. Looks like I’m the second one to build a tb01 Cosworth recently so I’ll be following that post. Just need info on what grease to use in diff and recommended gearing
  2. This is my new project an Escort Cosworth Rally car on a Tb01 chassis. I was lucky to get this with a steel shaft and gears. Any advice to make this a good rally car for gravel and playing fields? So far I’ve got a stablizer kit And the long arm set, 53431 Universal shafts for the long arms, Alloy motor mount, Rally block tyres on tamiya 51021 white wheels. I’m also thinking Hobby wing 1060 esc. I just need advice on brushed/ brushless motor and gearing for it. I want to run with a Nimh battery. Also I’m going to strip the diff and clean it’s all up so wondering if I should use ceramic grease in them or anti wear? Also any other advice would be appreciated.
  3. I am looking for a set for my TB-01 so i have also followed the advice and checked out RC bearings. Does anyone know whats better the metal shielded or the rubber shielded?
  4. Hello everyone could I have some advice please. I’m not racing it but I would like to make my Enzo quicker but unsure of the gearing to use. As standard I have a 16t pinion and a 61t spur on a alloy drive shaft with 55t, 58t spurs as spare. I have just brought a Tamiya carbon drive shaft and the Tamiya sport tuned 540 motor. In one of the articles here it was mentioned a good set up for road/ gravel would be 0.4 ally 33t pinion hear with a 0.4 88t Spur gear. Before I buy and fit these two will these work or am I going to end up blowing the motor or not getting what I’m after with that set up and if so what’s the best gearing to do.
  5. I’m after some advice on how to get a good colour red on my Ferrari. I have the PS2 red that is listed but wondering after I do 3-4 coats if I should do a couple of layers of either white or black to bring the colour out. What is better? Just keep to the red or use white or black underneath to get a good colour.
  6. My TB-01 Ferrari Enzo 58298 as standard with the original mechanical speed controller weighing 1320gr. Got an TEU-105 BK esc and a few hop ups to lightening it up and also needs painting
  7. Would Tamiya 53571 dampers work with the TB01, or would you recommend aiming for the TA03 ones? As i found a set of 53571 for £45 at RCMart instead of £90 on a sale
  8. Looking forward to see what this looks like
  9. Hello What alloy suspension did you use for this model and does it fit the TB-01 with out modifications
  10. Thank you for replying. What grade of oil is recommended for the front and back please
  11. I’m not sure. I purchased and built my enzo near on 17 years ago then left in in a cupboard till now. I thought I’d do a few things like changing the mech speed control to a esc and just got the sport tuned Motor, bigger battery and stabiliser set and now planning to take it to a nice open area with my kids to see how it goes. But I can see me spending more on it. I noticed people saying the long arm suspension on these chassis help with cornering so wondered how much they are. But I think I will be visiting twisted slayers threads for more information
  12. By any chance do you have all the part numbers to hand that I could use please
  13. Hello everyone By any chance is anyone selling a new long arm suspension kit 53830 for a tb-01 or know where i can get one from please. Also the alloy steering arm set 53365 are these worth getting as an upgrade and are they still around?
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