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  1. I'm going to be running the 18A esc that comes with the ezrun 2030 12t kit. I have been looking for a 2S that would fit in the battery compartment but haven't found one with a semi decent Mah number. Any links or suggestions welcome 🙂
  2. If by you're experimenting you would lean me to the 14500s then I'll believe you. The QD I'm running doesn't have the shell to accommodate a lipo so I definitely need to use the battery compartment in some way. Interested to know your simple solution and whatever you would suggest for power to be honest. It's my stumbling block. I'm going to be running the 7800kv ezrun 2030 which I think you bought too?
  3. @wolfdogstinkus thanks for offer of swap. We shall see how we get on once it's here and all together. I decided to stick with the 7300. Why not hey. Yeah the EZrun kit is coming with a programmer if that's what you mean but as a novice the settings will be a mystery. See you playing around with the aging QD wheels. Are there Hex adapters that will at least work on the back?
  4. So I ordered the Ezrun 2030 kit with the 7800kv motor. But I'm having second thoughts. Is it just too powerful? Uncontrollable? I messaged the seller and I can change my order to the 5200kv ezrun. Should I do that?
  5. So....too fast? 🤔 Helpful about the power to the receiver. I hadn't realised.
  6. How did you get on with the 18650 batteries in the holder? Liked that it pretty much fitted in the opening if the battery compartment.
  7. Thanks Jimbo, that's a great and helpful list. Gonna start my shopping list, should be fun
  8. Hi mate Hoping for you guidance in modernising my QD. Does the receiver need it's own power supply or can it somehow be dead from the main power pack? Cheers
  9. Hi jimbo Wondering if you could help me. I want to do a build basically like yours. I like its style of still fitting under covers etc. Do you have a list of parts used?
  10. Hi all. Been following this thread as I have dusted off my QDs. Looking forward to getting them going again. Is there a list you guys can offer of parts I need to give it a more modern overall? Been looking at the ezrun 2030 kit as mentioned earlier in the thread but guess I would need a new receiver and a way to power it all too. Not sure what else? New to modifying RCs too so are there any links and guides to wiring it all up?
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