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  1. Ah ok mate bit to far for me, will you take 15 pounds + postage?
  2. Hiya mate I might be interested are you UK based?
  3. Always liked the look of these, looks like great fun 😆
  4. This is what I want to hear 😜 does the adjustable timing make any difference? But I think I need to make a purchase 😂
  5. Sounds like a good improvement to a sports tune so deffo an investment 💨 so with the esc do you have to pay extra to have the deans connectors on it or does it come with all the necessary wires/connectors?
  6. Great bit of info that, I now understand the cogging as my dads does it (his is sensorless) I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for a sensored motor then. Well thank you every one as this post has answered my question to the fact of speed passion motors are good motors for the price 🥳 one last question though, how would a 10.5t motor compare to the likes of a Tamiya sport tuned as that’s what I’m running atm 😂 will it be noticeable faster? Or is it worth going for a lower turn motor? (Only running into nihm atm)
  7. So my dad has an absima brushless combo set up Which is seems to be a really good, i have seen the grool rc motors and for the money they seem really good so I was thinking of putting one in to my tt01 for a bit of fun, so what is the difference between sensored and sensor less? Seems to be though the esc which is holding it back soo will definitely look at changing the esc in the near future 😝
  8. That’ll be a good move, I suppose at least I could run a load of different set ups. Maybe look at getting a lower turn motor and doing a switch to lipo 😜
  9. Thanks for all the replies, is it worth upgrading the esc aswell then so it’ll handle more? Or is it worth spending a bit extra and get a combo set?
  10. Hiya guys So wondering if any of you guys have tried out these motors? Noticed they have a range of sizes available and are at a good price. I like the sound of a 10.5t as it’ll be used in my Tt02b and I don’t want nothing to crazy 💨 also I have a tble-02 which I think 10.5t is the limit anyway? 🤔 Thanks in advance Dan
  11. Some goodies has arrived for the tt02b, and let the modding begin
  12. That’s good to know mate, I will get some on order
  13. Alright guys thanks for the replies, I think I’ll try the gpm ones out as they are cheap as chips compared to the Tamiya ones and by the sounds of things still good quality so hopefully should with stand a good bashing 😜
  14. So has anyone had any experience with GPM DT3264SC Steel CVD Universal Swing Shaft Set For Tamiya DT02/DT03/TT02B looking at buying them as they are half the price as Tamiya ones but there’s not a lot of info about them? Will they fit with the original drive cups or do you have to buy Tamiya universal drive cups? Also are they any good or is it worth paying the extra for Tamiya ones?
  15. Hiya guys I have a stock Tt02b and wanting a few good upgrades for it as wanting to go to a quick brushless setup. Thanks in advance
  16. Good info, I’ll stick to the yeh racing stuff then thanks mate
  17. That’s a good mod that
  18. Looking at hoping up my Tt02b and wanna know peoples opinions on the two brands? Are they good quality and fit nice or is it worth spending mega money and buying Tamiya hop ups? thanks in advance
  19. Well that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said 😉😂
  20. Alright mate I’ll check it out 😁
  21. Hiya mate thanks for the reply, I have read about the longer screw mod I think I might have to take a look at that, also the YR stuff where do you order from? It seems to never say a price on the website? 😂
  22. Hi all, I’m new to this forum but been around rc cars for a few years now. Just built my first buggy which is a TT02B plasma edge 2 gun metal Grey and loving it but I’ve noticed the steering is a bit slack and the front wheels tend to wobble a lot when on lock? The only upgrade I’ve done is ball race it as parts are so hard to find at the moment. I will eventually bling it out with alloy hop up parts 😁 any one else have this problem? Is it just due to the front end being so much plastic? Cheers in advance
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