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  1. Thanks to all for the reply’s. I will try numbering the rear duals and moving them around to new locations. If the wheel/tire combination that is currently rubbing is swapped with another and that wheel/tire that was previously not rubbing in it’s former location but now rubs on the same fender as the problem in the photo, then it is the fender that is warped and will need correcting. If the wheel/tire that rubbed in it’s original location also rubs in the new location, then it is the wheel/tire that is the problem...probably an out of round tire. That is what I hope is the problem as tires are easily replaceable
  2. I have some tire rub on the rear of my Grand Hauler. I tried to be careful when assembling the wheels/tires and do not see a significant wobble or out of round, but still have slight rubbing. I assume the likely fix will be to alternate positions of the rear tires until I find a better fit. I like the looks of the close hugging (standard) fenders but was wondering if anyone had tried adjusting the suspension slightly...maybe with washers between the suspension and frame. The rub I am seeing is a result of running in the house, on level floors, with no load...so suspension travel is minimal. (photo shows tire rub on lower fender, left tire. (Ray)
  3. Thanks for the offer. I have a King Hauler bumper coming from Bob. I will install the fog lights in it and see if I like the look. If I decide to go back to the Grand Hauler bumper I will certainly be in touch. Ray
  4. Thanks, Nick, that is my likely direction at this point. I do like the looks of some of the aftermarket accessories including the front bumper with fog lights, but they are polished aluminum and I am not sure how that will look with the stock chromed pieces. Now, to find a stock KH bumper someone will part with.
  5. I am nearing completion of a Grand Hauler build, mostly stock. I have installed the MFC 01 and would like to use the front fog lights but the stock GH bumper lacks mounts. I would like to hear what others have done. Considering after market bumper or drilling the GH bumper and building light buckets. As an alternative, will an unmodified King Hauler bumper solve the issue? TIA
  6. Appreciate the reply! I went back and reread your complete thread...lots of good information there. I decided to buy the Turnigy TGY-I6 and give it a go. It is on the way from Hobbyconcepts with the left gimbal mod (return to center) done and the programming for the Grand/King Hauler already entered. The price was right...about the same as the radio+gimbal mod kit. He also lists a prebuilt transmission/motor unit that is test run and guaranteed. What led me down this path were his Youtube videos...I watched the one today on wireless truck-to-trailer lighting using a second receiver and led controller. Glad you found the MFC-03...both are available here in the US...I will most likely go with the MFC-01.
  7. Thanks for the info! I am leaning toward a motor with the higher than stock turns over the reduction gear. Oh yes, definitely have been thinking about a trailer. The RC4WD/BigDog looks good, but I will start with a fifth wheel...most likely a Tamiya flatbed.
  8. Hi, my name is Ray...retired...raced 1/10 dirt oval in mid-80s at Bolink in Atlanta, GA, USA. Flew planes, heli, drones...out of all that and easing back into surface. Love the 1/14 semis. Have a Grand Hauler coming next week and want to plan a build for the months ahead. If I understand correctly and trying to stay as stock as possible: * for US prototypes I will likely use an MFU-01 for sound as MFU-03 is European. * desire to have low speed operation, not top end speed. Option to use reduction gearbox in addition to stock 3 speed OR use a 50-55 turn or 80 turn motor. Advice? * planning to use a Tamiya Attack to keep it simple, though the Tenergy TGY-I6 looks attractive. Advice welcomed.
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