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  1. Rules 1 : Have the money allocated for it, no allocation switching 2. Make sure the kit is new manufactured, no more than 5 year 3. The kit price doesnt exceed $400, no matter how much you want it (this is not include electronics and hopups) 4. Only 1 kit per year 5. Need to have good spare part availability in local market, no overseas shipment things. I guess thats it XD
  2. Last year, i havent bought any Tamiya RC kit. But this year it might change because of BB1. Classic look, new chassis, and simply beautiful. Hopefully its not too pricey XD
  3. Not to be ungrateful, but i wish its the TL01 one not the TT02. By the way, someone sell MIB TL01 Alfa 155 for USD 260. Is it worth it?
  4. Crossing the road to valhalla!! Witneeessss !!!
  5. For me, its obviously my DB-02, i can still found its spareparts here, and its the most upgraded tamiya kit i have. Dang i think the hopups itself cost me a new kit.
  6. To tell the truth, all of the kits i mentioned is imported. The price i listed is for the end user / customer price. I need to add $5 (max) for postage cost though. I just want to know what total cost u guys need to get a rc kit. Like @Willy iine said, the freight / shipping cost does matter. Thats why trx4 here have huge price difference compared to what @Saito2 can get there. Man that $300 difference for shipping and tax is huge. For him, its better to buy TRX4 compared to cc02, but for me that Trx4 is out of my league XD
  7. I was wodering about rc prices out there. Sometimes i read " rather than buy tamiya and upgrade it with hop ops, u could buy another tamiya or another traxxass or AE or other kits with similar price, and u get better deal". But the thing is tamiya is way cheaper compared to other brands, here. The china one is the cheapest ofc, tamiya is the second, even taiwanese brand like team magic and hobao is more expensive, and traxxass, AE, tekno is another way up there . Asia brands is easier and with more quantitiy and better part supports to get compared to america/ europe brands. * the price is based on local e_market here converted to usd currency ($) Buggies 1/10 Tamiya Thunder shot family rere (exclude terra scocher) 167 Tamiya TD4 300 tamiya Avante 2011 black special 533 AE_B74_kit 400 Tekno_EB410_kit 516 Scale/crawler 1/10 Tamiya CC02 200 MST CFX kit (no body) 253 Axial SCX10 III 467 Traxxass Trx4 667 Touring/ rally 1/10 Tamiya TT02 133 - 167 Kyosho fazer mk2 280 LCracing PTG2 (no body) 233 Tamiya Xv01 240 Monster trucks Tamiya super clodbuster 340 Arrma granite 3sBLX 417 team magic e5hx 340 hobao hyper MT 460 losi LMT 733 kyosho usa1 653 Thats all i can think of, please add your local prices too for comparison. Thanks
  8. I havent bought anything rc related this year. I think ive lost some interest in (tamiya) rc. And i need to rationalize my spendings too. And i think i have all (well almost) rc i want for many purpose. Well that is too much and Got my boomerang for shelf queen / classic runs, db02 for "modern" tamiya buggy, df03ra for rally race, and g6-01 for its uniqueness. The last thing i want is a basher monster truck. And i dont think tamiya got one for that bashing performance and durability. My opt for now is kyosho madvan or arrma granite. So, i guess im not collecting rc (kits). My prior experience with collecting is with gundams, and i have lots of backlog and i cant spare some time to build it. And after that sold all my backlogs for half price (T.T) to fund my rc hobby LOL. Not gonna make same mistake.
  9. Happy birthday @Jonathon Gillham, have a speedy recovery for both u and missus Gillham.
  10. Fyi, there is secret blackmarket chains that specialized in rc spareparts, especially blue tamiya one. The price constantly hiking these 3 years, i wonder why. Oh shyte this supposed to be a secret. In case im not online tomorrow and after, you guys know what happened to me.
  11. There are some tamiya spareparts in (south east) asia countries, if u desperately want it. Most of em are local hobby shops old stocks that no one want to buy ( RC hobby is expensive). Example:r
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtDsfZ65owY , not mine, just want to add video to this thread.
  13. My guess is a td4 with a "new" body and called Super Egress.......
  14. No interest. This new platform is not the super avante i imagined, period. If this blob released with another "new" name, i might bought it, but it doesnt.
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