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  1. That’s the workshop portion of downstairs
  2. My wife has agreed on “Pop Culture and Kitsch” for the finished basement living space. So a nice nice compromise between “man cave” and “everyone can enjoy it “ living space.But RC cars and and Hot Wheels collection will have room to live and breathe.. there is an unfinished room off to the side of the den which has a built in steel and Formica workbench for a model car work space One the upstairs bedrooms is being allotted to “her” vintage sewing machine collection so she is more than accommodating to good chunk of the
  3. I got the bulk of my collection out of house moving storage at my mom’s place. I still have a couple of nitros, a vintage stampede and my FAV in long term storage elsewhere , but I can hopefully charge up and play soon
  4. I always thought the Capris were pretty cool. The Fairmont’s an acquired taste. Only desirable if your goal is to make a “Street Sleeper “ muscle car that looks like grandmother’s grocery getter . Im partial to thunderbird because my dad one and the mid 90’s ones had IRS a full decade before Ford but it in the Terminator 2003 Cobra
  5. Several months ago I discovered there are boxes full of Aurora and Tyco tracking my mom’s garage and a few cars scattered about. Im in process of moving back to near there , so after I get my house established and figured out I may raid the stash and see if I can set Up a track layout.
  6. IF you insist your Fox Body absolutely has to have a Pony emblem. There are Fox Fairmonts, T-Birds And even a few Capris galore as long as you don’t insist on the Mustang badge.
  7. I'm not sure if that's in any way helpful :p that’s quite helpful actually. I’m thinking along the same lines as you. And nah, spares for the nitro T Maxx aren’t an issue. Therefore I tend to agree with the second one being a E conversion
  8. No pictures or project of my own but I have a car project related post to share. A few months ago, preparing for a cross country move I sold my NA Miata ( Mx-5 for non Yankees ) to a friend. I let it go for less than fair market value because 1 a friend 2 I knew it was someone who would love it and Do it justice while cleaning my packed up house last night he stopped by and showed off his new paint job and told me the rest of his plans. It was good to see the ride one more time before I left
  9. I think may have gotten a sale notice in my email from Tower or A Main and ignored it. then again, I was closing on a home purchase the day the sale ended so I might have been distracted, lol.
  10. Where ? ! I see the builders kit on a lot of US sites of $199, but no $110
  11. I run a 3000KV Onyx system on 2s most of the time and a occasionally 3s blasts. much like your plans I do some garden bashing and simulated scale freestyle/ jumping. I kept 2.2 on it and all stock plastics. The only things I have stripped out were a wheel hex that wasn’t tightened properly on 3S. I think mostly the stock drivetrain holds up well unless you are racing or running clod sized rubber
  12. These are the only type of MSCs I used to run BITD. 3 speed fwd/1 rev kit speed controls were scrapped for either one of these or an esc. I think the only kit provided MSC I ever ran was in a Kyosho Hi Rider and it too was replaced with a single barrel type.
  13. I have been tempted to get one of these and retrofit the “guts” of a Flysky or a cheap RTR 2.4 system into the body. Am I the only one ?
  14. My vintage YZ10 has a chassis slotted out for 4 and 3 7 cell NiCds saddle packs. When I die does I wanted to dust it off and drive it, I took apart a spare Nihm 7 cell I had and re soldered it into old school saddle configuration.
  15. So, I’m moving house this week and going cross country back to a Midwestern town that is, compared to the desolate wilderness I have been living in, civilization. I’ve noticed that the nearest club to where I’m moving has a standing policy “If we don’t have a certain class you want to run , get 3 or more drivers and we will run it policy “ I say “old ideas” because I’m borrowing from a lot of existing Old school RC classes as well as some 1:1 grassroots racing. I’ve noticed a lot of clubs here in the US don’t run a “banger” type class of slow, fun and cheap cars I know over in the UK you all have dedicated spec classes for the Mardave Mini and other such banger cars. We used to have the BoLink Legends back when I still still raced in the late 80s and early 90s as a kid . ( I know RJ Speed still makes the Legend chassis under a new name ). In 1:1 motorsports in the US a lot of dirt tracks run “sport compact” which is the closest equivalent to what EU and UK racing fans call banger racing. My idea for a “Sport Compact” RC class would be something like the following: 225mm ( or whatever the Medium M chassis wheelbase is… I think it’s 225, right ? ) I think vintage or obsolete 1/12 pan cars might also fit this range. 2s Lipo 540 27 T silver can ( it doesn’t have to be spec Silver can. But perhaps borrow the motor but in rule from 1:1 racing . Anyone can claim the winner’s motor for say $20 to de incentivize people from cheating with built motor . Perhaps allow brushless 380 size motors as well Any body that fits the wheelbase of the chassis and is based on a street car/van / truck etc ( so we don’t get aero wars of everyone running a 1/12 pan car body ) Does anyone think this would be a good “cheap fun “ grass roots class, or would no one run it ? I’d like to hear anyones thoughts Suggestions to improve or tweak the rules , would anyone run it etc etc ?
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