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  1. Tower is usually a pretty reliable supplier when there isn’t a global financial crisis and economic slowdown. I actually got my M-06 from them ( when everything started shutting down )
  2. It has to be my original Yokomo YZ-10 th I used to race back in the day. Right now it is running with an original Futaba Magnum Jr. transmitter paired to a Novak mini RX, Futaba servo and a no name ESC pushing a Trinity motor Of undetermined turn/specs. I’m using 7 NiMh cells arranged into a saddle pack shape to fit the original chassis. I’d like to rebuild the rear ball diff and find a wing. Perhaps a new body and fit some new rubber as well. Mostly it is a fully running shelf queen at this point .
  3. Does anyone know offhand which parts are I interchangeable between the Original Fox and the NovaFox?
  4. When I built mine I used the dimples to drill the body post holes. After everything was painted and mounted I found I had to keep trimming fractions of a mm off the front arches until everything cleared the full steering travel. I don’t think the “where to drill” marks and wheel wells are perfect, but they are close.
  5. I’ve been thinking about fitting a brushless motor to the TBLE02 in my m06 as well. I keep reading “13.5t in a buggy or 10.5 with a fan” but I would think an on rod M06 would be less strain on a motor than a larger buggy on rough surfaces,pushing bigger tires.
  6. I Second the above info. and it will vary by insurer. back in the 80s my dad and I had an optima mid. We experienced a runaway when our old 75mhz radio either got interference or lost power. The mid jumped an earthen berm that separated our back yard from busy 4 lane. My dad spoke to our agent and our family Renter’s policy covered it ( we purchased a Yokomo yZ10 which I still have )
  7. I haven’t heard of them ( in the States ) before your mention. I get your hesitation with the address conformation thing though.
  8. I know my main issue with pre builds is ball bearings. I am a stickler for ball bearings. So I’ll have to disassemble anything I buy that doesn’t have ball bearings
  9. I noticed the price went up right after this post. Did I Point you at something. Lol ?
  10. It’s someone getting rid of their collection, when , if the price rises up to near new territory, I will let whoever is bidding that much have at it .
  11. This one is a new ,unnrun build for $60 USD ( probably a little under $100USD shipped ) So, less than 1/2 the price of a new one from Tower Hobbies
  12. Thank you all for the info. I should Also point out both of these are re releases. Neither is original vintage.
  13. Those might be hop ups. I don’t know maybe they are standard on that model.
  14. I used Non Tamiya (HPI) on toad car abocks on my M06 with the MX5 body. I just fitted the stock springs to them. Note: if you use the Tamiya CVA shortdamper kit, will will have to use the springs from your kit as well
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