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  1. I have a TrAxxas 7575x 370 in my T3-01 trike . Plenty of power and easy to control.
  2. I find with the brushless Quicrun in mine I have the best time driving it with my dual rate on the throttle turned down to 75%
  3. Technically I have no more RC cars than that family that used to be on reality TV has children. It seems all right when I put it in that perspective.
  4. Yeah I got rid of my account around2008 and never looked back, but having an account just to follow local clubs might be worth while
  5. I’ve found TT new un assembled rollers for as low as $69 USD+ shipping on eBay and no, I’m not really in love with the late model Mustang body
  6. This place , HobbyTown USA is a chain, but they are locally run .Either way, they are much bigger and more extensive than my local shop at home.
  7. I’m on holiday about 900 miles from my current home , scoping the area I plan to move to next year , and visiting family. Among other adventures I found a local hobby shop they have 2 Tt02 Mustang GT4 kits in stock asking $121 USD with a esc and torque tuned . I don’t normally impulse buy an RC. I usually plan and plot my purchases . I did not pick one up. Is this one I should not pass up and pick up before I leave town, or am o safe to let this one go?
  8. There are very few clubs in my immediate local area, and I don’t do Facebook and social media to keep up with meetings and times . Also for the past couple years before covid I worked either off shifts or was deployed overseas a lot. next year, when I move to a more developed, populated area and I’m in my second career/ semi retired I wuld love to get back into a club.
  9. For me, it is not just Tamiya as I also do static models, I "collect" Tamiya, Hasegawa, Dragon, Hobbyboss, Trumpeter, Airfix, Revell, Italeri, and more recently, got into Gundams and back into Mini 4WD (although that is also Tamiya). I’ve built plenty of static models in my day including a few. My first Tamiya build was a 1/24 miata last year.
  10. My wife’s vintage sewing machines are quickly outnumbering my RC cars. ( We just gained an industrial grade Singer from circa 1910 and a 1951 home model on our current holiday ) But seriously , I have a little under 20 right now and most of not all have been funded by selling junk picked lawn mowers. The non running “project” pieces I have at the moment are the FAV I scored at a flea market for $25 USD and a Semi Toy Grade almost hobby grade Marui motorcycle I also garbage picked I have to say “most” of the boxes are checked for a collection that does a little of everything, except I don’t have a good “modern” 4wd basher. or a Clod or a …
  11. My very first Tamiya was a static 1/24 Mazda MX5 in 2020. Followed soon after by the M06 chassis MX5. After that I built a G6-01 King Yellow later that year and I finally knew what I was missing back I the day ( I raced Kyosho and Associated cars back in the day , but never had a Tamiya kit ) I haven’t looked back since
  12. I have the box art pre painted yellow version. But I have thought about doing. The Muppets “Electric Mayhem” bus that would be a TON of work to replicate however
  13. I would drive the snot out of that 1:1 collection if I had the money ( or a cool Rich friend who let me play with their cars )
  14. I’m just going to put this here . Although I will probably start a separate build thread for the project. I got the roll cage taken down and painted for my Flea Market Fast Attack Vehicle project.
  15. First time I ever found a hobby grade car at all, let alone a Tamiya at a sale. what you mention sounds like what I used to do in Guam. I would ride a bicycle around around to yard sales. What great way to spend a Sunday morning. Good luck in your hunting
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