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  1. In my military days we used floor polish like that to give our boots and dress shoes a mirror patent like shine . Like said above , if you mess it up you can strip it with windex. A lot of static model builders use it as a clear coat , too.
  2. I have a Kumamon tractor (WR-02) and I can say my CW-01 (Midnight Pumpkin) makes a WR-02 seems like a world class race chassis by comparison.
  3. I have a large workboot box full of Dad’s Parma slot cars in storage somewhere .
  4. I was just in the link , They still make the lexan Clod body too
  5. $5.28 ? I’ll give you double what you paid for it 😂
  6. Welcome from the middle north part of the U.S. near all the big lakes
  7. I felt this same way before and after my move . And packed mine the same way . Hettimg them unpacked on the other side had me Wanting to drive stuff I hadn’t had out in a while.
  8. Body kit variants for kits I already have : I love my G6-01 but sometimes wouldn’t mind having the Kong head body instead of the King Yellow . I also wouldn’t mind having a VW/Karmann Ghia or Porsche body for my m06. For Buggies the BBX appeals to me, but I also wouldn’t mind a classic sand scorcher. For pure weird fun Tamiya-ness: if the Kumonmon Holiday buggy weren’t so rare I’d give one. A go. I also hear the Mad Bull is brilliant in its simplicity.
  9. So much this ! I recently traded one of those SCX clones I had for a Carisma simply because the Carisma had a great looking body and I don’t want to think about what the difference would have cost me to outfit and paint a similar body on the old chassis. I run a mini scale toy grade New Bight Grave Digger shell on my 1/16 Revo mini that I actually picked off the trash heap . I will sometimes stop myself from bidding on a good priced roller from time to time simply because I realize fitting a body will cost more than is auction did if I win it. I get that tooling and licensing are most of the cost of a lexan body, esp a licensed one, but when I see what someone like Sabula Tech gets for an unauthorized approximation of certain car, I can’t imagine J Concepts, Proline etc couldn’t sell older body styles they have already recouped the upfront costs for similar price points.
  10. If you balance prices / wages / other cost of living factors, some kits are probably cheaper than they were in the 90’s ( I’m sure a re-re Mid probably cost in “real” costs than what my Dad paid for in our Mid in the late 80s ) Regarding screws/ pins grease / lubes etc , that stuff is pretty pricey, I try to use the hardware store equivalent of most things over hobby specific hardware and chemicals when I can. I think the reason that stuff has gone up so much is the hobby retailers ( local or online ) are making up for the slim margins on kits and electronics with items I know hobbyist will nickel and dime themselves on. Not to beat my own horse to death or highjack the thread too much, but I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes in the Original Mad Max ” It’s like the sign says, Speed is just a question of money, how fast you wanna go?’ “ Ihave learned over the last couple of years in both 1:1 and R/C this may be true about speed and performance, but not about FUN.
  11. Not so much just “too much “ in price, but the large scale basher side of the hobby is has been shifting toward “too much” for a while. There is a segment of the hobby where if you don’t have at least 17mm wheel hexes, running a bare minimum of 4s and have a brushless motor the diameter of a soda can you just aren’t R/Cing.
  12. A lot of us have thought about making a 1/2 track or something similar on the G6-01 . I also didn’t know one could make one long set of treads for ten back, but since you assemble them yourself , I don’t see why you couldn’t.
  13. I never had an RC10, original, re-re or otherwise. If Associated could release a re re at a low enough price point and with enough spares on the market to build one as a runner, I’d be interested.
  14. The Redcat Ground Pounder is an overall cool truck, but with some fatal flaws. An solid axle RTR with selectable front, FWS or 4W crab steering out of the box. And, rumor has it, the metal chassis was designed for Redcat by CPE, the long time aftermarket supplier for Clod parts. The fatal flaws 1) Never driven one but I have heard the transmission is more of less made of glass reinforced papier-mâché 2) It has pretty nice scale looking axles and nice TVP metal chassis, but the scale looks are kind of fouled by low profile style rims with a basher tread pattern instead of a nice scale looking MT wheel with a classic chevron tread. The point of my rant ( I’m getting to one ) is , have any of the outstanding builders on this forum based any builds off a Ground Pounder chassis? I’m thinking either a transmission swap or an MOA build with clod axles ? I’m interested in hearing any experienced builders’ thoughts and opinions.
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