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  1. Does it by any chance have to do with vintage bodies that would have been RWD on 4wd chassis ?
  2. My thoughts are the drivetrain ( and chassis) up to the challenge of a slight power upgrade Of a cheap eBay brushless 380 system ? . If so it could be a lot of ( ill handling ) bouncy fun, in a smaller package.
  3. Has anyone seen this yet. Associated has a new 1:12 solid axle , ladder frame retro monster truck. 380 brushed motor and an unlicensed body with light buckets and chrome. Not for sale until April , but Tower in the US is accepting pre orders. It’s an RTR but wondering if it catches on if they will have a builder’s kit version.
  4. Author Steven Johnson has a pretty good non fiction book “Wonderland : How play made the modern world” It’s an interesting read and he makes a bunch of points how much of the technology we take for granted had roots as some form of novelty of amusement.
  5. Kyosho has also dabbled in sail boats , motorcycles , too.
  6. Seeing the outstanding static aircraft models Tamiya makes it would be cool if they made some type of XSA style almost ready to fly park flyer plane in a durable foam core construction with a simple pitch/ yaw elevator/rudder 4 channel control radio.
  7. “I just need one more RC car “ (This opinion is only unpopular with my wife)
  8. I was an Air Force crew chief for 20 years . The pilots I knew confirm , Thai isn’t just an urban legend or wives tale , they really do eat bananas for the reason . Also the potassium prevents cramping from pulling High G maneuvers.
  9. You could drill a small hole through one , and wear it on a chain as a pendant.
  10. I also consider full size 1:1 car toys, Motorbike are definitely toys . I tools for a living, and , for the most part I consider most tools toys , too
  11. 1 . You can never go too far off topic 2 . say hello to my friend Jack ”Hi Jack! “ lol ok I’ll stop now
  12. This above mentality has been caused so much harm to 1:1 car culture. Especially with the American muscle car segment of car enthusiasts. So many great examples are held and buffed and coddled like they are actual holy grail, never having their cheap, thin bias ply rear tires melted in anger. The trickle down effect is thousands of less pristine examples of the same models rot in a barn because “I know what I’ve got and it’s gonna sell for 6 figures at Meachum if I get around to cleaning it up “ Artificially lowering supply and raising demand for the common enthusiast who just desires a 6 or 7 out 10 daily driver as a project car. The sad thing is seeing this same thing creep into RC and toy collection
  13. I sold my first TMaxx and wound up buying it back without realizing at first ( the seller in the ad had a different body in the picture ). I actually came out ahead on the deal
  14. That’s why SFX artists have filmed model in slow motion for about 100 years now .
  15. The medium sized city I live in has always been a rail-yard town. It actually has multiple thriving model railroad shops . I feel extremely young when I pop in the one down the block from me .
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