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  1. Don’t Discount the Redcat Gen 7. It doesn’t have the portals that the Gen 8 does but it’s plenty tough and the RTR is under $200. Not sure if they have a kit version
  2. I often build tracks with only the aid of a good shovel: design it, trace it and be careful to press the snow until nice and firm, and you're good to go even with a Hornet (but good luck with handling it, lol). Having also driven a Hornet in. Snow, I can agree.
  3. I there is a local guy by me selling an older E-Revo for $350USD Think that’s a decent deal?
  4. That Bullhead reminds me of a Corgi running through snow
  5. North Dakota USA here. I can attest. My king Yellow is my best RC in snow. SMT10 is a close second( not a Tamiya but mentioned for comparison sake )
  6. This amplify is not only a great point, but also I’m not hungry for cookies, thanks.
  7. I’d love to see more people turn Chevy square body models into GMC. Any old school Stage 1 era monster truck fans know of any famous trucks that ran GMC bodies BITB?
  8. You know, as much as I love my Tamiyas that I have today, I was never that into them in the it heyday. Dad and I raced Kyoshos, Yokomo, and Team Associated Pan cars. Even as a child I thought they looked fun and performed well enough for what they were. However, they have always seems like a model company that happened to make RC. In my aged and wizened state ( and 4 Tamiyas later ) I “get” it
  9. I never had any Tamiyas in my original run in the hobby. My dad’s friend ( and owner of a small LHS, John, had a very built up Clod I was always impressed with. I always though the Lunchie/Midnight Pumpkin were fun, and a few people ran Monster Beetles or Blackfoot in out MT class at my local club, but overall Tamiya buggies were not that prominent in 2wd or 4wd buggy class. My very first Tamiya was a 1/24 static Miata kit this past year. Followed soon after with a M06 Miata.
  10. When the Short Course truck conversion to No Prep Dragster scene started a few years ago, Traxxas released a video they produced themselves on how to convert a Slash to Drag car. So I think they know a few of their platforms are jumping off points for hobbyists to build custom projects. I think they do still act like a 1:1 car manufacturer though and don’t want anyone to blame them for irresponsible things done with their product ( or pay out warrant claims from “not recommended several use )
  11. The 2wd “low CG” kit makes it much more stable. the stock high CG version slides well on dirt, but will sometimes traction roll on high traction surfaces.
  12. I actual find the stock Axial BKT are a good mix of grip and durability. Work great on pavement but the chevrons still grab grass, rocks , and loose dirt well
  13. I haven’t won the auction yet but I have a chance at a good deal on a CC02 on flea bay. What are recommendations ? Anything to look out for on these ?
  14. I have thought about getting one of these since the YouTube hype videos came out and ultimately decided If I want a Basher I’ll get a non scale basher like and Arrma Granite or Big Rock. If I want scale truck I’ll build one. ( either a clod or my LHS has an SMT 10 Kit for. $179USD ) I ride a Kawasaki KLR650 a well known Dual-Sport motorcycle. It’s known for doings everything, but not the greatest at any one thing.It’s neither a great road bike or great dirt bike. The LMT does straddle the line between performance basher and scale solid axle truck, but it is a compromise like a dual sport motorcycle. It is pretty cool in the Son of A Digger livery though
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