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  1. As I already have a couple of Carson transmitters/recievers, could I just get this to replace the multiple transmitters and bind to my existing recievers? https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/carson-c500085-reflex-stick-24ghz-channel-radio-channel-stick-toggle-switches-with-receiver-p-63151.html I've not seen them mentioned much.
  2. Just re-bumping this thread as I'm keen on getting a better transmitter and I love sticks, it seems that the flysky unit is the most reccomended for an affordable unit, and it seems that converting it to a car friendly spec is fairly simple, but are the recievers easy and cheap enough to come by?
  3. https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-19808059-9808059-front-diff-join-rmj1-p-16268.html These I believe.
  4. Evening, I'm using my Terra Scorcher with the kit cvas, springs and until now pre load collars. I understand that changing or uprating the suspension isn't straightforward due to the front shock length, and also I keep spending all my money on the Dark Impact so I wanted to make the best of what I've got. The kit includes 3mm and 6mm collars for the front suspension and 4mm and 8mm collars for the rear. I initially built it with the longer collars for stiffer suspension, but swapped to the shorter ones and found I had increased traction while wafting about on the road outside my house. The downside of the shorter collars is that the back end slaps the tarmac when jumping off of kerbs, and I'm not that keen on the rate at which the gearbox is being eaten. I did refit the longer collars, but then reread I had a number of spares in the Dark Impact kit, and with the uprated suspension I've fitted to that, so I've used 4mm collars on the front and a 2mm collar with the existing 4mm collar on the rear to try to get a balance between grip and keeping the ******* end up a bit. Hopefully when I get a chance to test it, this will be a suitable compromise, but I'd be interested to hear what others have done or tried with their cars. Is there a better option than the kit damper oil? I have found these dampers leak a little and the rears probably need stripping, checking and topping up. Here is the rear at the moment - propped up off the ground.
  5. Great work. I've really enjoyed mine. I made up two aluminium braces to join the suspension pins across the front of both gearboxes after snapping the rear gearbox on its first run put. 42mm centres and 3mm pins I think. I have the slipper clutch, adjustable arms and the df03/tt02b aluminium shocks which are all nice but not necessary for mine as I only have the tamiya sport tuned motor. I did buy a spare set of the metal diff out drives to fit to the rear and carbide balls for both diffs which I think is required. I ran my diffs in a bit with an electric drill and check the tension by spinning the wheels by hand after each battery pack and tighten accordingly.
  6. Had a little time this evening so shimmed the Terra Scorcher axles with 0.3mm shims, still a bit of flop, but significantly less than there was. Think I might get some 3mm i/d shims and work around the suspension to try to make it a little less flappy. Might charge it up and have a little waft around with it again tomorrow. Anyone successfully stopped the wing rubbing the body? The shell doesn't fit that well with the driver/dust cover on but I don't want to remove it.
  7. I took the terra scorcher put and whizzed it around the street yesterday in between the rugby on the telly, fitted a 14t pinion and had another go, then this morning I flipped the B8 part to get some rear toe in and fitted it with the suspension pin set I have had knocking around for about a year rather than make the fresh holes sad with the screw pivots. Had another hoon around in the street and I'm not sure it's improved cornering much, but it was nice to have a fiddle. Went in the loft and found the thicker pre load collars as I noticed it bottoming out when hopping off of kerbs etc. Might need to rebuild the rear shocks rather than stiffening the springs but it'll be interesting to see how it goes now. Off to feed cows and cut up a tree this afternoon.
  8. After the initial run out and snapping of plastic - I'm going to blame the cold weather as I didn't ram it into anything memorable, I rebuilt the gearbox as standard, ran it for a little bit and then put the slipper clutch in. I watched videos, checked out forum posts and scoured bits of the Internet for advice, and hopefully got it right. I left the kit motor pinion in for the time being as about a 5% drop in gearing sounded like a good first step. I've set the slipper so that holding the pinion and one wheel solidly and rotating the other rear wheel the slipper clutch slips and not the rear diff - although I know I need to keep on top of the diffs. Holding the car on the carpet in the living room and putting some power on, neither the ball diffs or the slipper slipped before the wheels span, I figured this wasn't a terrible position to be in with just a sport tuned motor. I also got away without my girlfriend noticing what I was up to... I decided against fitting the centre one way for the time being, I quite like being able to brake solidly, and it's something I might find useful to cash in if I keep snapping other bits. The car is currently looking like this, with some Carson wheels and tyres I picked up, and 7mm front hexes so they don't rub on the steering arm. I thought I'd see how it looked with white rims, think I'll pick up some proper white df03 rims and fit some schumacher tyres somewhere down the line. The tub behind it is a load of chilli seedlings we planted a week or so back.
  9. Having ordered even more parts, upgrades and general unnecessary gubbins tonight I've tried to remove some of the slop in the axles with a set if the tamiya 5mm shims. I've ended up with a 0.1mm shim in both rear and one front axle and a 0.2mm shim in the other front axle after some trial fits and waggling of the wheels. Not having done this on this sort of scale before, does this sound reasonable? I don't want to add too much load to the wheel bearings, but hated the extra floppyness present. I've also put a shim between parts p1 and c3 in the servo saver as it was also quite floppy as standard. I'm not 100% sure this is the best plan, but I don't think it'll stop the servo saver from working, but might make it more obvious that my driving skills are somewhat lacking rather than there being play within important bits of the car.
  10. Have you set up the throttle points on the esc? https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/blog/article/tamiya-electronic-speed-controller-setup/
  11. I'm slightly concerned that mine is exhibiting this behaviour. Dark impact, sport tuned motor, nimh battery fwiw. I noticed on the first proper run it went a bit slow before going back to normal, and this afternoon while messing about with some new tyres in on the patio/lawn it kept dropping to half speed. I can't rule out a low battery but I'm pretty sure I haven't run it much since charging it. I guess the best thing to do will be make sure its charged right up and give it a good hoon around and see if it starts playing up. These escs seem to have a great reputation, which is why I got one, I'd really like to stick with them as they seem a lot less hassle than the tble2 I've got in my other cars.
  12. Oh, and a set of adjustable turnbuckles, I really liked them from the terra scorcher and thought they would be a good addition.
  13. Took it out for its first proper run along with my terra scorcher, everything had been going well up to that point. One of the front fastrax wheels on the terra scorcher broke, the body pin fell out and a wheel loosened off enough for the drive pin in the hex to dissappear. The Dark Impact suffered a worse fate with the rear gearbox snapping where the suspension arm pivot fits. Up until those points both cars were great, and was nice to get out and hoon them around. I ordered a new gearbox parts tree for the dark impact and started to receive deliveries of shiny parts I'd found on the Internet and was powerless to ignore. I ordered a slipper clutch, centre one way, the df03/tt02b aluminium dampers along with a number of pinion options, and a set of yeah racing cvds. Upon reading about the propensity of the gearboxes to snap at the suspension mounting points I set about making some braces from scrap aluminium I had knocking around.
  14. Hello, I hope you are all having as wonderous a day as I am. I'll preface this thread by saying how much I like build threads, part as I love reading other people's ideas, and seeing how other people have got around issues or personalised things, and also because memory seems to have reached capacity and it's nice to record what I've done and where I've spoffed all my spare money. I used to have a long build thread for a couple of corrados I used to run and started threads in the past for tractors I've worked on. As is a familiar story, lockdown bought about boredom, restricted where I could go and what I could do and increased the amount of spare cash I had - no longer was I spending a tenner on lunch or about a billion pounds on chocolate every day, so I started searching for productive things to spend time on. When I was a youth I had a blackfoot, which I didn't use enough, painted terribly and left in bits at my parents house. I always fancied getting another rc car to mess around with, so I bought myself a hornet and would spend a little bit of time between online meetings or while my gf was finishing work building it, and I soon went down the line of upgrades with ball bearings going in very quickly and a torque tuned motor. Next I fancied something more challenging, capable and hopefully with less propensity for spending its time sliding down the street upside down, so I bought a Terra Scorcher, fortunately (ish) it's a pretty well specced kit, and apart from a Carson Cup motor and some cheap fastrax road tyrea it's stayed fairly standard. I continued to peruse forums, fb pages etc and eventually around Christmas I started to get the itch for another build. At this time I also took 3 months of unpaid leave from work to help out on the family farm for altruistic reasons and the fact that I hate some of my colleagues and its much nicer being in a field with a collie for company than sending emails to someone I despise. This meant that cash wasn't so prevalent, but I had a little savings pot to buy myself stuff with - I also have a habit of buying broken chainsaws and repairing them for not justifiable, financially unsound sums of money. I'm due to have three hernias tucked in and used the inevitable recovery period as an excuse to buy a kit to build so in January I hunted around and eventually picked up a dark impact kit. Obviously I'm an idiot and built it before I've had the op, so I'll have to buy something else to occupy me when it happens. I did a fair bit of research prior to the purchase and while the ball diffs have a mixed reputation, I quite like slightly odd, unusual or weird engineering challenges and decided this was the kit for me. I bought a sport tuned motor, front diff out drives and carbide balls to build it with as I quite like doing things properly from the outset, but otherwise intended to keep the kit standard and as low cost as possible, I used a hobbywing 1060 esc due to the multitude of good reviews, and a cheap carson twin stick controller/reciever/servo kit as per my hornet build. The build was good and interesting although I am not a fan of the plastics - the other kits I've built have felt a lot more solid when installing screws, this kit feels like threads will strip easily. I built the diffs up and ran them in an electric drill, adjusted the tension, re-ran them in etc until I was happy with them, in reality I didn't have a clue what they were supposed to be like but I couldn't turn the centre while holding the out drives and they felt pretty smooth in operation. The rest of the build was pretty standard, and I was lucky enough to build a makeshift spray booth in the workshop with a fan heater to get the shell painted. While I'm happy with mechanical things, paint and stickers are not my forte so I kept the shell simple.
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