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  1. I think this would be a good, interesting track. Anyone have opinions on dimensions? I'm not in a position to draw anything up, but in my head the gaps look about even and I'm wondering if we had about 1.5m between each point horizontally and vertically?
  2. Haha. I don't normally wear socks in their pairs. Currently enjoying fluorescent socks.
  3. I'd be interested in the 51021 rally wheels if you still have them.
  4. Enjoyed another round of the postal racing series with this car. The xv01 is a fair bit ahead at the moment, and I think the new semi slicks will pull a bigger gap, but the tt01 is fun to drive. I'm tempted by another set of semi slicks, partly because they seem really grippy, and partly due to them having a smaller rolling radius than the tyres I have fitted, and the motor will be happier about it. I fitted one wheel from the xv01 and it has less offset, so I'll need different wheels or larger hex adapters. Might wait till next month and the clearing of another credit card bill. I did notice that while the softer rear is better for traction generally, it was bouncing about a bit more than looked ideal, and it must lose traction at the rear when it is bobbing about, so tonight I swapped out the yellow 400 weight oil in the rear shocks for some 500 weight oil I got for the terra scorcher. The green diaphragms in the cvas seem to be getting a bit stiff so I'll get some replacements in stock. I hope that the softer springs will let the wheels keep more contact with the ground, but the thicker oil will stop the bouncing. Fingers crossed I've got the theory right...
  5. The wheels arrived today, so I fitted the tyres while lunch cooked and glued them when I finished work. Quick run out in the street with an almost flat battery showed that they have increased grip significantly, super pleased. Will most likely order a second set for the tt01e.
  6. Yeah, it's awesome. I couldn't even replicate my 52 laps. Looking forward to the next track.
  7. I tried the hot water tonight. Wasn't very successful!
  8. Have been running the car regularly over the last few weeks, and trying to find ways of eeking out gains, or at least what I perceive to be gains or improvements. I had a set of aluminium 4mm spacers delivered to replace the nn4 units, along with some of the tamiya 4mm spacers to fine tune the play in the gearbox shafts. When I come to strip gearboxes I'll fit these, but I'm in no rush to strip it solely for this right now. I'm still running the rally blocks at the moment. Based on the wear patterns of the tyres I adjusted the camber a bit. One front wheel got a little more camber, and I added more to both rears. Running it in the street, the rear was a lot more mobile, a touch more camber had definitely reduced the traction at the rear. I took a bit of the rear camber off to increase the rear traction again as it wasn't as good to drive. I've got a set of the tamiya semi-slicks and a set of wheels on their way, I'm hoping that they will be better on the road where the car spends most of it's time. I think the body will need raising slightly to clear the ground with the slightly smaller radius of these tyres. I have noticed that one drive cup has a bit of oil on it after a good run, so I suspect the rear diff is leaking despite the care I put into building it. Whether it is leaking from the seal or the o-ring in the diff I guess I'll find out when I eventually do pull it apart. I'm not sure whether it is worth buying better o-rings or the aluminium diff covers or not. I'll probably carry on with the diffs built as stock and assess the rate at which they leak in future.
  9. Yeah, I think you are right. I'm on the kit pinion, so can only drop 1 tooth, and I'm not certain the motor will actually move enough. Will experiment at some point though.
  10. I think I've sent in results for all 5 cars. Managed a great, consistent run with the DF03 earlier, improving my most recent best run by a lap. Increased my count on the tt01e too. Tried hard with the xv01, seems like I definitely peaked earlier in the week though, I was interrupted a lot during the last few attempts with a few cars, and lost patience with delivery drivers etc so gave up after 27 laps, I thought there was a chance of beating my record but after doing the maths, it was unlikely to happen.
  11. Just had a good run with the Terra Scorcher and entered my laps, going to try to run the rest of the cars over the weekend and post laps for them if I can beat the preliminary records I've set.
  12. The tyres and spring changes have left this a lot nicer to drive, it's a lot easier for me to drive quickly. Might want to drop another tooth on the pinion as the motor is pretty warm despite the heatsink and fan.
  13. Fitted the medium springs from the tuned spring set to the front, to try to stiffen it up a bit. I've found it dives and rolls a fair bit on tarmac, and the body catches every so often on the rougher patches. I'm not sure it's that much better than it was, but I think the rear end slides round a bit more easily on corners. The outer edge of the tyres are wearing, and I suspect a tiny bit more camber might help with their wear and a little bit more grip. Had a really solid 5 minute session on the postal racing circuit today, driving smoothly and consistently. Then I couldn't repeat that level of driving. Hopefully it'll become more natural as I drive it more and more. Having experienced the motor getting hot, I trimmed the front bumper a bit to try to get more airflow over the motor. Maybe it'll help...
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