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  1. I got some from a Swiss shop and sold the spare pair on here. If you search some of the ta03 threads you should find the shop website.
  2. I spent a while looking for parts, and couldn't find all the bits I wanted for a reasonable price. So I did the sensible thing, and bought another second hand one. Going to build one from the two sets of parts. Progress and photos to follow.
  3. Looks awesome.
  4. Looks great, also, I wondered where the blue motor plate was supposed to sit. That makes sense now.
  5. Good morning. I'm currently looking for parts for my TA03F. Happy with either new or used parts, as long as they are without cracks or damage. Don't mind if they are black or grey. I need the following; A front gearbox - upper half only. A rear gearbox upper and lower parts. A front shock tower. A motor cover. I might consider a whole, or part chassis. Thanks. Tom
  6. Yeah, definitely. Keep thinking of a plan and backtracking, think getting it running and seeing how much I enjoy driving it would be a good start and might help me decide how much to put into making it right for me.
  7. Grey or black, I'm not too worried. I researched parts last night. The rear gearbox is the expensive, difficult one to get. Buying all the bits new from ebay etc is prohibitively expensive at the moment. Might see if I can repair some of the splits by putting CA glue into the cracks, clamping them up and then putting some fibre glass strands and araldite on the outside.
  8. Managed to buy a TA03F, think getting up up and tidy might be a slightly longwinded project, but should be fun.
  9. After enjoying the TA03R-S I realised that a TA03F would probably be a lot of fun, so I started keeping an eye out for one. A couple of weeks back I bid on and won what I thought was a TA03F FRP chassis kit, what I actually bought was just the chassis plates. Then a few days back a TA03F with a few bits missing popped up on here for sale so I picked it up, the car arrived today so I've set about stripping the car to see what it needs. I forgot to take a before photo, sadly. It's a grey chassis, so I assume original, has cvds all around on the up side. On the down side the upper arms were screwed into the holes for the anti roll bars splitting them and several of the screw holes have cracked through needing new plastics. What I believe I need to rebuild this car is; A complete belt tensioner, apart from the pulley - I have a pulley from the R-S kit. A motor plate. A motor cover. A front gearbox. A rear gearbox. A front shock tower. Front uprights. A new set of shocks. A set of servo mounts. In R-S news, I imported a set of carbon fibre stabiliser bar supports, and fitted them in place of the washers, they look great and seem significantly more functional.
  10. Sent you a pm regarding the ta03
  11. Awesome. These circuits certainly get you looking at your setup and maximising acceleration and handling over top speed. Good to see someone else joining in!
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