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  1. The ball diff arrived today. Was planning on building it tonight but didn't realise it came with solid metal 850 bushes instead of bearings and I don't have any spares. They aren't going to be subjected to significant rotational speeds - hopefully but after seeing the wear on some parts from them I would like to build the diff properly from the outset so I've ordered a number of 850 bearings. I did wonder if they were not bearings as they would be subjected to thrust type forces but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. Couldn't sleep last night so ordered a ball diff kit, ordered tungsten carbide balls and some abec 5 rubber sealed 1280 bearings for the diff to run in today. Found the instructions online today and it looks like the adjustment is pretty limited and requires more in depth fiddling than the df03 diffs to change.
  3. Had a good blat around in the street tonight, the car felt a lot nicer, was easier to predictably slide around corners- or felt like it would have been if I was better skilled. I think much of this is down to the front diff being tighter due to the extra grease. I'm thinking that it might suit me to get the ball diff and put it in the front for long term, consistent lsd effect. The greasy diff option is obviously not hard and basically free, but I quite like the ball diffs in my Dark Impact and am really tempted to get one...
  4. The tamiya heat sink still hasn't arrived, I bought a heat sink with built in fan as well and when it arrived it was enormous. I would have had to cut a significant amount of the heat sink off to get it to fit, so I just took the fan off, cable tied it in position over the motor, changed to a 21t pinion, and have noticed improvements in the temperature, and especially its ability to cool down after hard runs by leaving the fan going for a while. Definitely feeling more comfortable with it. After a few more battery packs through the car I noticed play in the front lower suspension arms, asked on here and was advised to get the low friction aluminium balls, these arrived today so I stripped the front end of the car, cleaned all the components fitted the balls and put a good load more aw grease into the front diff. The balls have a lot less play - they were really tight on the hubs so I hope/guess/assume that they expanded into the holes in the arm as they got tightened down helping to remove even more play from the front end. Wish I had known about them from the start. Also got some adjustable upper arms to fiddle with the camber. Made them up but didn't fit them. I quite like the fairly robust arrangement of the solid arms for bashing around in the street and worry I'd introduce more issues with them. At some point I might try them out to see what difference I can make to the car. The aftermarket tyres are taking a bit of a battering. Curious to see how long they last and what happens when they fail.
  5. Fitted a new Kimborough medium servo saver to my terra scorcher. Had to drill a new hole in the middle of it and then file/dremel a load of material off to get clearance from the bumper. Managed to get the hole off centre, but it didn't fit centrally anyway due to the servo tooth postion and with the slightly different ball connector position from the servo saver being a bit shorter I actually only needed a quarter turn of a turnbuckle to get it tracking straight. Immediate improvement in play and therefore happiness towards the upgrade.
  6. @Ferruz, I got some cheap fastrax road tyres and hex adapters specifically for that reason. Just fitted a new servo saver to the Terra Scorcher, looking forward to more of a thrash with it over the next few evenings.
  7. Got the new low friction balls and popped them into my existing arms and everything is a lot tighter and happier. Thanks for the suggestion! Wish I had fitted them at the start.
  8. Drew up the track on cad and put it onto the OS mapping of our street to get the best orientation on Monday. So far have had a go at it with the TT01 and the Terra Scorcher. Need to get better at sliding/controlling the oversteer in the TT01, but the Terra Scorcher feels really good and quick round the course with very little practice. I wonder if this will be another good month for those with Manta Rays? Hopefully will have plenty of chances to practice and build up a decent score.
  9. Evening, was giving my tt01 a quick check over this evening and noticed that I've got a fair bit of play in the balls/ends of the lower front suspension arms. The little split ball arrangements don't seem like the most precise parts, but I wondered if there was a way to reduce this play? I'm really not keen on aluminium/aftermarket arms if I can avoid it.
  10. Not the neatest, but I added some dimensions onto the track from @Charles M's picture. 5m x 4m ish. Does that work?
  11. Fitted a new Savox 254mg servo last night, adjusted the steering and end points, but not sure it isn't still wandering a bit - I suspect there is a little play somewhere I've underestimated, but it's OK. I'm surprised by how noisy the servo is, but internet searches seem to suggest this is normal. Fitted the 25t pinion, reset the mesh and chucked a bit of grease on the gears. At some point I'll take the slipper out and put my new hardened steel pinion on the shaft, perhaps strip, clean and rebuild the diffs while I'm at it. I picked up some second hand df03 white wheels a while back, bought a set of schumacher honeycomb tyres and medium inserts as they seemed like they should work for running on tarmac. Took it out last night after all the fettling and it felt pretty good. Lots more grip from the tyres, significantly less sliding around which will take a bit of adjusting to, and I imagine will put a bit more work on the slipper clutch.
  12. Sadly it's the 1060. I'm going to change the gearing a bit, drop it to the 25t pinion and see if that keeps temps down while wanging it around the street. Hopefully will mean less top speed if it cuts out again.
  13. Took the Dark Impact out again this evening to try to beat my postal racing entry from Sunday. I did on on first run. The second run I was 2/3rds of the way through the time when I assume the esc went into thermal cutout and it coasted at speed into a kerb, which was sad. The impact didn't seem to cause too much damage to anything, but the tracking was out - I adjusted both endpoints across one step as it was bottoming out one way and not the other. This has happened before. My suspicion is that the impacts cause the servo to jump a tooth or something like that. It's a Carson CS3, so fairly weak and not that quick, I think I'm going to try a new Savox servo on it to see if that is better. Also need to look at the reason behind it cutting out. The motor was pretty warm, the esc wasn't *that* hot, both certainly get hotter in my tt01. Solid red light on the esc if anyone has any ideas.
  14. Cool. I'm surprised how hot mine is considering it's nowhere near the top end of the gearing spectrum. I really like the clear sections.
  15. I'm having a few issues with motor temps on my tt01e with a dust cover and car body. Do you think there is any risk of having overheating with the back end of the body giving such little clearance, or is it likely to run in short heats and then be allowed to cool?
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