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  1. Yeap these are planned items i would order, like wise i do not know much about electronics part lol. Its more of trial and error hahaha. Hmmm nice suggestion, will consider it. the price difference seems to be more of the cost of the battery. Will find out more on the differences, thanks very much for the advise
  2. Now that have become a great family tradition thats really great to hear that actually where everyone enjoy down the generation. I really do envy what you are enjoying now, wish i have something same as what you have experience. For me now its more of restoration of a memory my late dad have
  3. Old is gold and full of valuable experiences, always good to listen and learn from others where experiences can be share among others to share the knowledge. Guess i will try it with the old receiver first, at most it just fried it lol. Thats nice, your grandkids still play such stuff. The kids here now just stick their eyes on their phone or tablets which is a very sad case of how the world is changing
  4. If i were to use back my old futaba fp-R2GS receiver, do i still need a power source for it? or the power will be supply by the esc or it doesnt work this way with this old receiver
  5. Below are the plan replacement parts, i guess the only issue now is more of the connector to the receiver or i just need to replace that part too https://shopee.sg/BEAR-WP-1060-RTR-Waterproof-Brushed-2S-3S-60A-ESC-for-1-10-Tamiya-Traxxas-Redcat-HSP-HPI-RC-Car-i.143899576.6115086652 https://shopee.sg/❀☞MG995-Analog-Servo-Metal-Gear-Servo-12KG-High-Torque-Servo-Motor-for-RC-Model-i.63840599.5700147485 https://shopee.sg/【READY-STOCK】FlySky-FS-GT3B-2.4G-3CH-RC-Kapal-Transmitter-Dengan-TX-Receiver-Anti-Jamming-i.156292340.2481236759
  6. Sad to say i only have just his 1 model hahahah thats it lol. almost all my parts are 3d printed replacement except for the base, the condition of your cars looks great!!!!. Mine look like a mess lol
  7. I actually saw a 3d printed material rubber like, i guess you replicate it if you have the proper material base. I will try it to get the material and do a test print if it works
  8. I guess i will get the 1060 esc seems like a good choice for replacement as the resistor do get really hot in slow speed. planning to use a analog servo for the turning. But also back to the original question all these run on 3 pins lol, i cant connect it to my old fubata receiver. I saw some samsung or panasonic 18650 they do have high discharge rate of 20 to 30a, will those be ok?
  9. Hmmm as what Juggular say, how did you replace the pins? Cos the new model esc run on 3 pins to the receiver and the old model only run on 2 pins. My servo are acting weird lol, it move by itself when i do not on my remote controller hahahahhaha
  10. I tested with 2x 18650 battery so far no issue when running full speed, resistor and motor do not run hot. But when i did a dry run i think its too heavy it doesnt move that fast anymore hahaha, i am guessing the discharge rate for the battery is not enough for the load required. Your wheel still look white!!!!
  11. Hello All, First to say i am new to this forum and new to rc portion, i have recently gotten my dad preloved Wild Willy Gen 1 which i used to play when i was young and love it back then. Right now i am trying to restore parts of it. I have already 3d print most of the parts cause most of the plastic start to crack up i guess age caught up with it. I would like to upgrade to a ESC instead of using a MSC, i saw in other post someone recommended WP1060 or is there other model more suitable for this M38. Also by upgrading to esc does it mean I need to change my analog servo and controller too as it is using an old fubata and the plugs do not much. I have also diy some battery pack from old laptop 18650 using battery which seems to be running ok when i tested it, will it be any issue? Sorry for the many questions post. Thanks for reading
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