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  1. Does anyone know that the TL-01B would need for the lengths for upper turnbuckles?
  2. Welp. I've done goofed up big time. So, on the Globe Liner body, there are these prepped to be knocked out holes I now know are for an old MFC......................... not the current one. Crap. I guess "new style" doesn't mount through them.
  3. :p you beat me to it @nowinaminute I was gonna ask that myself for my Dynahead. The dogbones are part # 9805370 and several sellers on ebay have them for cheap
  4. I'm sitting here, looking and thinking about the TL-01, and just had a thought.............. Does the DT-02/03 ball diff fit the TL-01? the stock diff on those looks like it's the same one. Has anyone looked at doing that swap? @Mad Ax @TurnipJF
  5. So, looking through my bits and spares, I've noticed a lot of parts for the TL-01/B and I've never actually built one. That being said, only thing I'm missing is the actual chassis. Well, I've gotten it into my head to "Why not just build one then?" I have a preference for buggies, so I was thinking of doing a Baja King. BUT! Why not do the best one? Lightweight Chassis? Carbon shafts? Brushless? who's got some ideas for this? I know the TL-01 hasn't been Re-re'ed yet, but its' not a current model, so I thought this would be appropriate here...........................
  6. So! I actually have the bodiless chassis rolling and going. I'm using my Radiolink RC6GS V2 that I use for my Dynahead and Clodbuster There are 2 3-way switches and a dial adjuster. I have the shift servo on 1 way and haven't set up the other 5th wheel servo. The thing actually has a little jumper cable for battery % to be displayed on the controller. Had to order a new floor panel though, Loc-tite melted the floor mounts :/
  7. So, I ended up getting the Globe liner, the MFC-01, The Trailer Light Kit, and the Electric Leg kit. I was curious on where I should mount the MFC, Speaker, and Vibration Unit in the cab. I have painted up the interior and got the driver also................
  8. So, my bud found an old Jada Mach 5 Rc car still in the box and kinda wants an idea on what it's worth. it's got a 2007 copyright on it. I've tried to find out info on this but I don't see is anywhere besides 1 listing on Ebay @ $600. no completed sales, nothing................. You guys know way more about this then me and may have come across one before. Does 600 sound right? or is it way over priced at that? Thanks in advance - Trowa
  9. At my shop, I keep a tub of Simple Green for stripping paint off of 40K figures
  10. I was just really hoping there was a way to fit the fan to the ESC
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