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  1. This seams to be a common fix now. even the ts-01 kit actually has this in the instructions to be done on the servo saver.
  2. I've never built a ball diff before and would love some tips and tricks for it. I don't think I've done mine correctly.
  3. That was 3 coats of the clear silver then 2 black backing coats
  4. I'm gonna sound Dumb here. what's droop?
  5. Well, she's found a good home.
  6. This girl needs a good home. 13T Brushed motor and and NiMH/Lipo ESC with 3A SBEC and Tamiya plug
  7. https://www.yeahracing.com/carbon-steel-shaft-for-tamiya-avante-tav-015-00086641 I have these on mine. RCMart has them in stock
  8. Hi all! I'm wrapping up on my Avante Black Special and would like some input on the paint job. I was thinking like 2 coats of PS-36 trans silver then 3 coats of PS-5 Black. how od you think that would be?
  9. I'm in the USA and don't know anyone in the EU or UK.................
  10. Use part 6 off of Tamiya 51005 Sp1005 Tt-01 P Parts 4950344510054, it's a tweaked servo to bridge arm for use with a plastic tamiya servo saver. it was included in the TT-02R kit so it is compatible
  11. Yup, Tires are glued. I had figured the block would work better in the back based on my experience as a regular auto mechanic, so will switch them around and give it a go when I get the new set in. Here's a shot of the girl right now after that second set failed for you. It's got a 3s in it for a "Why not?" run
  12. I'm fine with negativity if I chose or set up something wrong. Leaning in on the throttle instead of punching it? Will do on the next attempt. Thank you very much for the feedback
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