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  1. So, here's the new project that's getting a body...........
  2. I had actually planned on Red for mine. I'm a bit Transformers fan and have spare Autobot decals so I was gonna do a G1 Prime . So, I have to ask though, what would be a good radio to get for this?
  3. I'm looking at getting a Globe liner kit, and would like recommendations for things like motors and which MFU to get. Thanks in advance
  4. Yeah, the GPM one will fit the larger plastic cup for the stock diff, but will not fit into the smaller ball cup. I just tried received mine last night and that's when I found the issue.diff
  5. As a follow up, here is my DT-03 with the ball diff and the tt-02b CVD from Yeah Racing. the drive cup is the same size as a regular tt-02/tt-02B's metal dog bone cup. Unfortunately, I just looked into GPM's site and found a some issue. it lists not being compatible with kit #58374, the Dt-02 Sand Viper. looking at that kit, it appears to be using metal dog bones the same size as what would mate to the ball diff's cups....... I'm going to have to apologize. I'm very sorry I did not catch that earlier. The correct ones are the DF-02's CVDs. Again, I'm sorry about that
  6. The GPM's will fit perfectly with the ball diff, no issues. I have that axle in my hand and it fits fine into the TT-02B and the DT-02 Ball Diff cup.
  7. Hobby Etc has the Blizzard 2.0....... is that "close-enough" ? https://www.hobbyetc.com/item.cgi?part_id=29723;browser=s62XMbNThLoGSNrvtAj49g
  8. Ok! switched to a Super Stock BZ motor anda Hobbywing ESC, MIP Ball Diff, Front and Rear Swaybars, and front shocks.
  9. I have an Avante Black Special and Kyosho Ultima that I love, but I honestly like the Plasma Edge II over it though..................................
  10. Ok, that's a **** good pun. The MIP Ball diff will be in tomorrow. I'm hoping the front sway bar will be here saturday. Is there anything Else you guys would suggest?
  11. . Ok. it keeps getting flipped no matter what I do................................
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