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  1. I have the RWD kit on my drift car, so I can answer any questions you may have about it
  2. Does anyone know off-had if the Yeah Racing M-05 Motor mount works in the Ver II chassis?
  3. I was looking at how on the M-05 PRO, you can mount a Low-pro servo low down without the spacer. So I was thinking, is it the same to mount one one the M-06?
  4. Thank you both for the replies! I think I'll order them direct then. My bud had a badword of a time when he ordered a body from them...............
  5. Does anyone have the 19805886 mount screws for the M-06 chassis? I can't find them anywhere. I'm trying to find 2 of them, though 4 would be better. Thanks for looking, - Trowa
  6. I'm currently trying to figure out how to build a Recovery Boom for the back of my Dynahead, and was wondering if anyone's done something similar before. I was thinking an aluminum Wrecker arm with a winch at the base. Currently, my rig's the only one that's not getting bogged down in stuff and I'm thinking of using the Recovery Boom to go fetch the other drivers' rigs when they get stuck :p
  7. It's got a TBLE-02s with the fan on it, so I was thinking dropping it down under that lip on the right side, and mounting the receiver onto that ledge
  8. "Any chance to upgrade a silver can is a good time to do so."
  9. I'm probably gonna redo the ESC and receiver locations at some point and drop them into the lower part of the tunnel.
  10. So, got her mostly done now for that actual chassis. Now I've just gotta get a shell all painted up and she's done~
  11. Hmm. RcMart is out of the chassis, but has the Neo Fighter body in stock. they have a Wishlist and an option to be notified on restocks: https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-dt03-racing-fighter-c-parts-chassis-set-19000626-00106017 https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-neo-fighter-buggy-dt03-clear-body-wing-w-o-holes-tr-0-7t-11825824-00065104
  12. Body is # 11825871 Decals are # 19495877
  13. Huh. weird. I'll check on Tony's Tamiya Parts in a bit. He in the UK and DOES ship stateside. I just for the DT03 Gearbox case from him last week
  14. I got you bud: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Neo-Fighter-Buggy-Aqroshot-Racing-Fighter-DT03-C-Parts-9000626-19000626/264776558308?epid=1548663723&hash=item3da5e9a6e4:g:jhoAAOSwhu1e9dqh
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