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  1. Anyone have Front arms for a TRF201 or DN-01? I'm looking for just regular ones. Awesome if someone has multiple sets
  2. ****. The diff gear that was on it now free spins and the metal outdrives fused together..........
  3. Heya! The TT-02 is a great Beginner's kit with a good amount of upgrading and that can be done to it. Though, if you are looking for something to race with, the TA-08 PRO is 10X the kit right out of the box
  4. I was running my df03 on a carpet track for the first time and melted the rear diff on it during a run. Is there a gear diff that will work in the rear of it?
  5. I've been going though our warehouse stock and applying vehicle fitment checks to new and old tamiya part numbers in out database for our website and sales system
  6. https://www.hobbyetc.com/item.cgi?part_id=92080;now=1644894404
  7. Well, I would like to give you a bit of good news on things I've seen from the shop I work at. We have a lot of 20-40 y.o.'s the come in to pick up racing times and spare parts. I also have parents come in to pick up kits to build with their kids. So I think there's some life yet in the hobby
  8. I'm working on a build and just need a couple littles bits to complete it. I'm looking for the T Parts ( 19115343 ) and a body set. It anyone has them Let me know what you'd like for them. hope you have a good day
  9. @ThunderDragonCy I took a photo of how it's mounted for reference for you:
  10. I'm actually gonna look at what we have at work for light weight bodies and find one that will fit nicely. I work at an RC distributor that has it's own outdoors track.
  11. Yes Sir. the stock kit includes the battery holders the transverse mounted TD2 will use, all that's needed are 4x 9805886
  12. Those are indeed the TD4 hop up servo mounts in the holes I believe the TD2 will use
  13. I'm looking so a DB-02 kit if anyone has 1. I'm in the US and want to have it for the local clubs
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