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  1. Heya, anyone have a spare set of Frog/brat rear spring retainers? Specifically part C18.
  2. There is a regular TT02 swaybar set someone made, so the may fit onto the B. https://www.shapeways.com/product/ZTWKTEHWX/tamiya-tt02-type-s-type-sr-sway-bar-mounting-kit The mounting to the lower arms will be a little different, but it should work I'd think.
  3. Has anyone swapped the front lower arms of the Avante to the arms used on the Egress? Would there be any benefit?
  4. So, I build this with spares I had end then ordered the last couple of pieces to finish it. How did it turn out?
  5. Found a stock spur gear, and some other tt-02 goods to throw @ you.
  6. Does anyone in the US have a spare #2595199? It's the U Shaft for the TT-02B and DT-03. I'm looking for 1 to finish a Plasma Edge 2, but would LOVE 2 so I can build another for a friend.
  7. I actually have a ton of TT-02 spares, so if you want, write a list and I'll go digging...... **** I have too many of these..........................
  8. I broke a C2 part on my Avante and would really appreciate if someone had a spare they could sell me
  9. This seams to be a common fix now. even the ts-01 kit actually has this in the instructions to be done on the servo saver.
  10. I've never built a ball diff before and would love some tips and tricks for it. I don't think I've done mine correctly.
  11. That was 3 coats of the clear silver then 2 black backing coats
  12. I'm gonna sound Dumb here. what's droop?
  13. Well, she's found a good home.
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