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  1. Thanks for the tips. My printer arrived today, very exciting, if I have any success i'll upload some pictures.
  2. Thanks, yeah I might give that a go.
  3. Good work on the Mini! I've just ordered a 3d printer. Anycubic Mega S. I want to try printing bodies for my Blitzer Beetle. Has anyone see that done before?
  4. Hey Guys. Any tips on good places to go in North London? Want to try out my newly built Blitzer Beetle apart from my back garden.
  5. Hi Everyone. I'm new to the forum, and new to building RC Cars. So far i've built a Holiday buggy and now i'm on my second build, a Blitzer Beetle. Got a couple questions. The servo on my second build is an Etronix ET0015, and it's making a horrible buzzing noise when I turn the wheels. Anyone know what this is? I bought the servo from Time Tunnel models and they tell me that it's normal, but I'm not convinced as the servo I used for my holiday buggy was an Etronix ET2045 and there's no buzzing. This is a video of the buzzing noise https://youtu.be/8pRhwS8dkdE Any help is appreciated. Also, the second question is regarding my transmitter and receiver. When I turn the car on, the transmitter needs to be on or the wheels start spinning. I've got a different brand of transmitter and receiver and it doesn't do this. Is there any way of stopping this, as it's easy to forget to turn on the transmitter! Thanks for your help in advance!
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