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  1. Really? Based on Rcmart website: Length: 52.7 mm (Without front bearing housing) Outer Diameter: 36 mm Weight: 185 g Wires: 0.7mm X 30T No Load Speed: 15400 rpm (7.2V) Modified Mabuchi 540-Type
  2. Hey! May I know why this motor is perfect for 2WD? I am a rookie in RC, but I always see that anything going higher than 27T is supposed to be for crawlers and cars with need of lots of torque. Why is the 490 perfect for these cars? Is it because of the gears? or wheel size? Or just because these cars are not intended to be crazy fast? I am waiting for my Tomahawk and I was planning to start with a Tamiya Torque tuned which is a 27T, but now I am wondering if it's not a good choice.. is the 490 soooo different? does it have anything special aside of it's sexy looks and name? Thanks!
  3. I don't think they will re-release this particular model though.. but you are right.. Any suggestions about where / how to sell it? Thanks!
  4. Yep it was my first car. I would keep it if I could, but my wife doesn't let me have more than two RC cars, which for a 45 years old man, sounds ridiculous, but in my experience she uses to be right about everything I do. Thinking of prices, 175€ sounds reasonable?
  5. Hi guys, I know there aren't many Shadows around, and I was wondering if I should get rid of mine to buy something different. I always thought it's a beautiful car from the Kyosho late eighties golden era, the body is actually pretty nice, an interesting mix of Kyosho bodies, and decals are pretty nice too. The car is in good shape, it's not pristine NIB, there are the normal scratches below, some small 2mm cracks in the body here and there.. Ot-66's are in a decent shape too.. the job paint is bad but as it's just one color it just needs more paint.. I recently cleaned and put new oil in the dampes which are working perfectly.. Unfortunately I don't have the original box anymore. What do you guys think? Is it worth selling? Any idea on how much could I get for it ball park? Thanks! PS: Hope I am not breaking any forum rule with this.. I am not selling it yet.
  6. Great advices, I really appreciate it guys. I love this place!
  7. Then I guess having a 13.5T ( as I have ) it's even worse? I am using a 19T pinion, no idea about DT-03 spur..
  8. Well, I finally went for the Hobbywing 10BL120. I was looking for an ESC matching my Hobbywing motor, and I feel it's a better ESC than the Turnigy.. We'll see! Still any opinions are more than welcome about my choice.
  9. I found a HW10BL120 second hand with 2 months of drifting use for 30€ and a Trackstar Turbo 80a combo with the trackstar 17.5T motor included for 30€ ( both ESC and motor look pretty used but the owner claims it works perfectly ) What would you go for? HW 10BL120 Pluses: it's 120A instead of 80A As fas as I understand it can be programed directly with the set button, so no need at least at the beginning to buy a programing card. HW seems to be a better brand, with more customer service and updates than Turnigy. Cons: No motor included it's been used for drift ( is that bad? ) Turnigy Trackstar turbo 80A Pluses: It includes a brushless 17.5T motor which can be even better for bashing and general use than my 13.5T one. Cons: It needs a 15€ programing card to squeeze it Looks pretty used, and crappy solderings Am I missing something? What do you guys think? Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, interestingly the HW10BL60 and 10BL120 are not much cheaper than the Justock one.. just 10€. But if you guys say tue turbo and boost stuff is nice to have then you must be right! The trackstar turbo is tempting, really cheap at hobbyking. And the SkyRC TS120 looks pretty nice, I've got their charger and it works very nice. Let's see what I finally get. Thanks!
  11. Probably a recursive question, so apologies in advance and thanks for any replay on that topic. Car: Tamiya DT-03 full of hop-up parts, as many that I think buying an Egress would have been cheaper. Use: Occasional, just for fun, a bit of bashing but nothing extreme, just a way to disconnect. motor: Hobbywing xerun Justock 3650 13.5T G2.1 ESC: Currently for brushless only the Tamiya TBL-E02S, but not ready for Lipo's ( I have the alarm thing but I don't like it ) and the classic Tamiya aluminium plugs for the motor don't fit the 3.5mm golden banana males of the motor.. so I should have to cut and replace and I am not whiling to do it and prefer to keep it as it is and use it with NIMH + brushed stuff Battery: Gens Ace 4000Mah 50C Lipo ( tamiya connector ) Soldering skills: Almost none, but watched lots of youtube tutorials, so no skills. Based on all that data, I was thinking of the natural matching companion, the Hobbywing xerun XR10 justock, which is 60A and uses to be sold together as a combo ( I got the motor new from a guy but half the price ) The thing is, this ESC is not particularly expensive, around 60€, but based on my non competition use I was wondering if I could go for something cheaper, maybe also hobbywing? Would other brands work well too? What about Hoobywing clones? This combination seems to be designed to perfectly match together, the esc comes with banana connectors that fit the males in the motor, so no soldering is required apparently, at least esc-motor, and I guess I will have to figure out a way to connect to the tamiya battery. The ESC also claims something I can't understand about TimeZero.. Any suggestions on what should I go for? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I still have to mount them, I am waiting for some 5.8mm kyosho balls that I already ordered. Did you use them?
  13. Oh that makes sense.. Thanks!
  14. What about the re-re 47455 VQS (2020) Hi-Cap Damper Set? Will they work on the DT-03?
  15. Do you think these can be used on the DT-03 chasis? I think the front CVA's are mini too aren't they? Thanks!
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