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  1. Thank you so much this is a great help! So then I guess the tyres must be different too right? Or does people stretch them to fit in the GR.C wheel? BTW in your picture the GR.C looks bigger in total diameter (rim+tyres) is that a visual effect? A fas as I know F103 wheels are something like 60mm total diameter.. how much is the GR.C?
  2. Hi, I am a bit confused... Is there any difference despite the number of spokes between those two sets of rims ? Any off-set difference or diameter / width? I want to use them on an F103 chassis and I know the 50442 is supposed to be the one, but I am building a custom Mclaren MP4/4 and the real thing had 6 spokes rims looking much closer to the 50399 set, used in Group C cars like de Sauber C11. I understand both take 45mm width sponge/foam tires right? In some pictures the Foams on group C kits look narrower than F1 kits.. I know the fronts a 30mm instead of 32mm ,but what about the back ones? Thanx! 50442 RACING DEVELOPED F-1 SPOKE WHEEL SET 3630F And 50399 RACING DEVELOPED SPOKE WHEEL SET
  3. Hi, is there any rule about how to mount the servo on an F103 chassis? I've seen it vertical with the side tabs trimmed down Laying sideways like in the Tyrrell P34 And sitting on it's base using a low profile servo... Is that something free to be decided? I am not happy with trimming my servo tabs? tnx
  4. I totally agree, also Group 5, like BMW M1, or Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo!
  5. I just got this on eBay, and I am pretty confused, as I knew about the Audi R8R on F103 kit but not this R8C body... The best I could find about it is an old thread on rctalk where a guy says it's a Body from Carisma , but couldn't find any info at all about it. https://www.rctech.net/forum/showpost.php?p=7579026&postcount=1335 https://www.rctech.net/forum/showpost.php?p=7579625&postcount=1336 There is also this guy in the showroom, with the exact same body but it's from a long time ago and doesn't seem active anymore.. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=77371&id=1212 And I recently found someone saying there is a carisma body, but in this case unpainted.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaV_bBpL1cH/ Any ideas are welcome! thanks.
  6. Thank you so much guys. The seller is asking 100€. He argues it's a collectors model, carbon fiber chassis plate... but it is not, as far as we figured out here. Considering a typical F1 release from Tamiya is about 150€ new, ( hopefully they re-release something on F103 or F104W in 2023) I don't think it's a great deal... I should probably have to spend more than 150€ to restore it + the hustle of finding parts.
  7. I also found this picture Take a look at the green sticker: A 3STEP FORWARD C REVERSE SPEED CONTROL IS INCLUDED. The chassis is F103RS, so it seems like some kits were sold with a mechanical SC and might include a special tray for it?
  8. I think you are right, I found these pictures from an Audi R8R with mechanical SC + heat sink and it looks the same.. the R8R came with the F103LM chassis though. The weird thing is, that most pictures from R8R models don't mount the tray and use an ESC... I've been checking Tamiya catalogs from the 80s and can't see a single picture of F103 models with the tray.. even in these years the cars are featured with ESC. When or what models did feature those trays?? Not sure yet if this is an F103LM or RS or a plain one though, I am just trying to figure out if this chasis has any particular value.. PS: No, the guy didn't provide pictures from below yet.
  9. Hey, any idea of which chassis is this? It is supposed to be the chassis of a Toyota GT_one TS2020 which came with an F103RS Chassis, but it looks totally different to me, look at the non symmetrical shape of it.. The owner claims it is carbon fiber and it's a special edition of the Toyota Gt-ONE. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am building a Tyrrell P34 Argentina GP version, in the manual a TS-80 matte coat paint is in the list but I can't find it in the painting scheme page... I am confused, should I clear coat it after applying decals? If affirmative, shouldn't it be a Shiny coating instead of a Matte one? Thanks.
  11. The guy did new video exactly with the models of the picture.
  12. Wow, that's insane... I wonder why it's so difficult finding m-chassis sized decent bodies these days other than what Tamiya does and ABC... There are quite some models, but I miss more racing ones, group C and Group 5 like all those. Thanks!
  13. The guy who took the picture answered me: But I couldn't find anything with this name, neither ALTUS nor ATLAS... Any idea?
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