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  1. Thanks for the advice, I started by using the included spacers and it feels much better now, still for the first "squeeze" I can feel a pretty strong resistance, like when you don't use a car for a long period. I guess red o-rings might help.
  2. Hey, I am building my DT-03 neo fighter and have some questions about the dampers. The kit includes the oil version ones. I noticed there are three small disk pieces with one two and three holes, which I understand are pistons you can chose to fine tune the dampers, but there is no mention in the instructions on how to use them.. and the included axle already has a metallic piston.. Any idea? I am not totally happy with these dampers, specially the rear ones seem to be quite soft. So I am looking to replace them for something better, aluminium oil filled ones, do I have to find specific DT-03 ones or can I use any others with the same specs? Any suggestions? I found these, but there's no mention about them being oil filled or just friction.. https://www.asiatees.com/display?id=102569&brand=Tamiya&model=DT-03 Thanks!
  3. Any idea why the optima platform sounds like a fighting cat? It feels quite different to any other car.. highly pitched I would say. Is it because of the chain? Does the belt version sound any different? Deeply trascendental question, I am aware
  4. Hey, thegorf, thanks for answering, your response is very smart it's nice when people is helpful. Yeah you are right, it's a bit of a nonsense, yes it can be done and it would probably perform decently too, but still it's a mutilated JAvelin. Maybe it's me and my memories form the 90's and nowadays a Javelin with a brushless motor and a lipo is the most pleasing and lasting experience compared with my Shadow and 1800 NiMh's.. but still it's a very outdated system for total traction.. I feel that 2WD buggies from the 80's despite some geometries and solutions are still quite valid, but not complicated belt/chain systems.. Maybe I am totally wrong, I am not an expert. The good thing is that I actually really like the car! About the Ultima, it seems to be a superior car than Tomahawks and Scorpions in terms of performance, but it looks too modern to me.. in comparison it lacks some retro aesthetic quality that I love, and Javelins, although being more modern and having more plastic parts somehow keeps having .. It's a very subjective reason, I know. I am based in Spain, and customs plus covid may make things too complicated buying from AU/NZ I guess.. In any case, thanks for the advices!
  5. In my desperate search for a Tomahawk or a Beetle 2014, I am starting to consider the Javelin as an option. It's a great looking car which keeps some retro looking elements and with proven reliability and lots of driving fun. The problem is that I already had a 4WD car in the past, A Kyosho Shadow 4DW, and it was heavy, and drained the batteries too quickly, also I've always found 2DW buggies much more appealing than 4DW. My question is, how reliable would it be turning sometimes the javelin into a 2DW buggy removing the shafts and chain? I've recently done it myself restoring my Shadow But it's difficult to say if the conversion is good or bad, because this car steering system, copied from the Tamiya Boomerang ( I think ) really sucks and is very imprecise no matter what you do, also the front transmission adds weight.. The car is fun to drive but it never was great no matter if it was on 4WD or 2WD. What do you think? Can you turn a Javelin into a 2WD with success or it would be just dumb? Thanks PS: Do you guys know if my Shadow might be worth selling or someone would be interested? I keep all the parts.
  6. My guessing is that Beetle, Scorpions and Tomahawk are so **** good looking kits, that it somehow affects on sales of the later re-released legendary models like Ultimas, Javelins and so on.. So they stopped supplying the first ones hoping to sell the stock of the new ones before. And once everything is balanced to their sales goals, they'll start selling them again. If that was a Covid issue, the Optimas, Ultimas and Javelins would be sold out too and that's not the case.
  7. Thank you guys.. I am still doubtful, if I had to choose for the looks, Tomahawks, Scorpions and Beetles look much nicer to me with it's retro wheels and shapes, than the Turbo Scorpion using those white rims and low profile tires.. I also like the Tomahawk chassis more with the servo placed closer to the steering, and chances to put the battery transversally. But I also found you can buy the hex drives used on the TS and swap them for the old style ribbed ones included in the TH, SC and Beetle, so If I would go for a Tomahawk or beetle, and would like to try new things, like swapping to on-road wheels or just try some stuff I could go with standard 2.2" and change the overall behaviour of the car.. By the other hand, dampers on the TS are bigger and better too.. I don't know.. I know I look like a child.. haha I think i'll go for the TS because there are no Tomahawks for sale anywhere, just Scorpions, and for the same price with the Turbo you get a better buggy and in the future I might try some experiments fitting a Tomahawk or Beetle bodies. PS: Any ideas why Kyosho is not supplying anymore Tomahawks and Beetles? Was it small batch and there is no plan to make more, or is it a Covid.19 problem?
  8. Hey! First of all I must confess I am a Kyosho person, so apologies in first place :) When I was 17 I bought a Kyosho Shadow 4WD which I discovered resting at my parent's place and after some cleaning and new electronics is still working pretty good, it's not a high end car, but still pretty capable for having fun. Now fully immersed on my midlife crisis, I am considering getting one of the 2WD legendary series car. I can't afford all of them ( meaning my wife would kill me ) so I need some advice on which might be the best for me. I like the Tomahawk the most, I find it a gorgeous car and love the platform better than the scorpion one, I've seen also that in Japan there's a bunch of people using it for classic racing. My next choice would be the beetle, I just love the way it looks, and finally I am considering the Turbo Scorpion. Nowadays it's almost impossible getting the first two, so I am considering getting the Turbo Scorpion, which is also a beautiful car, easier to drive, better shocks, and with more evolving options and parts as far as I know. Questions: Might both the Tomahawk or Beetle bodies be easily fitted into the Turbo Scorpion chassis? I really like the TS body but if I can get a Tomahawk or Beetle body and swap it sometimes, it could be fun. What do you think? Can't find any specific info on that, but I've seen this kind of things in Japanese pictures, even using on other platforms like Tamiya DT03. What about wheels? I know the TS uses regular 2,2" rims with hex fitting, but could I try the TH or Beetle ones on it? And final question, Do you guys think the Shadow 4WD might be worth selling? Thanks!
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