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  1. I put the scoops on mine when I built it but I used extra cement as the sticky straps did not hold well. As for the ESC, I will send a picture of mine. I think it came with the TBLE-02S and I didn't modify anything.
  2. I finished mine a month ago. One of my first builds in almost 30 years. I have a Manta Ray from 1991 so with my grandchildren I built a Terra Scorcher and a Bigwig. It isn't as nimble as the Manta or TS but it's really a fun ride. Enjoy.
  3. I have my Manta Ray from 1991 running after I installed an ESC and replaced the motor. I would like to find new tires. More recently I bought a Terra Scorcher and a Bigwig to build with the grandchildren. And yesterday I decided to buy another Bigwig for me.
  4. I love mine. $200 here in the US and includes the esc. A fun build.
  5. Built this for my granddaughter and while it's fun it certainly doesn't have a sturdy feel like my buggies.
  6. Very nice. I did a Subaru Brat for my granddaughter in her favorite colors.
  7. I have not experienced that (yet) but do have a question on how part C11 fits in the rear wheels. It feels a bit sloppy with too much play. Anyone have thoughts?
  8. I saw the three pictures and it's beautiful work. Could you provide some specifics on the tires. I just finished my Terra Scorcher (first new build in 30 years for my grandchildren) and I love the look of those tires. Many thanks 😊
  9. Point taken. I found it difficult to mask in the area and got some bleed. :-(
  10. Actually I had combined to questions. I wanted to know if anyone had used liquid masking tape rather than traditional paper type tapes.
  11. PS4 Blue on the Terra but the Manta was 30 years ago so I don't remember. However, I did not follow the box on the Manta that much I do remember. Also, since I am here, two questions. Does anyone have any experience with Liquid Masking Tape? On my Terra I did use a small amount of thread sealer on the wheels but after 20 minutes of some high speed running they get loose anyway.
  12. Going through the basement and came upon the Manta Ray that my boys gave me in 1991. Purchased a new battery and motor, swapped the slider for an ESC and off we went. The grandkids were as excited as I was so I decided to buy something new. Fast forward and we have a Terra Scorcher and a Bigwig. I forgot how much fun this is and glad that I found this club as well. I would love it if they re released the King Cab. We have one of those and it's worn but still runs.
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