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  1. He who hesitates is lost. I bought a Bigwig and stashed it for the future.
  2. I put the scoops on mine when I built it but I used extra cement as the sticky straps did not hold well. As for the ESC, I will send a picture of mine. I think it came with the TBLE-02S and I didn't modify anything.
  3. I finished mine a month ago. One of my first builds in almost 30 years. I have a Manta Ray from 1991 so with my grandchildren I built a Terra Scorcher and a Bigwig. It isn't as nimble as the Manta or TS but it's really a fun ride. Enjoy.
  4. I have my Manta Ray from 1991 running after I installed an ESC and replaced the motor. I would like to find new tires. More recently I bought a Terra Scorcher and a Bigwig to build with the grandchildren. And yesterday I decided to buy another Bigwig for me.
  5. I love mine. $200 here in the US and includes the esc. A fun build.
  6. Built this for my granddaughter and while it's fun it certainly doesn't have a sturdy feel like my buggies.
  7. Very nice. I did a Subaru Brat for my granddaughter in her favorite colors.
  8. I have not experienced that (yet) but do have a question on how part C11 fits in the rear wheels. It feels a bit sloppy with too much play. Anyone have thoughts?
  9. I saw the three pictures and it's beautiful work. Could you provide some specifics on the tires. I just finished my Terra Scorcher (first new build in 30 years for my grandchildren) and I love the look of those tires. Many thanks 😊
  10. Point taken. I found it difficult to mask in the area and got some bleed. :-(
  11. Actually I had combined to questions. I wanted to know if anyone had used liquid masking tape rather than traditional paper type tapes.
  12. PS4 Blue on the Terra but the Manta was 30 years ago so I don't remember. However, I did not follow the box on the Manta that much I do remember. Also, since I am here, two questions. Does anyone have any experience with Liquid Masking Tape? On my Terra I did use a small amount of thread sealer on the wheels but after 20 minutes of some high speed running they get loose anyway.
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