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  1. Cool I will take them, I have some cash available on Monday so I will get in touch then. Just let me know what you would like for them to be posted to me.
  2. Do you have a rear servo mount for the M05 and body mounts?
  3. Mine is a simple suggestion, all kits to come with beerings and CVA shocks.
  4. Just try check the gears just incase there's something in there?
  5. M08 shelf Queen for sale. Hobbywing 10bl60 ESC, Speed Passion 21.5t motor and a Savox black 9kg low profile servo. Tamiya stabiliser kit and Yeah Racing shocks. Body posts have been trimmed to fit body but I have new ones to go with it. Never been run and all new electronics. Please only reply with a proper offer and no time wasters please, thank you.
  6. WLtoys look better everyday for the price and it's seem like you get more bang for your money. I'm sorry to say but they might price them self's out of the market.
  7. If it's a sensered ESC check the cable is not loose. Dried solder can sometimes give you issues. I had a brushless ESC that use to judder and it was just one loose connection on the orange wire.
  8. Yeah they are the same in the M07, the only thing that is different is the diff oil.
  9. Page 5 of the manual B3 and page 6 B4, l think that's what he is talking about.
  10. I would get a buggy because they are a bit more universal. Remember it's you who will be using it.
  11. The best thing is to dive in and get the one you wanted, you will get to grips in how they go together. After that you will have an understanding of how it all works and performs and you will get bitten by the bug. Before long you will have large collection of them and still want more. There is no right or wrong answer to what to get, just a matter of how much do you want to spend. Don't go mad on the first one. They will be plenty of time for that later. By the way the Black Foot is a great little unit and if that's the one you want to start on then go for it.
  12. It is the same but uses different diff oil. I will keep that in mind mate thanks
  13. That's not as bad as I thought. Looks great.
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