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  1. What I have been doing is getting my phone lined up with the start/stop line and recording it, or put it in a position so you can record the hole track. I have also been using my camcorder for the action shots. I am really looking forward to this one.
  2. Get in on the next round mate, I'm sure they'll take you first round on faith. All for fun mate and bragging rights 💪
  3. Do the same tool apply - as many laps in 5 minutes and fastest lap? Btw this track looks great
  4. I have the 10bl60 running a 10.5t motor and a 10bl120 running a 5.5r motor both brushless and I would recommend hobbywing ESC. And I have had no problems. With the program cards they are fast and easy to set up
  5. I used old ice-cream tubs, because that's all I had. I like you blue-peter attitude.
  6. The lessons I have learned from this exercise have been amence, it's has got me out of that box where you have set up your chassis and then not done anything else. So for a short tight course, it has to be all about bottom end no body roll. It's not all about how fast you can go. I could of used more drag brake, I'll be taking that into consideration of the next round. This time I will be taking more time over the challenge, it's not about out on the track. So thanks for this challenge it's just what I need to get out of that rut.
  7. I have always trimmed first, lined up the body to the chassis them drilled the post holes and hole for other body parts, i.e. mirrors wings etc. I use to use blades but then I got my self a Dremel and never looked back. These two tools are purfect for the strate bits and wheel arches. They have come down in price and if you have a good look round you can get great deals. No more bad cuts!
  8. I have always been in the mind never to cheap out on servos, but it depends on how serious you are about your gear. Same applies to transmitter and receiver but all that said if its just to get up and running, for both £50 will get you going you always swop out at a later date 17 20 kgs servo will be plenty and metal running gear. As for servo savers, I have always set my end points and never had problems with them
  9. Spot on mate I shall give your set up a go. I was just chatting with some to day saying not to give up on the 21.5t motor, she said to invest in a temp gun and check to see if it's running at a low temp and if so tune it up till it runs at about 160 f.
  10. Do you have to change the centre shaft when changing the wheel base? And do they come with just the size of that kit?
  11. The little clips you find in shocks
  12. That body set turned out nice, you must be proud of that work. I have done one in green and know how trick some of those de-cals are to get lined up.
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