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  1. @Superluminal There has been about 3/4 variations on the F104 since first released with improvements being made at each revision; the manual I was looking at was the original 'pro' which is why it is probably nearer to the F103 config. I didn't realise that later revisions have the contained diff housing like you've shown to be fair. It's actually an approved hop-up for the F103 (link below) too so I'm guessing it was originally released in order to allow standard touring car wheels to be used... 🤷‍♂️ Maybe your purchases won't be a wasted investment now? https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-f103-differential-housing-54082-00027659 @Fabia130vRS thanks for the picture - 100% get it now! 👍 I'm keen to keep this chassis as 'stock' as possible so think I'm going to knock the F104 wheels on the head and put more time/effort into sourcing some F103 rims with rubber slicks. The car has been in a box at my mum & dads for 19 years so a few more weeks wont harm if I have to back order etc. @Jonathon Gillham thanks for the suggestions; I'm in the UK and was only aware of Modelsport in the list you gave. I think I'll reach out to the UK ones and see if they can help source some F103 rims and rubber; failing that I'll look at the HKG shops. 👍
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for responses... 👍 @Superluminal what parts did you buy and realise that it wasn't going to work? I've compared the diff sections in the manuals of F103 v F104 and it does appear (to me anyway) that for the F104 the thrust bearing 'stack' simply sits on the axle with the wheel surrounding it; rather than being fixed within the wheel cap like on the F103; the diff housings appear identical - attached for reference... @Jonathon Gillham I've just looked at RCMart - thanks - however I need the wheels as well as the tyres; they only have the fronts in stock; rears are a back order. I've never bought from RCMart before - how reliable/speedy is shipping generally? On the ride height - which I hadn't considered - would the adjustable motor box/mount hop-up give enough range to bring the ride height back down once on the larger rims? Thanks again, Mike
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of stripping down my F103RS for a rebuild - it's a 1999 Ferrari F310B (58213) and has been sat in it's box for about 19 years! It's in pretty good nick with only some o rings having perished completely and the foam tires looking cracked and hard. Bodywork needs some TLC but it's probably salvageable for bashing. I want to go to rubber vs foam as it'll get run on tarmac/car park rather than any smooth or indoor surface ... but It seems that F103 wheels and rubber slicks are very hard to come by now; so I'm wondering if it is simple to use rims and tires designed for the F104? I've looked at the manual for a F104 and it appears the thrust bearing sequence is essentially the same but it sits directly on the diff joint with the wheel rather than being built inside the wheel. Is it as simple as that? Does anyone have experience of putting F104 wheels on an F103? Many thanks in advance, Mike
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