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  1. So the guy I'm buying it from claims that it should run after being charged in its present state. He bought it in 1978 from Japan before it hit the US market. I'll survey it and replace and service whatever it needs. I'm concerned about getting replacement parts I heard some reissued sand scorchers have updated parts that might not work with my model or might need to be retrofitted.
  2. I haven't seen the battery yet but what would you recommend for a average battery? thanks
  3. Looking for the roll cage for sand scorcher engine area.
  4. I'm looking for sand scorcher mirrors
  5. Anybody selling a sand scorcher baja style bumper?
  6. So this is it. I won it on eBay. I haven't received it yet.
  7. Hi. I have been away from RC cars since 1986. I just acquired a vintage sand scorcher . It has the radio,battery and charger from the 1980's . What do I need to get it running again? Thanks
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