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  1. Modelsport informed me they should be getting their next delivery tomorrow (Wed) for Tamiya parts and they're hoping my order is in there. But if not then will get back to you. But if you can find it, that would be good. Is it new or used?
  2. Link didn't work but this one worked - https://vimeo.com/446593749 Possible servo on the way out? How old is it?
  3. Seems so... from Wheelspinmodels website - "Handy set includes two each of oil dampers from CVA Short Shock Unit Set II and CVA Mini Shock Unit Set II."
  4. Good explanation of the lack of Tamiya parts... https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/spares.htm
  5. That's the one, thanks. But interesting to see it's now back in stock. Was out of stock last time I checked. I'm still on 'back order' with Modelsport for this part for the past 3 weeks. They only have dispatched the Mad Bull Body today, which has the same lead time as this wheel hub but they dispatched the body only. £4.50 delivery from Wonderlandmodels for £3.50 very small part tho. Could have easily used 1st class Large stamp and padded envelope for this which is about £1.70 to £2. I'll have a look for the rest of their website to see what else I can order to justify their high P&P costs.
  6. Yep, that's the plan. Just waiting for the stock to be available again and I'll buy a few of them to stock up.
  7. Nope, the axle rod doesn't have the hole to insert the pin. But thanks.
  8. My priority is Tamiya 9805337 - wheel hub - so I can get the car moving again. Been looking around for a while. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thanks, thought they were getting the numbers low. Guess I was wrong then. Explains it, I assumed it was shipping issue. Cheers. 👍
  10. Yeah, I am wondering the same too as I only have one Tamiya car which is the Mad Bull. The question is, what? 😂
  11. Thanks. I thought the manufacturers has opened up a few months ago unless they've shut down again and then only recently restarted? Guess I'll wait by the window for the postman to turn up...
  12. Am I the only one who is frustrated with the lack of Tamiya parts? Been waiting for ages for delivery of Tamiya parts to many of the UK model stores - dates has been pushed back a few times. Shipping issue? Customs issue?
  13. Ohh, sounds interesting. Got the model number so I can look it up? Thanks.
  14. Been waiting for ages, prices are still high due to VERY low stock from Tamiya. Has anyone seen this (part no 54567) for less than £20 delivered?
  15. Tamiya Grease - 87025 - this seems to be end of line/discontinued - what other options can I use this as? It's for my Mad Bull. Thanks
  16. Thanks both, will have a hunt around for this as soon as the Tamiya parts has arrived in the UK by end of July. Existing stock seems to have the prices skyrocketed!
  17. That's what makes Mad Bull fun. Out of interest, what would you upgrade them to?
  18. Thanks for your comment, @berman - that does make sense. I'll wait for my order to arrive then give it a go with tightening them as much as I can and see how I get on.
  19. That's what I have ordered at the moment, but I'm keen to know about the one that Carmine suggested - it would give this longer life & more secure.
  20. Yep, and I think that will work well for me. But been searching yesterday and today, all I could find was the pinched version of the nut. Hopefully @Carmine A will respond soon to where I can get it from.
  21. Anyone else know the answer to my question above? Thanks.
  22. @Carmine A That looks good, but would it mean I have to drill into the axle to fit the pin in? Or am I misreading to how it works?
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