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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a basic handset for use with a DT-02 (sand viper) which has the standard radio gear. I've used this handset before (pic below) and like the way it feels etc - though I'm thinking it's probably overkill (given all the trims on it etc). Could anybody recommend a handset similar to this that isn't going to break the bank Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi, Could anybody advise an approx cost to upgrade a standard Sand Viper (this one) to 'MS' spec? Note: I'm not entirely sure what MS spec - I've seen the term banded about a lot - and I'm guessing all the components that make up this 'spec' are all worthwhile? Also, the Viper stands me £45 - though I do need to get a radio/handset (again, any advice welcome). Thank you, Mike
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a DT02 chassis - preferably NIB so I can build it up. Either a Sand Viper, Holiday Buggy, Sand Rover etc. Thank you, Mike
  4. Thanks guys Yes, I love the look of the original Holiday Buggy - and I know what you mean about the body/wheel gaps. Not great looking So, basically, if I want the 'looks', a Frog or Grasshopper with the Sand Scorcher body would work - and the Frog (with some improvements) could be a worthy "basher" (I believe the common term is on the forum). But, if I want performance, then the Sand Viper would be the choice (and I could fit the Holiday Buggy shell on this, or even the Kamtec Rough Rider) I have looked for videos of the Frog, but don't seem to find anything conclusive - other than mild pootling around on tarmac.
  5. When you say the Holiday buggy's track is too wide - why is that a bad thing? For going round corners or? It seemed to handle pretty well - doing donuts and sweeping turns etc. Would a Frog handle better than a Holiday Buggy - I think the track width is about the same isn't it?
  6. Hi, So... I'm hoping that the good (and maybe also the not so good too ) folks on this forum can steer me in the right direction! LOL!! I had been deliberating over which chassis to use for my Sand Scorcher re-release body shell - either a Frog (and make a Frog-Scorcher) or a Grasshopper (and make a Sand-Hopper). However... at the weekend I had a play with a 2010 Holiday Buggy that had just been upgraded with a 540 motor - and I was totally taken aback! That thing was sooo quick, and it handled amazingly! And now, I'm totally undecided what to do! Should I go for a 2010 Holiday Buggy (and upgrade the motor) - or maybe just get a Sand Viper (which is essentially a Holiday Buggy on steroids)? I love the Sand Scorcher shell, but would the Frog (which also has a standard 540 motor) handle in the same way as the Holiday Buggy (or Sand Viper)? The Sand Viper is a bit too modern looking for me, but I understand you can easily put a Holiday Buggy body shell on this, or even a Kamtec Rough Rider body shell (to satisfy my retro needs LOL) All thoughts/comments much appreciated Thank you, Mike
  7. Thanks everyone - some great looking 'collaborations' there Another question - which I think I may know the answer to - but, how does the Frog/Brat chassis perform/handle compared to the Sand Scorcher/Rough Rider? I know the Frog/Brat has a wider front track - which can be narrowed in a few ways I believe. I also saw @JennyMo actually fitted a sand scorcher front axle - which looked awesome!
  8. Hi Jenny, thank you for the reply - I'll take a look at your build thread Now you've built the car up, how does it handle - compared to the original frog/sand scorcher?
  9. Hi, I have a Sand Scorcher re-release body shell kit and would like to build up a chassis and fit the Sand Scorcher shell to it. I had been looking at a Grasshopper as that seems to be a popular choice, but I was wondering if there was any other chassis that would have similar characteristics to the Sand Scorcher. i.e would a Brat chassis (ORV?) be suitable? Thank you, Mike
  10. Ah cool. That's where I got my bodyshell from I've been looking at alternative kits as I understand any 2wd 1/10 buggy chassis can be 'made' to fit' - just haven't found which is best/easiest/needs least modifications to do so!
  11. Hi, Can you post a link to where you got your Holiday buggy kit as I am looking for a chassis for my Holiday Buggy body shell. Thanks, Mike
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