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  1. Hi, would you consider posting?
  2. I broke my sand viper - after less than 5minutes 😂 Haven't found any 'stock' replacement parts for sale - but plenty of aluminum versions. Anybody suggest where to get a stock part, or is it better to upgrade to aluminum?
  3. Ok... After leaving it alone for 15mins or so it seems to be doing something (see pic). Is this normal or have I got a duff battery? Thanks again, Mike
  4. Hi, I have recently bought an Etronix Power Pal mini charger and an EP2000s NiMH pack. When they were delivered I put the battery in my viper, reset the ESC, and ran the car up and down the garden to test it out. After ten minutes or so of playing with the car (chasing the dogs etc LOL), it began to run slow so I removed the battery with the view of charging the battery. I read the manual for the charger - which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot - but decided to discharge the battery before charging. I selected the 'auto discharge' program for the NiMH battery and it happily went about it's business. I stopped the discharge program when the battery was on 0.1. After this I have not been able to recharge the battery at all. I either get a 'connection break' or 'Batt. Vol Bellow MinWorkVol (5.5V)' status displayed. Have I killed the battery, or is there something else I can try? Thank you, Mike
  5. Tamiya 54680 2WD Front and 54682 Rear Buggy Star Dish Wheels / Blue / £15 Hi, can I take the above please. Let me know regards payment etc.
  6. The chassis I've seen is no way NIB (pics below) - it's literally just the centre space-frame section. The gearbox housings are available as are some front suspension pieces - but not complete (I think) and considering these are different for the frog, I don't think they would be useful. I've got three young kids - all still at school/college - so I can't really spare the other kidney on buying parts for a frog build. I think my best scenario would be to keep looking for a good 2nd hand frog (that's complete).
  7. I'd love to build a frog - and I guess this would be a good starting point. However, are all parts available - and if so, is it going to be the most expensive frog ever built!! Lol! What price is reasonable for the bush devil space frame? £25?
  8. The bush devil parts I have seen for sale are basically just the space frame, gearbox housing and some odds n ends. It's in no way complete, which is why I was thinking of building it up as a Frog. But considering the points raised I think its unlikely to be straightforward, or worthwhile so perhaps I should drop the idea?
  9. Hi, @terry, unfortunately I don't have a Bush Devil (nor a Frog), but I really want a Frog so have been scouring ads for Frog/Brat parts etc, and that's how I came across the Bush Devil possibility. I have no idea if building a Frog from old Devil/Brat parts is efficient or practical, but thought it would be an alternative route to trying to get hold of a used Frog. @isomer1, is the blue chassis hard to find then? If so I might just have to buy this one that I've found then Is the gearbox/transmission of the BD very different to the Frog? I'll have to check out the manuals and see what's what.
  10. Hi, I've been reading that the Bush Devil has the best/revised suspension in terms of gearbox and driveshafts of the ORV chassis's and I was wondering how difficult (if it's possible that is) it would be to convert a Bush Devil to a Frog? Thanks, Mike
  11. Thanks guys, I was looking at getting this one: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/etronix-powerpal-mini-ac-6a-60w-balance-charger-discharger-433764 and whilst I was hunting down one in stock I found this: https://howesmodels.co.uk/product/overlander-rcs60-ac-60w-balance-charger-and-discharger/ To me, they look exactly the same - just a different sticker/brand. Anybody know if one is better than the other?
  12. Hi, I have a Sand Viper with a Tamiya TEU-101BK ESC which has the Male Tamiya connector (to the battery), and I also have a (probably dead) 7.2v 3000mAh NiMh with the Female Tamiya connector. In my haste to get the buggy running I bought a charger (Etronix powerpal pocket 2) as it was local to me (and only a £5) but after it arrived I've noticed that a) it says it's for LiPo and Li-FE batteries, and b) it has no Tamiya style connections (see picture). So... a few questions. 1) Can I use this charger with NiMh batteries? 2) If I can use it with NiMh batteries I presume I would need to get an adaptor lead - which lead should I get (i.e. to connect to which port)? 3) Alternatively, if I bought a LiPo battery, would it work with my ESC, and if so should I get a LiPo with a Tamiya connector or a standard LiPo connector (Dean) and use an adaptor to connect to my ESC? Thank you, Mike
  13. Hi, I'm looking for the following used parts for my DT02 rebuild: - Holiday buggy wheels - Holiday buggy rear body mount - Shocks (oil or friction) - Kamtec rough rider body (big ask there!) Thank you, Mike
  14. Hi, please lock/close this thread as I have a sand viper now. Thank you.
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