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  1. yeh i first got my brushed bandit xl5 when there was rare heavy snow here and it was fun on a 2s lipo with the waterproofing, got it on a 3300kv brushless now and it is one of my favs partly because it handles a bit like a bath tub, only ever broke the rear shock tower on it from a dodgy landing from a awkward wheelie and i have had it for a long time, all i added to it was the rpm motor guard that i wheely on and a rpm bumper, plus bearings
  2. do not touch the kyosho monster tracker 2 with a barge pole, dad bought one of them, no end of problems and heats up motors hot enough to melt solder tabs....... no matter what motor we put in it. im drunk heres a thread i made on another forum about the triton https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/forums/topic/241833-any-one-tried-the-team-corally-triton/
  3. i love my sandviper but it has been mentioned so i would go with this https://www.modelsport.co.uk/corally-triton-sp-2wd-monster-truck-1-10-brushed-rtr/rc-car-products/444076 or this https://www.modelsport.co.uk/corally-triton-xp-2wd-monster-truck-1-10-bushless-rtr/rc-car-products/444072 very modern design compared to the stampede, the brushless one is pshycotic out the box on a 2s lipo, dad was impressed with my brushed one so bought the brushless one, i put a old spare brushless into the the brushed one and it is a nice middle ground with 3250 kv and i think a 32 pitch 10 tooth pinion edit: only real down side is the servo savers suck but that is easily fixed
  4. hehe glad to help and aye i wouldnt go chucking a stock one through the wet like that, water proof servo and esc and receiver in a wee tub is what we done
  5. yeh i kept the swivel on the shock and removed the brass ball, i just put a bolt right through and a nut on the end to keep it secure, the kit should come with 4 of the u brackets for the tops new vid of dads pumpkin in the wet. for the top u brackets just put a screw/bolt through from the bottom and you can put a nut on the other end to hold it oh edit as you can see in the pic im using random washers as well on the top should be 4 of these in the kit https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-spring-mount-lunch-box-2-/rc-car-products/31566 that is the top mounts, same bag as the wheelie bar is in edit 2 : here is how a top shock mount looks but that one is on a 5th shock mod
  6. thats what i love about mine in the garden, just so bouncy and even does some forward full flips now after switching to 2s lipo on the stock motor, handles like a joke but that is what makes it so much fun i love the hopper as well for the same reasons on the stock 380 in the rough garden, the back end can just hop in the air and instant 180, i also have a 20kg spektrum servo in the hopper lol
  7. only model i remember back then with a tub chassis and all alloy was the rc 10, sure it was a tamiya? also need to hear more about the shennanigans with a fiesta batt
  8. i loved that game on the master system
  9. wow that looks cracking for a nikko, looks really good and powerful my lunch box with 2s lipo would deffo avoid that for fear of getting ran over, im super impressed
  10. bought a few of they esc's recently and one is in my lunchbox on a stock silver can with 2's lipo's no probs to report, pretty impressed with they esc's tbh dunno about your motor but my second 1060 esc is running one of these http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=PD7338 in a thunder tiger drifter have fun with you'r new esc and motor
  11. any wing that will fit will do, i have a hpi brama wing on my thunder tiger xxb lol about to lose my second dt-02 wing as well for my sandviper, gonna go wingless when that happens
  12. dt-03 chassis should be as sorted as my dt-02 one, every one has a parts drought at the moment and not just tamiya corona has really screwed up the supply chain for all rc models im going easy on my new built tamiyas because i know the part chain is gimped at the moment even if tamiya usa ditch it for some reason it is alive and kicking in the uk for spares. i was thinking of buying one and i have seen nothing to disuade me
  13. are you positive about this? i can still get parts for my dt-02 its predecessor and it is over 10 years old. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-racing-fighter-buggy-dt-03/rc-car-products/397241 they are getting more racing fighters in october, just buy a second kit for spares if you see any cheap edit: i think you are worrying over nothing
  14. hornet is higher spec out the box, it is hoppys big brother
  15. sounds awesome and glad you are having a blast with it, if you add a dab of blue thread lock on the wheel nuts they shouldn't come lose again
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