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  1. Thanks 87lc2. Also, I'd prefer the HW 4000kv motor in lieu of their 3300kv because I already have a Reedy SC600 ESC & Reedy 3300kv brushless sensorless motor combo that came in my RC10T4.3 rtr. Idk how much of an apples-to-apples comparison the Hobbywing vs Reedy 3300 motors are, but I'd like having the different kv rating variety.
  2. Brushed isn't necessary for my application as it won't be used for racing, so I'm not partial to either. After seeing your post Kev, I now notice the Quicrun brushless motor has been discontinued. Thanks for pointing that out. So I'm leaning toward the EZrun MAX10 ESC, w/ 3652 G2 4000kV motor combo ($101). Originally I was looking at the Castle Sidewinder 4 sensorless ESC, w/ 1406 4600kV motor combo ($130). But it seems like many folks prefer Hobbywing over Castle, even without considering the slight price difference. I don't have experience with either.
  3. Trying to choose a Hobbywing ESC & motor combo for 1/10 off-road 4x4 buggy and/or 2wd stadium truck. Will not be used for racing. Is there any reasoning to pick the EZrun over the Quicrun, or vice versa? Is one better than the other? I've tried searching this with not much luck.
  4. Just picked up my CAT XLS a couple weekends ago at the local HobbyTown. One thing I knew ahead of time to get for sure is a hex head screw kit.
  5. The local Home Depot has this gem in stock, Weller WLC200, 80 watt unit at $62. As basic as it gets. From what I'm seeing Weller, at least the WE1010NA and this WLC200, doesn't have much better reviews (percentage wise) than a lot of the "cheaper" stuff. The Hakko FX888d seems to be a better quality unit overall, but (like the Weller WE1010NA) at around double the price of a lot of the "cheaper" soldering stations. Looks like no matter which unit ya go with, they all have a small percentage of "duds" from the factory.
  6. Thanks for the link Mahjik. I checked it out, the features are certainly nice and chances are (according to number of positive to negative reviews) its worth its cost. Only concern is if I'd be better off spending more on a higher quality unit like a Hakko for longevity purposes. Quite a number of reviews regarding the lack of quality of the xtronic and the unit not lasting long. But then again I won't be using very often, just time to time. Decisions.
  7. Thanks for the replies fellas. Much appreciated.
  8. Recently getting back into RC it's time to search for a decent soldering station specifically for my RC stuff. I have some but minimal experience and knowledge with soldering. What watt iron is ideal for r/c, solder type, etc? What do you use or recommend? What's the price range I'll be looking at for a decent solder station? Please share any tips and advice. And I've always been a fan of the Weller brand for what its worth. Thanks all & good day.
  9. I don't currently have anything to offer nor am I searching, just wanted to comment how nice it is to see the generosity and thoughtfulness of this thread. As more often than not, I give stuff away that I no longer need or have a use for to those who can put it to good use, whatever it may be. Cheers to all!
  10. Recently picked up another FXT. The orange one showed up today with a bonus of a vintage Kyosho Le Mans 480 Gold motor in pretty good shape. The green one I picked up earlier this summer. Both getting restored over the cold months.
  11. Nice build Hobgoblin. I recently bought a FXT, which I had as a kid in the early '90s, so I have a soft spot for this truck. Mine also needs some work and restoration. Slowly getting parts for it. So far have a full set of Acer bearings, MCI decals, new original front tires and have a spare Dynamite 15T brushed motor I'll probably use at first. I'd like to do a bell crank steering setup as well, but really don't know where or how to start...? Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated. Also I really like what you did with the turnbuckles and ball joints so I'll need to do the same. What a difference the front suspension is, so nice. By the way, you should be able to get bearings for your truck from Acer or Boca. A few weeks ago I just bought new from Acer; 11- 5.0 x 11.0 x 4.0mm rubber sealed bearings and 1- 5.0 x 8.0 x 2.5mm ceramic bearing for $20. Boca also has FXT bearing sets, $14 for steel bearings or $39 for rubber sealed bearings. I noticed RCScrewZ makes a stainless steel screw kit for the Tamiya Stadium Blitzer. Anyone know if this kit would be the same and be worth getting for the FXT?
  12. Gotta thank you beefmuffin. As I bought a set of FXT decals from MCI just recently.
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