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  1. If you want to learn about Tamiya suspension blocks, go here: https://www.thercracer.com/2017/01/tamiya-suspension-mount-ultimate.html
  2. I read somewhere that FF-03 aluminum spur gear holder 54234 fits the XV-01. So I assume the opposite direction should work as well. The XV-01 spur gear holder is available as a carbon reinforced part (J/JJ parts 54445). It is not aluminum but still significantly stronger than the stock XV-01 part and probably also stronger than the stock FF-03 part.
  3. Unfortunately, the XV-01 motor plate is different and is missing holes for mounting the FF-03 body posts. Actually, the whole gear box is different. It is FF-04 that is sharing parts with XV-01. :-(
  4. XV-01, XV-01T, and XV-01 Long Damper come with dog bones and their manuals demand the limiter screws to be mounted. The XV-01 Pro variant comes with CVD out of the box. Accordingly, its manual does not list the limiter screws. So, when you upgrade to CVD at the front, you can safely remove them and enjoy the increased maximum steering angle. :-)
  5. Alternative guess: If you have the long ball ends mounted on the dampers, the ball ends on the steering rods might be blocked by the chassis. But your description that it gets unlocked by applying throttle does not quite match this theory. Compressing the suspension should be what is required for unlocking then. The vibrations from the spinning wheels might be sufficient though.
  6. You are using dogbones, no CVD? Do you have the steering angle limiter screws (the BB2 screws going into parts D1/D2 in step 14 of the XV-01T manual) installed? If not, I guess the dogbones might be starting to fall out of the cups and locking the steering. If you apply throttle, I guess the spinning axle might make them slide back into the cup.
  7. Those CF parts look nice. Your friend ordered them? Meaning he ordered them to be custom-made or are these mass-produced items you can order in a shop? Who makes them and where can you order them?
  8. The motor is a Tamiya Torque Tuned. I replaced the motor cables with black 16AWG silicon wires. Connectors are 3.5mm connectors (see below). The male connector is on the motor, the female connector on the ESC. Protection is just heat shrink wrap on both the male and the female connector. The thin line on the left is where the connectors and their heat shrink wrappings touch. The connectors look like the ones "sosidge" posted above (searching for "3.5mm gold connector" should give you results on e.g. Ebay):
  9. Sorry for coming back to this old post but could you perhaps elaborate on the steering setup differences? What exactly is better about the TA-07 steering? I am currently thinking about which of the two chassis I should get.
  10. I am running mine mostly on a rather clean and nicely paved parking lot without any issues. The gear box is sufficiently sealed to keep out the tiny pebbles the chassis still collects. The weak point is the opening on the underside that the manual asks you to close with tape. Depending on your ride height and the amount of pebbles you encounter, you might have to replace the tape after a session to prevent it from tearing or coming loose eventually. But that's it, in my experience. The built quality is very nice indeed (like current TA/TB/XV chassis) and it drives nicely. It likes smooth surfaces though in my experience. The street in front of my house is made out of concrete paving stones and there it does not track straight. The front wheels alternately hit the seams where they alternately loose traction left and right causing the car to go slightly zig-zag. My 4WD chassis (XV-01 and TT-02) handle this surface much better.
  11. According to the part's manual, you can also use Tamiya 54783 for mounting narrow body posts on a wide damper stay: https://cdn.simba-dickie-group.de/downloads/300054783/300054783_Carbon_Body_Mount_rear.pdf
  12. Nice to have another XV-01 owner around! My attempt to answer you questions: I used the kit-supplied 900 oil at first but found the diffs to be leaking soon. I then switched to the red seals (Tamiya 42259), used Team Associated Green Slime on them and switched to 2000 oil for the rear and 5000 for the front. I have no leaking issues since. Setup-wise I like the stiffer diffs better but I drive my XV-01 solely on tarmac (sometimes dirty with sandy patches) but no gravel or dirt. As you already built them, I would suggest you test them first before making any changes. With the silver can, I do not see any need for the slipper clutch. With a stronger motor, I guess it depends on how you drive (e.g. jumps). I use a KV3300 sensorless brushless combo from Hobbywing in mine with 23T pinion. I do not care too much about top speed but I like being able to make the car loose grip and slide any time you want just by pulling the gas lever. :-) Ignore the manual and simply do not glue the inserts. Generally, do no worry too much about upgrades for now. The XV-01 is a really nice car out of the box. Enjoy the build and drive it. I am sure you will add upgrades later but after having driven the stock setup first, you will be better able to appreciate the differences (or sometimes come to he conclusion that you cannot notice any difference at all). :-) The fist upgrades I added were the Tamiya high-torque servo saver and CVDs so I could remove the steering angle limiters.
  13. Just ones looking like the one from your Banggood link above or also ones looking like the HW1060? Anyway, looking forward to your report. BTW, what I cannot recommend is the Hobbyking X-Car 45A (also available with different brandings). Polarity is reversed on the motor plugs (at least on my sample) and poor power output for the servo (just 5.6V/2A): https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-x-car-45a-brushed-car-esc.html
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