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  1. One more thing: Watch out when you go shopping for CVD. TA-05 and TA-05 ver.II use different axles.
  2. My starting points would be: CVD at least for the front axle Ball bearings for the steering and the suspension rocker arms For outdoors, I would also consider dust seals for the ball diff (53970). If you want to improve the dampers, a good and cheap way is to put TRF seals in the kit CVA dampers. For the track, I would put my money into different spring rates before upgrading the dampers.
  3. I measured mine a while ago. I put them on kitchen scale and compressed them by 10mm using a drill rig. The values below are the scale readings at 10mm compression. 54465: Soft 1100g Medium 1350g Hard 1600g XV-01 kit springs (9805826): 1200g So, both the medium and hard springs are stiffer than the kit springs. For tarmac use I found these springs a bit long, though (28mm). There is not much room for lowering the ride height. I ended up using 26mm springs for tarmac (9805699) for a while because of that. I measured their spring rate at 2800g/10mm. This is pretty stiff. I recently switched to TRF dampers and mounted the springs that come with them (medium from 47447, I think) but did not yet have time to test them. I also found the anti-roll bars helpful on tarmac. Particularly, if you do not want or cannot lower the ride height much.
  4. Part JJ11: The "do not overtighten" warning in the manual is there for a reason in this step. You have to be really careful with the screws going into this part. Just a little bit too much force and there is not much thread material left. I learned this the hard way myself. Upgrade options: The aluminum part for FF-03 (54234) fits but is out of stock everywhere. The part I am using since ruining the stock part (actually I ruined just one of the four threads and even there the screw still held the spur gear but I could not live with the thought of having a less than 100% perfect thread in my car ) is from the carbon-reinforced JJ parts (54445). The material of this version is harder so you can get away with being less careful.
  5. I do not know how rough the pavement in your area is exactly but your description sounds like a rally car might be a good fit. Even more so if you like realistic body shells. A TT-02 in high clearance mode should work, I guess. However as you are talking about plenty of hop ups, I would suggest an XV-01 as a starting point. Unless you want to stay with a more or less stock TT-02 (i.e. stock plus ball bearings, oil dampers, and maybe adjustable steering rods), an XV-01 is the much better value option IMHO.
  6. I noticed that as well and I am asking myself what is going on there. Even parts that are clearly available from Tamiya (even simple things like colors, e.g. PS-30, XF-56) are not even listed anymore. Not just marked as "out of stock" but they do not show up in the search at all anymore. I hope this is a temporary thing. Their item descriptions and search is great and the amount of things they have (or had) in stock was also great, particularly for older items. :-|
  7. If anybody needs additional confidence: Yesterday I had a chance to test my modded ESC. I am using a 24 kOhm. At cutoff, the lipo alarm was showing 6.71 V. More than expected. I still have to investigate what exactly is going on here but generally the mod is working.
  8. FuzzyFlynn


    Hey @Nicadraus, I see you are using a Sanwa receiver with integrated antenna. Does it work properly inside the XV-01 electronics box? No reception issues with the signal being blocked by the box or nearby battery? By the way, I ordered TPRC bumper brace. I like it. Thanks for the hint! :-)
  9. Yes, I modified my kit ESC that way a couple of days ago. I did not yet have a chance to drive it into the cutoff yet, so I do not yet know how successful I was. But it is still running, so at least I have not bricked it. My soldering skills are fairly basic. The main challenge was soldering the wire to the small spot on the PCB next to the voltage divider resistors.
  10. My experience with alternatives is limited, so please do not treat this as a recommendation but just as a data point: I am using the mentioned Hobbywing combo EzRun Max10 ESC with EzRun 3652SL 3300KV motor (4-pole, sensorless). I am happy with this combo and would buy it again for my XV-01. The ESC fits into the XV-01 electronics box (with mounted fan). I had to solder extensions for the motor cables. The motor has fixed cables with 3.5mm plugs, no solder contacts. The fixed cables end where the servo is mounted. Cogging is not an issue at all with this motor for me. It has plenty of power. I am using it with a rather small 23T pinion. Using the throttle to put the car into a controlled power slide is possible even at medium speeds. Top speed is still more than sufficient for my taste. For programming the ESC, there is an additional button next to the power switch. No addtional programming card or USB connector required.
  11. Why? Are you worried about the screws and the extra step it takes to get to the battery? Yes, it is an extra step. The good news is the screws go into replaceable screw nuts with nylon stop ring. So at least for a solution with a screw-fixed battery door it is as good as it gets IMHO. Or do you worry about the need to stuff battery, cables, and plugs into the tight battery bay? The latter is not really an issue IMHO if you are using a battery without cable and angled plugs. With this setup, the plugs require virtually not space at all and the cables are rather short and fit easily into the remaining space in the battery bay. Ask me for photos if you still need to be convinced. ;-)
  12. The truck suspension arms (58552, grey color) are not the carbon reinforced variant (54444). As far as I know the truck arms are intentionally even more flexible than the standard arms (51505) but I have not seen the truck arms in person so I cannot tell for sure.
  13. Regarding batteries, for me the best solution is to use Lipos without cable and angled gold/banana plugs. The chassis has bulges on the top of the battery case to leave room for the plugs. It eliminates the need to find room for lots of cable with bulky plugs in the battery bay.
  14. If you want to learn about Tamiya suspension blocks, go here: https://www.thercracer.com/2017/01/tamiya-suspension-mount-ultimate.html
  15. I read somewhere that FF-03 aluminum spur gear holder 54234 fits the XV-01. So I assume the opposite direction should work as well. The XV-01 spur gear holder is available as a carbon reinforced part (J/JJ parts 54445). It is not aluminum but still significantly stronger than the stock XV-01 part and probably also stronger than the stock FF-03 part.
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