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  1. I use angled banana plugs that go directly in a LiPo battery. This is the solution that requires the least space, as far as I know. There are just the cables that you have to find space for. The plugs protrude just slightly into humps of the battery compartment (visible in your photo). With other solutions you have twice the cable (battery plus ESC) and the connector pair that needs to go somewhere. Unfortunately this will not work if you want to keep using NiMh batteries. Switching both sides to Deans/T plugs is probably the best solution under these circumstances.
  2. Okay, that sounds like a reception issue then instead of a power issue. Here I guess trying another set of transmitter and receiver might help indeed. For that I do not have any particular recommendations though. Sorry.
  3. That's my understanding too. Typically, issues arise when the servo draws more power than the ESC's BEC circuit can provide. There are capacitors available particularly for that scenario that help flattening out such spikes in power demand. Trying one of these is probably the easiest and cheapest attempt.
  4. Funny. Looks like they generally changed their mind here. Unfortunately, I did not see any indication of a document version in the manuals.
  5. No, you do not need that. Does your manual tell you to mount that? What manual is that? The only manual I know that asks you to mount that part is a printed version of the TT-02D manual I have. All the manuals I find for download, including TT-02D, omit mounting that part. If you have universals, you can even dremel away the limiters on the front knuckles.
  6. Regarding the glasses: Have you considered getting a pair of single-focal glasses optimised for your viewing/working distance? They might be comfortable for other activities with a similar distance as well. Idea for checking if a higher work bench might help: Try getting one of those foldable bar tables used at parties. Maybe your neighbours have one of these that you can borrow for a few days.
  7. Things to check: Some versions of the TT-02D manual want you to use the steering limiter (part D15) in step 5. You do not want that. Check the diffs. The TT-02D manual wants you to pack them with AW grease. They might be too tight for your liking. Also the rear diff might be tighter than the front diff. You probably want to swap them if this is the case. Per D manual, the front uprights are mounted in the low position and the rear uprights in the high position. Change the rear uprights to low position for on-road use. I think there are no differences in the shock builds and in how they are mounted but you might want to check that.
  8. Oh dear, I was hoping for some complex 3d-printed solution. After all, not being able to swap bodies with an XV-01 without needing additional holes was a rather solid reason not to get an XV-02! 😉 Nicely implemented solution, though. 😀
  9. Hey @chris.alex: The Alfa is the XV-02, right? It looks like it has the front body mounts on the damper stay instead of the bumper. How did you manage that?
  10. Based on the product photos, it looks like the TC-01 with CLK GTR body (58731) uses 26 mm rims. They look like 445575 (zero offset) at the front and 335153 (+2 offset) at the rear.
  11. I'd take it even with the old reversible suspension but I would hate that I would have to cut away a part of my servo. 🙂
  12. I would love to see a TB-06!
  13. I have not checked the manual but you might be able to fix that by flipping one of the diffs.
  14. If you exclude TT-02 variants (and I assume also TT-01) and you like rally cars, I would have a look at XV-01 (I would prefer the non-TC version) and XV-02RS for parking lots. They are proper mid-range chassis with full adjustability, are really nice even without further hop-ups and they have pebble-proof drive trains. TA-08 would be the obvious touring car choice. But it has open belts and probably more important, open pinion and spur gear. You do not want to have small pebbles in between the gears. So whether that is an option depends on your parking lots and how clean or dirty they are, I guess. TC-01 has a rather complex layout (tight space for electronics, rocker arms for dampers). This complexity is required to make the Formula E body work but completely unnecessary if you want to put a normal touring car shell on it. On the plus side for parking lots: Enclosed gears.
  15. Oh, I did not even realise how exactly the EmbieRacing solution is mounted before you pointed it out. As I do not have an XV-02 (just an XV-01) I never looked into the details. Nice alternative you came up with.
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