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  1. I do it all the time here in Canada. I'm more likely to be here at work than I am at home during delivery time.
  2. The one car i have is fine. I actually took the knuckles etc and put them on the other car. The other car, im not sure. i went to switch the brass ball ends at one point and the plastic just crumbled. I'm sure its probably age/uv that is the issue. i have a ta03 from 1996 that has plastics that are brand new no issue.
  3. My fear is always breaking parts. I have two cars. both are brand new never run.. one is so brittle that i fear even looking at it, the other is my version of a TRF spec but too pretty to run lol
  4. The ff01 list doesn't end eh? I can get over how many you have.
  5. Most of the boxes i have from my cars, i cut the sides off and keep the front, hop up side and japanese side. once my hobby room has walls, ill put them up in there
  6. Can you do a wee photoshoot of all your cars? I feel like you have 900 ff01's.
  7. Gotta drill bigger holes for that spoiler, it's supposed to be flat.
  8. I have used sendico a lot lately to track down rare kits. MANY of them pop up on ebay from the same seller at double or more in price. You have to be so careful with it. Sendico is challenging because the listing names are terrible. but the deals are way better. this last round i got yokomo mr4tc rr basically rtr, never run trf415msxx reinhart nearly ready to run, never used tb evo3 never run, with a lot of hop ups ta05 vdf gold edition with all gold hop ups all of it to my door in canada for 850 canadian. most of these are NEVER seen in canada and if they are, id pay 5-700 just for the vdf alone. EBAY on the other hand is impossible. i bought titanium hinge pins for my ta03 resto along with a set of light weight blue axles for about 55 dollars. the next day the same seller had the ti pins at 140 dollars and a pack of two sets of axles for 100 bucks. Got a set of trf shocks, with tech racing caps. 33 dollars. similar shocks a few days later, 250 dollars. 250 for used trf shocks from 20 years ago.
  9. yea you could get a terra scorcher anywhere in toronto for about 230 bucks canadian when they came out. the thunder dragon should really be at least 30-40 dollars less.
  10. sorry friends, i have a large bin of plastic trees from my builds, and i cant find the ones i was talking about anywhere!
  11. So after refurbing my ff03 i have realized that the spur gear hub is junk. what a wobble. Does anyone have a line on the tamiya aluminum one. I dont understand why it was discontinued. HElp!
  12. LOL the ball diff really isnt that bad. just get the layers right and pre prep everything so its all ready.
  13. My tb02d that I just built came with basically an extra tree of parts to use with a carbon chassis install. i'll see if i can take some pics.
  14. mine was 379 canadian.. wasn't the worst. After doing some more research i'm a little disappointed though. Seems the rear shock tower mount is still a weak point, the silver can motor really sucks too. I feel like if it has been about 400 bucks and included a decent motor and hi caps for instance, it would be better value.
  15. Ordered a few things from RC mart i want to beef up the front end and make sure we don't have any issues. really my only worry at this point is the shock towers... i wish the knuckles came in silver..
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