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  1. Hi all, I have a ta05 that i basically built and never run. comes with tamiya esc motor and a metal gear servo. more pics available! looking for 230 canadian plus shipping
  2. My two cents for what its worth.. That car will be near impossible to find parts for. HPI is not in a good spot right now and have not been for some time. You would be better off checking out a place like sendico for a tamiya touring car. They have countless deals for them ( i have spent way too much on that site) As an example, i got a ta04r with radio equipment, barely run for 130 canadian dollars.
  3. I got all excited when i got my bumper about the same time as the blue heatsink i got.. bolted the posts on, zero clearance.
  4. bummer the bumper doesn't really work with heat sink.
  5. haha of course the only thing they dont have is that upper rear brace.
  6. oh how i would love to find that aluminum upper chassis piece for the rear.. rare bird that is.
  7. those came stock on my ta03f pennzoil skyline special kit.
  8. I'd love to see a rere ta03 trf of some sort.. or a re re david jun ta03..
  9. I love the TB series cars in general. They have all been pretty easy to work on and sturdy cars.
  10. Could you not have just reclocked the motor bell housing? there are so many options for mounting brushless motors.
  11. I do it all the time here in Canada. I'm more likely to be here at work than I am at home during delivery time.
  12. The one car i have is fine. I actually took the knuckles etc and put them on the other car. The other car, im not sure. i went to switch the brass ball ends at one point and the plastic just crumbled. I'm sure its probably age/uv that is the issue. i have a ta03 from 1996 that has plastics that are brand new no issue.
  13. My fear is always breaking parts. I have two cars. both are brand new never run.. one is so brittle that i fear even looking at it, the other is my version of a TRF spec but too pretty to run lol
  14. The ff01 list doesn't end eh? I can get over how many you have.
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