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  1. same deal. i just got one of these and noticed the same thing. Im going to try and find a slightly longer screw and drop a few dabs of glue as well.
  2. I have found that most of my collection ( 50 cars as of yesterday) is made of deals i found along the way. Just really well priced stuff that may or may not be hard to find. I paid close attention to some of the 4 series cars, the a4 dtm rere, the r32 hks rere etc. I found guys selling stuff for dirt prices too.. 80 bucks for a brand new gravel hound, 95 for an ff01 never run. A tb04 with a bunch of hopups, never run, 120 bucks... Then just rare stuff you dont really see in canada. ta03 pennzoil skyline with in box hop ups NIB tb02 drift NIB cc01 YJ with LED kit NIB repsol escort ta02 NIB Somehow have 6 ta03's in various forms now.. not even sure why lol Anyway, point is, many things are from my childhood that i wanted again, some i just wanted now.
  3. yea it doesnt sound like its binding or doing damage.. but boy it sounds like crap.
  4. hey guys sorry random of topic, but i finally put a battery in my 2020 kit and the gearbox is smooth, but wow its loud. is this car more noisy that what is typical?
  5. I always worry about rebuilding these down the road and having some weird sized o ring or proprietary seal that you cant get anywhere. This thought applies to any non oem shock really. that being said, they do LOOK good!
  6. a little dremel work allowed me to fit my quicrun 21.5 into the car. wasn't too bad and I didn't feel like a compromised anything
  7. never. im very picky with being able to drive my cars any time. not just look at them.
  8. Yup I think thats the way im gonna go. I took a look at the decal set and theres some great stickers in there.
  9. ok guys. So the time is coming to lay down paint. This body is the Castrol civic. So it came with a full set of decals, two colour paint scheme etc. Do I spray it like the box art? or do I spray it like a street car. IM honestly leaning towards street as I have some many racing liveries, but I'd love some input!
  10. no i actually bought another car, never run df02, and he said he had another car he’ll bring by. ended up being this one. it was a beetle kit. body was rough, wheels were mint though.
  11. 80 dollar never run bare bones kit. found a honda body and some nos hpi te37 wheels and now we have a pretty runner. tossed some bearings and a decent servo saver into. gave it a right refresh in the shock dept. very exciting
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