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  1. sadly none of your pics are loading for me? anyone else have this trouble?
  2. it is an anniversary edition car if that means something to you, its also a lightweight body set if im not mistaken?
  3. What a great build and well done on the body!
  4. A friend of mine here in Canada is currently finishing a FWD ta03. Its quite a neat car and with the FRP chassis, seems to be able to be well balanced with the battery slightly further back. I dont think there is an issue with gear cases. The guys back in the day would build dual motor ta03's and did all kinds of wild things with the chassis.
  5. That video makes me uneasy lol
  6. it wipes off pretty quick. I just used a bit of windex on a microfibre and it came off without messing with the tires
  7. do we really think anyone will ever be campaigning this car in a race scenario? probably not. For durability, the gear diff may have been the better bet as most people will build this car, and never adjust a thing on it including the diffs.
  8. it should assist in heat transfer directly to the gearbox though. especially if you have the aluminum motor cover too.
  9. They make a metal motor plate that sits between the gearbox and motor, it does help. #53357
  10. I think the general issue will become that as we original 80s and early 90s kids get older, we will tend to get away from the hobby. This leaves our kids to new rere's? I think not. Todays cars with all the plastic, while much more durable, are not memorable. Well not in the same way at least. The cars that were upgraded from the factory, just don't have the same love that an optima, avante or super astute would. My son wont be pining for a trf502 or a b4.2 factory team. they are generic. There aren't NEW cars on the market that follow the old ways, nor should they really; they are old tech. It's tough to tell in Canada, how things will go. Europe/asia has a far deeper RC nostalgia root than north america has. My local hobby shop that i used to work for, now really just does mini 4wd, a bit of flight and some plastic models. When i worked there we would have 30-40 tamiya kits, HPI, kyosho, traxxas. stacked to the ceiling. I'd sell 10 kits in a day sometimes. I left the hobby for 15 years, and now at 38 I came back to it, with my son at age three 3 coming along for the ride. I hope he loves it the way I did. Only time will tell.
  11. Its an expensive kit for what it is. but then at the same time, its not. You can do a tt02 rally type car for pretty cheap and have it run without much issue. I think that deters people from the xv01 at effectively twice the price. I personally love the xv01. It's a realistic drive experience, and it really is the ultimate sport basher for that bridge between touring car and off-road.
  12. Hi all, I have a ta05 that i basically built and never run. comes with tamiya esc motor and a metal gear servo. more pics available! looking for 230 canadian plus shipping
  13. My two cents for what its worth.. That car will be near impossible to find parts for. HPI is not in a good spot right now and have not been for some time. You would be better off checking out a place like sendico for a tamiya touring car. They have countless deals for them ( i have spent way too much on that site) As an example, i got a ta04r with radio equipment, barely run for 130 canadian dollars.
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