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  1. looks like itll be a blast! the ta02 always seemed like it was most suited for a rally build
  2. you can find those on sendico fairly often for not a lot of money. condition varies though and it is a bid site.
  3. If no one said it, that’s an hpi rs4 mini
  4. One more here in Canada! I have a blue one and a red one lol The surikarn is built never run
  5. if you could ever find one. those are super rare now.
  6. its a clod chassis truck, just wait, itll come around.
  7. 2022 will be 25 years since the David Jun ta03 was released. that would be one to have.
  8. sadly none of your pics are loading for me? anyone else have this trouble?
  9. it is an anniversary edition car if that means something to you, its also a lightweight body set if im not mistaken?
  10. What a great build and well done on the body!
  11. A friend of mine here in Canada is currently finishing a FWD ta03. Its quite a neat car and with the FRP chassis, seems to be able to be well balanced with the battery slightly further back. I dont think there is an issue with gear cases. The guys back in the day would build dual motor ta03's and did all kinds of wild things with the chassis.
  12. That video makes me uneasy lol
  13. it wipes off pretty quick. I just used a bit of windex on a microfibre and it came off without messing with the tires
  14. do we really think anyone will ever be campaigning this car in a race scenario? probably not. For durability, the gear diff may have been the better bet as most people will build this car, and never adjust a thing on it including the diffs.
  15. it should assist in heat transfer directly to the gearbox though. especially if you have the aluminum motor cover too.
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