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  1. Hi there sir, it’s me, Aries. Been messaging you for quite a while now regarding our initial conversation about some mini 4wd built cars but still have not heard from you so, my apologies for trying to get in touch with you. I really hope you can spare just a few minutes of your time to check my messages to you sir. Always stay safe.

  2. Thank you sir Mokei. I know that it is hard that is why I am hoping that by reaching out to social circles can somehow help me get in touch with people who have an “extra” of these kits that they are willing to part with. I also know that those models released in 1986 may be hard to find at this point so I’d be happy to have even those already built ones lying around. Speaking of the re-released versions, I was still able to find the memorial editions of the hotshot (also it’s 25th year commemorative version) hornet, and fox (except the boomerang). So, if you happen to know anyone sir who may have any of those released in 1986 however, please let me know. For some this may be funny to hear, but...to me it’s as important as any dream one would have in life. Again, thank you so much sir for being tbe first one to care and reply. I sincerely appreciate it.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Aries. And I have been a fan of tamiya cars since I have first bought my first mini 4wd kit, a magnum saber, in the early 90s. However, being a kid at that time, I suppose some of you know what it’s like not to have the ability to afford these precious little beasts. I can only drool at them from a nearby hobby store back then. Fast forward two decades later, I am already on my 30s and still feel the hole it left in my heart. So, here I am, humbly asking asking for your help to locate these four 1986 tamiya mini 4wd kits that have become a dream for me to find ever since I was a kid. If any of you has any of these kits, built or unbuilt, please...do let me know. For if I can afford it, I would love to buy it just to rekindle if not revisit a lost childhood that this young boy in me still hopes to find. These kits are: Hotshot Jr. (2901) Hornet Jr. (2902) Fox Jr. (2903) Boomerang Jr. (2904) Thank you so much guys for at least taking a minute or two of your time to read my post up to this point. Now more than ever, as we all face this pandemic around the world, finding a happy place within our hearts is something I hope all of us can find to keep. I wish everyone stays safe with their family and loved ones and know that I am happy for you if you already found yours; that small piece of joy that makes you truly happy. So...I hope any of you can be kind enough to help me find mine. Sincerely, Aries
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