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  1. Heres one of my vids from my channel
  2. you got a king yeller for sale eh??? I know a guy who might want it if the price is good
  3. Indeed just pickup a few redcat trucks and let them have at it they are cheap easy to fix and parts about everywhere... Just buyup spare arms, shocks, tires etc when you buy the cars... Then when they break show them how to fix them and what it costs to show them how to be responsible and grow with the hobby
  4. Indeed I have an original RC10 gold pan sittin in my wall locker and debating on whether to ripout all of the speed run parts and restore it back to original or leave it like it is for a piece of history..... I may endup doing option 2 for I and some friends was basically the grandfathers that launched the land speed record car phase in the hobby over 25 yrs ago
  5. this pic may help too... Measure the way pic shows at the spot showing then do the front of the front tires then adjust till they are the same length
  6. A better picture here the blue and pink lines should measure out the same when its almost zeroed out and green marks are measuring points
  7. An easy to true up the front is to set the trim on the steering back to zero and disconnect the servo arm turnon radio and let the servo auto reset back to zero then reinstall the servo horn.... Then place the car with all 4 wheels on its side (see the pic enclosed) and measure the front and the back of the front tires and measure the gap across the car on the front and rear of the tires until the length is the same... So adjust the tierods till the distance on both the front of the front tires and the rear of the front tires are very close to the same... AKA the small green marks on picture are the measuring points.....
  8. If you plan on doing plenty of offroadin then yes a Locked set of diffs is a huge improvement almost all of my offroad RC's have locked diffs in them
  9. Well hate to say it we can mainly thank this pandemic for most of the problems.... Seems that most folk who have parts or multiple copies of a car or a kit will take them and shove a massive price tag on it waitin for that one sucker who doesn't care about price to pay them for what they think is gold... I have seen the costs triple to quadruple overnight when it brokeout worldwide....
  10. Some good points there but one point wasn't mentioned and this was the quality of the cells themselves just because a Lipo is cheap doesn't mean its of good quality.... Most but not all of the good battery makers out there that have the packs most would call priced high are priced high for a reason, For the quality of the polymers & lithium needed to build the cells not to mention the quality of the cell insulation itself.... The higher priced ones use better quality of all of the main parts... Now the cheaper ones will cut corners to save a few bucks here and there for materials of lesser and lower durability for the longterm lifespan of the pack... Yes a lower priced pack will more then likely function well enough BUT remember lower quality increases the danger of a lipo failure which CAN but not always cause a burst cell to catch fire... Anyone who has had Lipos for a good amount of years and uses them in ALL forms of the hobby have had a fire or heard someone who has had one... Believe you me those fires burn violently and quickly... Sooo in my eyes I go for the quality over the cheaper ones... JMO tho......
  11. You can also use a Gel super glue too on a toothpick and get it all the way in to the bottom of the hole To the comment about not counting here ya go LOL... I have 8 tamiya's and there's at least 3500 bucks in them all
  12. Original TA-02 Nissan Nismo GTR- Heavily Modded & Customized Super Clod Buster Black Edition- Basically Stock Drivetrain with Hardcore RC "The Fall Guy" painted body Xv-01 Lancia Delta Integrale- Stock with Hardcore RC painted body TT-02 Mustang GT4 Tamiya America Anniversary Edition- All stock and Hardcore RC boxart painted body M06 Mazda MX-5- Stock with custom Hardcore RC painted body TT-02B Plasma Edge II- Stock Grasshopper II- Stock Grand Hauler Tractor-- Stock drivetrain with custom Hardcore RC painted body Did I forget to mention Hardcore RC painted bodies??? LOL
  13. Been workin on my new workbench setup today.... I got a new tool rack and some new drivers for it... Also got some new files for filing down metal parts with a nice clampon mini bench vise........ New rubberized base workmat with multiple compartments and two of the bigger ones are magnetized... Should help with making the builds go by a bit smoother... So what have you done today??
  14. get a steel spur right away and if your a speed demon go with a quikrun 120amper or if you keep the stock esc... Fan it to cool her down, get a nice 13.5t motor and install ball bearings all the way through the drivetrain....
  15. Computer Systems Engineer & Networking Engineer....
  16. Greetings... The reason the wheels lookoff is because they need to be painted a satin bronze, Thats the color on the real car... Make sure its is first based with a standard black, Then finish coated satin bronze then it will match the 1:1 car perfectly.....
  17. Nice Nissan 720 body.. Heck of a find....
  18. Super Clod Buster Plasma Edge II VX-01 Lancia Delta Integrale I own all three.. plus a M06 MX-5, TT-02 GT4 anniversary mustang, Original TA-02 Nissan skyline nismo GTR, and the cream of the crop a Grand Hauler.. I have a wee collection of Tamiyas
  19. Not a whole lot done today organized parts and boxes for this winter & spring builds, cleaning up the office and talking to my woman as I type this
  20. Indeed it is but hey if ya sniff it you get a free bonus tho eh?
  21. I have a M06 chassis in the box..... It has a HW 1060 ESC, Tamiya Sport Tuned motor, And a Mazda Miata MX-5 body with custom all black wheels for it as well.... When I get started on it will post pics
  22. Thats a good heatsink for a TA-02 I use one myself
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